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Bootcamp Ideas is the place to come to when your brain feels like fuzz from designing yet another awesome workout for your clients. Each week Bootcamp Ideas features a new workout for you to use or dismantle as you please as well as advice on the sometimes tricky business side of things.
When I started making a concerted effort to improve my workouts and embrace how different a bootcamp can be from other group fitness options, I went from struggling to maintain 30-40 members to having a thriving, consistent 80 member bootcamp.
They didn’t help me plan for the range of fitness levels I had in my group or the size of the group either. I spent a lot of time trying different ways to plan out and improve my sessions to grow my bootcamp. I know that one of the big flaws with Bootcamp Ideas is that there is only one new idea a week, so if that idea doesn’t work for you or your group, you have to wait until next week to get a new idea.

But I also know that having great workouts and lots of variety was one of the major reasons that clients kept signing up for my bootcamps. That’s why I want to bring you guys something new that will give you access to more fresh workout ideas. Over the next few days I’m going to get you set up with some workout ideas and tips on how to quickly structure and plan your sessions so you can do this.
Unique exercises, workouts and drills for using car tyres and battling ropes to help your bootcamp stand out from the rest. You’ve also seen that while circuits are great for planning sessions, you need to mix things up to keep your clients engaged (and yourself too!). But the biggest problem I faced when I began was that I didn’t even know a bootcamp session could look like anything more than a circuit and a few bear crawls.

I want to share 3 of the mistakes I made with you now because I see and hear from a lot of other trainers making the same mistakes. For example you can take your bootcamp to new levels with team challenge workouts which add a whole new dimension to what group fitness can be.

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