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Patients I treat for weight loss claim they have better results than their friends who are doing the same weight loss program. Yep–Acupuncture really is a great tool to help you succeed in your weight loss program. Today we look at acupuncture for weight loss, and hopefully answer any questions you might have about the course of treatment, of this alternative therapy. When you’re receiving the acupuncture weight loss therapy, the needles in you will stimulate pain receptors in your body which will produce endorphins – the same endorphins that are produced when you have been exercising.
The acupuncture and weight loss specialist you see should ask you a series of questions that will try and determine the underlying reasons behind your weight gain.
If you research the topic, you may find that there isn’t a great deal of scientific support for acupuncture weight loss, but many people have reported weight loss results while receiving acupuncture, and if it ends up working for you then you should carry on; weight loss is about finding what works for you. However, one area of acupuncture and weight loss, that there is a lot of scientific support for, is its safety – there are negligible side effects to the treatment and therefore is suitable for almost anyone. To conclude, we hope we’ve provided you with some answers about acupuncture for weight loss. I have recently tried acupuncture to curb my cravings for chocolate, which has been hampering my weight loss efforts of late.
While the earliest uses of ear acupuncture dates back to ancient China, modern applications of auriculotherapy are based on the work of Dr. Acupuncture in these days has emerged as one of the best and convenient methods used to lose weight. The main reason that acupuncture lies in the philosophy of unblocking the flow of qi (means the fundamental life force in Chinese philosophy) in the body and also works to release the blockage and restore the balance between yin and yang. Acupuncture manages your stress levels, appetite suppress (hunger hormones) and correcting the pituitary output to reduce your weight not magically but slowly.
Ghrelin hormone is mainly responsible for inducing the hungry feelings and leptin is responsible for inhibiting the appetite and inducing the feeling of satiety in an individual.
The following points explain how the acupuncturist does the process of acupuncture for weight loss. The acupuncture point stimulation helps to reduce the food cravings, speed up the metabolism and improves overall circulation. Other than ear acupuncture, there are some areas of the body that may be inserted to get rid of the weight loss. Make sure that combining abdominal massage with acupuncture process to improve the digestion and absorption of essential nutrients from the food. Regularly have acupuncture sessions as a few ear acupuncture points that relevant to your condition that may be selected.
Insert the needles in the proper acupuncture points to the affected body parts and stimulate them manually.
Sometimes (for some people) acupuncturist uses electrical stimulation by passing the high frequency electrical current through the needle after it has placed to treat the obesity and weight loss. Few times acupuncturists place small gold or silver balls over the acupuncture points about needles. Ear stapling acupuncture for weight loss is totally based on the principles of acupuncture.
Make sure that these ear staples are not recommended for pregnant women, people taking certain medications, heart conditions or pacemaker, etc. Then schedule an appointment with a licensed ear stapling practitioners and acupuncturists.
Laser acupuncture is an increasing popular form which is a combination of old and new forms of Chinese way of curing illness by acupuncture and laser that is in the form of non-thermal and low intensity radiation that considers harmless to the body. This laser acupuncture has been gaining a lot of popularity than normal acupuncture for its effective treatment to cure the painful conditions and other health ailments (like treating certain addictions and alleviate the symptoms of few diseases).
Laser acupuncture for weight loss helps to achieve the desired weight loss much faster when it is combined with a healthy diet and exercise.
Acupuncture magnets (ear magnets) are the product used to help you lose weight by curbing your appetite or increasing their metabolism. First of all, consult a certified acupuncturist or reflexology specialist to know about acupuncture magnets for weight loss.
Then they explain the technique and show you exactly where these magnets have to be placed on ear for effective results of weight loss.
Acupuncture balls for weight loss are a form of acupuncture which uses tiny balls in or behind the ears rather than placing needles.

Acupuncture means placing small thin needles on the place where it helps to clear the problem. Follow these tips to get relief from the weight loss and also to avoid any side effects while doing this acupuncture process.
Even WHO has reported that acupuncture is and effective treatment that used for weight loss program. Make sure in selecting the acupuncturist who is skilled and experienced and insist upon the usage of sterilized needles. Always start the process by consulting the physician to make sure that you do not have any medical condition that may worsen if you undergo acupuncture therapy.
However some people may experience some side effects while doing this acupuncture but it has been very effective in helping the people to get rid of the weight loss and obesity.
Make sure to continue doing this technique till one loses the extra weight and gets to normal weight and health.
