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This is my favorite menu item at Applebee's and now I can finally satisfy my craving at home anytime I want.
I have had this salad several times at Applebee's and I loved this version - it tasted just like it!
I ordered this salad at Applebee's and asked for extra dressing so I had the exact same one to compare this recipe to. I love this recipe and I am so glad that I can get their recipe so I can make it at home!!!
To get the consistency of the Applebee's dressing, add a little more sesame oil and take out the honey and sub 3 tablespoons of sugar diluted in a tiny bit of water.
Can't say it totally like the Applebees dressing, but close (trust me, I have that salad EVERY time I go to Applebees, no exception).

I didn't have sesame oil so I toasted some sesame seeds and I added them to the recipe. I go to applebees all the time just to get it and now that i made it at home i think its better than at applebees. The other 60 percent are items that are found on menus in all of the Applebee's restaurants, and seldom ever change.
The second time I made the dressing, I used light corn syrup instead of honey and By Golly, that's it! One item that has been on the menu for some time now is this Oriental Chicken salad, which is considered one of the restaurants signature items. The Oriental flavor is more pronounced and the color is like the dressing from the restaurant.

Next time I make it, I will use only sugar, as the flavor of honey is too strong and doesn't really taste like the dressing should. The recipe makes one dinner-size salad and can be easily doubled or quadrupled for additional servings.
This recipe comes from the third book, Top Secret Restaurant Recipes, but the dressing has been improved to more closely match the current dressing served at the restaurant.

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