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I’ve been lusting after Frye boots for ages, but I want to try them on in person before buying, because I have a feeling I would look like a clown in them. Janice, my harness boots run true to size … but, for the record, Frye overall is really inconsistent in sizing. The Melissa Gore Zip Boot, Chelsea Riding Boot, and Heath Tall riding boot are a bit less western than a lot of the Frye boots. In regards to the original post, I love my 8R Engineer Boots with dresses or pants, they (sorta surprisingly) go with EVERYTHING.
I scored a pair of beautiful Frye Short black cowboy boots in excellent condition at the Goodwill this summer for ten bucks. I’d like more Fryes (the one I really covet is the Melissa knee-high laceup engineer boot) but my eBay searches, for some reason, are only turning up pairs that are going for as much or more than they sold for new, either for a fixed starting price, or after mad bidding wars.
Forgot to say, if you have high arches like me, or if you can’t stand the price tag, these boots are very well made as well.
I have a pair of Harness 12Rs which do dual duty as work boots and kicking around the city boots.
Mentioned this earlier in the thread … my harness boots run true to size but, for the record, Frye overall is really inconsistent in sizing. I bought a pair of distressed brown 8R harness boots after lusting after yours (And watching Small Town, Saturday Night with Chris Pine).

I’d been a fan of Frye boots for ages but could never justify the cost when my mom’s boss asked if I wanted her pair! I splurged on a pair of the campus boots in college and then they acquired a fungus while in storage. I’ve got the Jane in a honey brown color, and I found a gently used pair of Campus in a funky old-curiosity shop sort of place in Berkeley this summer for $40. I had been obsessed with Fryes for a good five years before I caved and bought my first pair of harness boots. Next to my harness boots, these are my comfiest Fryes and they get near constant fall and winter wear for that reason. I generally do miniskirts with my campus boots – since the boot shaft is columnar and masks the curve of my ankle, I feel better if the curves of my upper leg are shown to create balance. My fav pair is actually a pair of Carson oxfords, but I also own a pair of engineer boots and definitely love that they can take a beating.
I can barely even get my foot into a pair of Frye boots, despite having very few issues with other shoes.
My mother would go nuts if she found out you were encouraging me to buy *more* boots, but so what! I don’t own any Frye sandals, but have never found the boots to be noticeably narrow.

The camel colored blazer looks amazing from the pictures and is perfect for fall along with those boots that I want so badly. My other cowgirl boots are beloved, but relatively underutilized and I assumed the 12rs would be, too. These are my most columnar boots and therefore a bit challenging to style, but comfortable, durable, and absolutely built for ass-kicking.
But I could well imagine that a boot made out of a harder leather could be pretty non-negotiable. But they are hands down the most comfortable boots I’ve ever owned and magically seem to go with everything! I also own a pair of Melissa button boots and another pair with a slight heel and a slouchy shaft that I wear a lot.

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