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Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant which supports the immune system and can improve emotional well-being. Vitamin E, found in nuts and nut oils, tomatoes, pumpkins, and mangoes, helps the body maintain a healthy nervous system, which in turn regulates your mental and emotional state. Mood swings are experienced by the vast majority of menopausal women, and could have even been ongoing for decades through post-menopausal syndrome (PMS).

From seeds to roots and leaves, there is an array of natural herbal remedies for mood swings.
Mood swings, menopause, and hysterectomy surgery are three events that many women often experience at a similar time. Continue reading to discover vitamins minerals, and herbal medicine to regain control over your mood. Corporations deceptively claim their synthetic supplements are “natural” when in fact they are petroleum (coal tar) derivatives processed with hydrochloric acid, acetone or even formaldehyde.
Other supplements (such as calcium) are nothing more than ground-up rocks with added acid and very harmful to the body.

Synthetic vitamins were only developed because they were cheaper and easier to standardize; they can’t compare to the bioavailability of natural vitamins derived from living whole foods, which are far superior.

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