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As you age, a natural slowing of metabolism and loss of muscle tissue can lead to weight gain. The remaining 20% of weight management is derived from energy expenditure – in other words, physical activity. Many women gain weight during menopause, though this can be addressed by consuming or avoiding certain beverages. Hormonal changes during menopause affect the way fat is distributed throughout the body, which means this weight is likely to accumulate around your stomach. To lose one pound a week, you'll need to reduce your calorie consumption by approximately 500 calories per day.

This ultimately may slow your metabolism, making weight gain more likely once you start eating normally again. Gradual, steady weight loss at a rate of around one pound a week is advisable for losing weight and keeping it off. The best way to fight these feelings is to confront weight gain head-on with a lifestyle overhaul.
Your diet should be low-fat and incorporate fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables, and protein, but it can be difficult to get this balance right; you may wish to consult your doctor or a dietician about coming up with a meal plan aimed at helping you lose weight. Rather than a quick fix, you are making a permanent lifestyle change that will help you maintain a healthy weight in the long term.

A series of positive, healthy changes will help you lose weight during menopause, and keep it off.

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