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And you’re reading my uncensored and unbiased review of what I thought about Pregnancy Without Pounds ebook. I’ve gone through four pregnancies and each time, I struggled to varying degrees with excessive weight gain (as my doctor told me during my last pregnancy). Pregnancy Without Pounds is a comprehensive collection of useful information and tools by Michelle Moss for women who want to look and feel great during and after birth. This really does give a woman all the resources she needs to make informed decisions regarding her exercise program in order to lose weight while pregnant or after birth. The Core Secrets for Pregnancy and Mommy Core Secrets are fairly similar since there really isn’t too many different things you can say about the core muscles. The overall tone of the ebook is great in that it just simply states the truths and no effort taken to sugar-coat the topics, which I appreciated a lot.
In the Pregnancy Exercise Manual, the unique thing that stood out for me was the three different programs for the varying fitness levels: Tired Mama, Moderate Momma, and the Fit Mama (much cuter names this time).
It has all the answers you need in one place so that you can stop searching and start doing.
In the review, I will highlight some of the good and bad points about the package and what you can expect to find inside in order to help you decide if it’s right for you.
If you know anything about exercise programs, you know that there is a program for every fitness level, circumstance, lifestyle, problems, conditions, goals, or whatever you can think of. Progress chart or some sort of log so you can keep track of workouts you’ve done and to keep yourself motivated. Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, desirable, and essential for the a healthy pregnancy. Sure, when we get pregnant, it’s easy to take it as a free ticket to binge on fast food or anything that our hearts desire.
This led to too much weight gain in the first trimester and my doctor warned me to back off of sugar drastically. Before you view the video, please remind yourself that losing weight during pregnancy is NOT the goal.
This choice of eating more healthy foods eventually led to her losing weight while still pregnant. Secondly, also keep in mind that weight gain is normal and essential for a healthy pregnancy.
Ok, having those two points covered, let’s discuss the benefits of exercising during pregnancy in a little more detail.

Mild exercise during pregnancy will keep you looking and feeling good while relieving stress, and keeping you from gaining unnecessary weight during the pregnancy.
Additional benefit of routine exercise while pregnant may include the ability to return to your pre-pregnancy weight faster after the birth of your baby.
If you ever looked into what is considered healthy pregnancy weight gain, then you probably realized in a hurry that there is a lot of debate and uncertainty surrounding the topic. At the end of the day, a healthy pregnancy weight gain differs from a woman to woman and from each pregnancy to another. As a general guideline, you should gain roughly 5 pounds in the first trimester and additional 1 pound each week for the duration of the pregnancy. Assuming you have already talked to your doctor and that there are no outstanding issues or concerns, a pregnancy weight gain calculator might come in very handy. Here is one pregnancy weight gain calculator I found that I think you’ll find useful. Knowing that this a concern for a lot of women, I decided that I would purchase a product I found and reviewed it for my fourth pregnancy.
I can finally wear those jeans and form-fitting blouse I had been hiding in the closet for months.
Or if you’re like me, you can buy both together in one package called The Ultimate Pregnancy and Post-Pregnancy Kit (I know, she could have been a bit more creative with the names, but it gets the point across). Unlike the Pregnancy Exercise Routine (where you can choose the program based on your fitness level), you will go through all of these in sequence after giving birth. Diet for pregnant women should be taken into consideration with greatest of care and caution. On my first pregnancy, I ate Doughnuts and several bowls of sugary cereal for breakfast and snacks.
As you will see her explaining, she actually gained weight in the first trimester at an alarming rate. They often start being overweight or gain too much weight in the first part of the pregnancy.
It is my understanding that you should never set weight loss as a goal to be achieved during pregnancy merely for the sake of losing weight (that is, if there are no other more pressing reasons tied into losing weight as prescribed by your doctor).
However, this of course should be done under your doctor’s supervision as well and you should not try to lose the weight in too much of a hurry. One expert might recommend a strict diet and exercise program while another say it’s ok to eat whatever food the mother craves.

There are so many contributing factors, of which eating and exercising habits are only two. It takes into account your pre-pregnancy weight, height, current weight, and number of weeks into the pregnancy to give you an estimate of how much weight you should gain. The solution has to address the question of whether or not you can lose the weight while you’re pregnant in a safe manner for both you and your baby.
When her expectation of easy pregnancy didn’t happen, she started to look more closely into pregnancy health and this is the result.
In fact, there are probably hundreds of different exercise programs for pregnant women out there.
Then when they change their diet to more healthy foods, the weight drops off automatically. Such low levels of physical activity may cause your muscles and joints to stiffen up or get weaker, gain unnecessary weight, and cause other pregnancy complications. As I mentioned several times throughout this blog, it is normal and essential for a woman to gain weight during the pregnancy. If you were underweight, then you should gain about 30 to 40 pounds by the end of the pregnancy. So I set out to work and began to look online for various resources to keep my weight gain while pregnant under control. Talk to your doctor first before starting any exercise routine, especially when you’re pregnant.
Most healthcare professional consider healthy weight gain during pregnancy to be an essential part. I only wish I had found out about this book earlier instead of waiting till my fourth pregnancy.
Satisfying your temporary craving or knowing that your self-control (which doesn’t take much by the way if you follow the guide and tips in the book) will help you to be a fit, healthy, and gorgeous looking woman while pregnant and afterward (yeah, you can be a hot mommy that we all envy). Keep in mind that all these numbers vary depending on your weight, height, and various medical conditions, which is why it’s so important for you to keep in close communication with your doctor for the whole duration of your pregnancy.
It gives you the answers to questions you’ve always wondered about relating to diet, exercise, and yes, weight gain, in a clear and simple to understand manner.

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