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As we all know, there are a many health benefits of a diet based on, or rich in fruits and vegetable, like: reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, lower blood pressure, lower risk of eye problems and so on. You can buy vegetables easy to prepare: make a salad in just few minutes, by adding lettuce, carrots and cherry tomatoes.
Use fresh ingredients for cooking to reduce sodium intake. You should also try to buy canned vegetables labeled “no salt”. Look for the best diet plan, learn how to lose weight fast and start now with a proper diet that will help you achieve your dieting goals. The raw foods diet consists of uncooked (not heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit) vegetables, fruit, sprouts, legumes, nuts, seeds, herbs, and cold-pressed oils. Those that avoid consuming all animal products (vegan raw foodists) also avoid the over consumption of animal protein, which is very beneficial for a person's health.
The main drawback to a raw foods diet is that it is extremely difficult to consume an adequate amount of calories from whole, plant-based foods because certain high-calorie plant foods are inedible in their raw state. A raw foods diet is essentially a starvation diet, unless the person intentionally eats higher-fat raw foods.
Eating a diet that requires you to consume large amounts of high-fat foods to eventually maintain your weight is not sustainable in the long term. Not everyone is a big fan of fruit and vegetables but knowing the benefits they offer for our organism, we should try our best  to include them in our daily diet.

Choose carrots or celery sticks for quick snacks and use a microwave to quickly cook vegetables like potatoes.
For healty meals, it is recommended to serve as a main dish, cooked vegetables, like a soup. Although not shown in the above pyramid, a "raw foodist" may not necessarily be vegan, but may also consume raw fish, meat, unpasteurized milk, cheese, and other dairy products.
In other words, Michael and I eat raw foods some of the time, but we do not eat raw foods 100% of the time, because we know it's also important to consume whole grains and starches (which require cooking to become edible). Many whole grains and starches are automatically eliminated from a raw foods diet because no foods can be heated above 115 degrees.
The cold pressed oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, and olives are very high in fat, which would help a person avoid starvation, but is not beneficial for one's health in the long run.
For example, if an overweight person needed to lose 20 lbs to reach their optimal weight, they could easily achieve that eating a raw foods diet by eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables and little to no high-fat raw foods. Whole grains, legumes, and starches, which are necessary for adequate calorie intake and proper weight maintenance, are inedible in their raw state.
Of course, it is preferred to buy fresh fruits and vegetables in season, because they are more tasty, but you can also stock up frozen vegetales, because they can be easily and quickly prepared in the microwave.
The theory is that cooking foods removes all the nutrients and vitamins from it (but this claim has not been supported through scientific evidence).

To keep diversity and keep meals interesting, try to vary vegetables bu choosing different kinds and colours of fruit and vegetables. Sure, I enjoy the occasional raw broccoli florets for a snack, but I do not want to only consume raw vegetables.
For the best nutritional value you should choose vegetables that contain more potassium, like white potatoes, white beans, lima beans, peas, tomato products, like tomato sauce. An ideal dinner should include a green salad every day and for every other meal you should try to include chopped vegetables, wich will definitely make the food even more tasty.
To get used with fruits and vegetables keep them in the place where you can always see them and try to include them even for quick snacks, replacing sweets as much as possible.
Unlike nuts and seeds, whole grains and starches have lots of fiber that help a person regulate how much food to consume, without having to monitor how much body fat is constantly being accumulated.
For instance, this summer we discovered the simple, yet delicious dessert of sauteing some sliced peaches in water with cinnamon and oats.

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