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These breads are good options for children or people who don't like the taste of wheat bread.
Why it won: Tasters preferred the taste and softness of this bread, and noted that their whole family would like it.
Sandwich flats, deli flats, thin buns -- whatever you call them, they are very popular with health-conscious consumers who want a lower-carb alternative to regular bread and buns.

Now you can return to the bread aisle with confidence -- thanks to a list of products that recently received the Diabetic Living What to Eatâ„¢ seal of approval. Fill it with vegetables and some lean protein for a healthful meal, though one taster noted that it was so good she would eat this bun without anything on it.
We conducted blind taste panels with more than 100 people, including people with diabetes, and awarded the top-rated breads, buns, and tortillas our Diabetic Living What to Eat seal of approval.

The top breads, buns, tortillas, and English muffins were awarded the Diabetic Living What to Eatâ„¢ seal of approval.

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