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Thank you for this recipe Just wondering how many slices you would cut the cake into – my guess is 10 or 12. August 4, 2014 By Carolyn 183 Comments This might just be the best low carb chocolate cake I’ve ever made.
There is a serious dearth of low carb slow cooker recipes here on All Day I Dream About Food, and for that I apologize. If the carbs are too high, you can cut them into squares as a taster or you can use a higher % cacao chocolate to reduce the sugar.
If people want the very low carb count; talking pretty much none, there is a sugar free chocolate in milk white or dark with little to no carbs at all! But still, chocolate ganache is my go-to cake decorating technique, mostly because it isn’t much of a technique at all. There are any number of high carb, gluten-filled versions out there, most notably this chocolate peanut butter cake from Smitten Kitchen. I love this Chocolate Heaven Cake, and I must say it is the first thing I want to make if I have chocolate in the house.
I’d met the good folks from Hamilton Beach at a recent conference and they showed me then and there that slow cookers had so much more to offer than I ever thought.
Everything turned out beautifully so I decided it was time to tackle the low carb slow cooker chocolate cake.

I’d seen it ages ago and always wondered if I could make it over to be low carb and gluten-free.
But every palate is different and some people still experience it with Swerve, but only a small portion of people do. I understood the attraction of popping a whole bunch of ingredients into a slow cooker, setting the timer and walking away, but all the recipes I ever tried turned out rather flavourless and uninspiring. They were whipping up plenty of tasty items right there and one of them happened to be a chocolate cake. And when I envisioned a big cake with deep dark chocolate layers and rich peanut butter frosting, I also envisioned it with chocolate ganache dripping down the sides. My confidence in my abilities has increased dramatically since then, and I was craving a big, rich delicious cake so I decided to give it a go.
I could, perhaps, have made a little more of it, but I don’t like my cakes with thick layers of frosting.
I experimented a bit with my chocolate cake batter this time and used baking soda instead of baking powder, with a bit of cream of tartar and some acid (vinegar) to activate the soda during baking. I prefer a light coating that is flavourful enough to complement the flavour of the cake itself. Because once again, I was came face to face with my inability to frost a cake neatly, no matter how hard I try.

I did find that I needed to refrigerate the cake for a while before it was set enough to spread ganache on top. 1 tbsp of grassfed gelatin or 1 envelope Knox gelatin) but it will help hold the cake together more than if you skip it altogether.
But most meals were best made on the stovetop and in the oven, in my opinion, so my slow cooker hung out down in the basement, gathering dust.
And determined to make a low carb, gluten free chocolate cake to rival it’s high carb, sugary counterpart. This cake was so good, so unbelievably moist and rich, I actually  made it twice within three days. Try it, the  next time you frost a cake and compare it to the ones in cooking magazines and realize just how lacking in ability you really are.
Grease a loose bottom cake tin with butter then line the loose bottom with baking paper and push through the outer ring so the baking paper adds a seal and stops the cake mixture from leaking. Then whip up some chocolate ganache, preferably my low carb, sugar-free chocolate ganache, and drizzle it over the top and down the sides.

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