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Best of all, these foods have other health benefits which mean you can work them into your daily diet for an overall improvement of your well-being. However, beets are also great for your skin, and this vegetable will assist with weight loss too! You can also take advantage of their high energy content, by eating them in the morning. Although too much of a coconut can result in loose stools you want to avoid, there’s nothing wrong with drinking it regularly (in moderate amounts). In case you suffer from a bowel system that won’t move, drinking this water can be one of the best things you can do.

Cabbage is another example of a good solution too many of us overlook despite its affordability and beneficial properties. This vegetable will certainly help keep you regular, and people know it as a natural laxative for years.
Below are 10 natural laxatives you can use to fight constipation as opposed to buying artificial chemicals. That’s because these come packed with natural fiber you can count on. By drinking enough water, they can absorb it and eventually grow.

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