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Today, I set out to determine whether deep frying the potato slices in olive oil really tastes better than baking them in the oven.
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Half-baked: Lays says its baked chips contain 50 per cent less fatA spokesperson of PepsicCo India, a division of which markets the popular Lay's brand of chips, has said baked chips have been included in Lay's portfolio in an attempt to expand the range. Unlike your run of the mill, delicious chips that are fried in fatty goodness, Frito Lay’s Baked!
When most well-adjusted, liberty-loving North Americans think “chocolate chips,” it’s the classic cookie that comes to mind, not potato chips drenched in chocolate. In his post (and other posts of his), he recommends soaking the potatoes in salted water for 30 minutes before baking them.

After many attempts success for very crispy chips comes from slow baking at 260F for 70 minutes then turned over over and baked for another hour. And yet here we have Lay’s Wavy Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, an idea that seems certain to have come from a skunk-scented apartment in the college part of town.
Baked chips and most other so called 'healthy' packaged snacks in the market are as full of chemicals, salt and calories as those that don't make any claims to promoting good health. Smoked paprika, brown sugar with cinnamon or chipolte powder pair well with the sweet potatoes.
I don’t buy chips often, only when I’m road-tripping and that has happened, like, three times in the past five years so I somewhat embarrassingly admit that I had no idea of the existence of Baked! I don't buy chips often, only when I'm road-tripping and that has happened, like, three times in the past five years so I somewhat embarrassingly admit that I had no idea of the existence of Baked!

Next time, I will try soaking the slices in salted water to see if the baked ones can be crispy too.
FDA data on baked chips shows that they contain more than three times the level of acrylamide, a type of carcinogen, as compared to regular chips. The levels of sodium and potassium in these baked chips are higher, to increase their palatability quotient,' Neelanjana Singh, consultant nutritionist, PSRI Hospital, said.
Some even believe baked chips, frozen French fries and other low cholesterol processed foods are nutritionally more unsound than deep fried products.

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