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admin | Exercise Routine To Lose Weight | 02.03.2015
It sounds like you enjoyed the Fitmixer bootcamp for different reasons than it might have been intended, but I’m glad it was a good experience overall!
I had SUCH a fun ride this morning, so I’m counting that as my fitness accomplishment.
My fitness accomplishment is upping my weight in BodyPump and Metabolic Effect the past 2 weeks.
Every Xtreme Boot Camps instructor has been through services selection and knows just how nervous, anxious yet exciting this time can be.
To reach the required fitness levels, and to pass the tests that you need to progress in your military career, may seem daunting right now.

Xtreme Boot Camps specialises in helping potential recruits reach their optimum fitness levels to ensure they are fully prepared for the training they are soon to undertake. Whether you’re joining the Royal Navy, RAF, Army or Royal Marines, at Xtreme Boot Camps our instructors’ first-hand experience of what is required to pass selection will help you achieve your optimum fitness so that you are fully prepared for your military journey.
Xtreme Boot Camps is always proud to see members go on to succeed in their chosen career and we will provide support all the way. I want to keep it positive and just reflect on how much I have improved on that fitness test. If you tell us which of the services you are hoping to join, we will ensure your fitness programme is tailored specifically to meet the selection criteria for that service.

You can refer back to this post to see what my nutrition plan was for the bootcamp program. I also hated tracking my food on My Fitness Pal, because it just made me stressed out and obsessive, so I stopped.

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