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I have posted a few smoothie recipes earlier, that all suit different health purposes, like the Soothie Smoothie that gives your gut a helping hand after you’ve been exposed to gluten, or the Orange Julius which helps your brainfog. Boasting an incredible 843 mg potassium, and covering 41% of your recommended daily amount of folate, this smoothie really makes value of every single calorie! I could go on and on about the nutritional benefits of this fantastic smoothie, but I wouldn’t be telling the whole truth if I left out the greatest reason to love it; namely the smooth, creamy and yummy flavour! If you don’t want to make your own yoghurt there are plenty of dairy free versions you can buy at your local health food store too!

If you’re like me and only eat raw fruits and veg then my recipe is just 2 ingredients… I used 6 ripe bananas and half an avocado!
With it’s anti-inflammatory qualities and it’s high levels of folate, it makes for a fantastic recovery smoothie as well as the perfect prenatal food supplement!
Quite often I can’t stand the idea of solid food for a while, especially in the mornings, and a smoothie is just the way to go. As if that wasn’t enough, this smoothie will give you a whopping 130 mg calcium and over 16 grams of protein!

Making your own yoghurt is a very healthy option, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying it!

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