While the treatment is going on for few weeks then the patients are advised to eat more bitter and sour foods rather than sweet, salty and greasy foods that aid in weight gain.
Acupuncture for weight loss NYC (New York) helps to lose weight if it is through over eating or being hungry all the time.
With similar types of weight loss treatment, you should regard acupuncture as a supplement to your diet and exercise regime rather than a miracle cure. You should have noted from this article that acupuncture can lead to weight loss on an individual level, how the process works, what you should be doing alongside your sessions, but most importantly that it’s a safe alternative therapy.
Over the past week I have gone from eating at least two bars of chocolate a day to only a couple of squares of dark chocolate for a few days. Ear seeds are Vaccaria seeds that are taped onto the ear points to provide gentle stimulation and are typically left on for 5-7 days.
Call to find out more about our Friday noon time group ear acupuncture sessions or to schedule a private appointment. The most common causes for obesity is excessive intake of junk food, lack of proper exercise (walking, jogging, swimming, biking, etc.), unhealthy diet plan, stress and sedentary lifestyles, etc. This acupuncture helps to manipulate the levels of these hormones in such a way that to induce the fullness feeling and decrease un-necessary hungry and finally helps to lose weight as per your desired level. The process of acupuncture re-energizes the hypothalamus and stimulates the pituitary glands that in turn help to activate a sluggish thyroid gland and speeds up the metabolism. This acupuncture therapy also involves the combination of body and ear (auricular) acupuncture, breathing exercises, herbs and other supplements, abdominal massage and food & lifestyle recommendations. Acupuncturists choose the number of appropriate acupuncture points that include stomach, lung, kidney, ovary, thyroid and spleen that helps a person to lose weight.
With this the acupuncturist suggests the frequency of the next time process to aid weight loss. These ear seeds come from Vaccaria plant that held in place for up to 2 weeks with adhesive tape. It is believed that the staples penetrates pressure points in the body and ear and this causes a feeling full in the abdomen and you eat less food that in turn helps to lose weight.
Here, people who used this acupuncture technique have reported that they have a reduction in cravings and lost weight within a span of a month.
It is a new form of simulation of acupuncture where the low energy beam is used in the place of needles.
It mainly enhances the results of diet but not to actually aid in losing weight by promoting the state that results in increased energy and decreased appetite. You always consult the acupuncturist and undergo the therapy only under the expert acupuncturist.
Also advised to take the herbs like shan zha, ban xia, lian qiao, shen qu and lai fu zi are available as tea for easy and quick consumption. Or if you gain in weight due to low functioning of thyroid or endocrine hormone related issues then they balance the spleen and kidney functions, strengthen the water metabolism to eliminate water retention and then they dissolves the fatty tissues to reach the desired weight. Nobody want to hear that they have to change diet or there life style, come for acupuncture at least once a week. Acupuncture is a recognised medical treatment used for a huge variety of conditions worldwide and involves lightly pushing very thin needles into different points of your body – these are called your energy pathways (or your ‘chi’).
The acupuncture sessions will need to be carried out on a regular basis too – a one-off session is no good. This form of acupressure allows us to space your acupuncture treatments out a little more without losing momentum on the treatments.

The acupuncturist also looks after few things like thyroid, mouth, stomach, spleen and endocrine glands while doing the process to lose the body weight safely and shortly. Overweight not only affects your body in terms of appearance but also causes many health problems, so for this reason, many doctors and other people advised to keep your body weight under control. The person who wishes to have acupuncture for weight loss has to remember that this acupuncture process alone will not help them to shed all the excess pounds.
Excessive stress, anxiety and frustration result in excessive eating which in turn is a main cause for obesity. This will automatically causes the body to use its idle and stored fats and this finally helps your body to shed the excess weight. The most common points of this process are shenmen, Tranquility and point zero ear acupuncture point. Ear tacks are tiny needles with an adhesive backing and may be held in place for up to a week. These ear staples are left for either weeks or months that suppress the appetite to lose weight. This type of acupuncture will be done to influence the flow of charge at the precise points.
Remember that the initial treatment takes longer and more comprehensive and usually costs more, so it better to consult the acupuncturists in your area for price ranges.
For suppose, placing a small magnet on a part of ear linked to the endocrine system will increase the metabolism and speed up the weight loss program. They mainly suggest the diet and proper exercise schedule to lose weight and reach the normal level. I do am auricular weight loss protocol on my patients, as well as acupuncture but so far nobody lost more then 5-10 Lb.
It was originally part of Chinese medical methods but has now become much more mainstream and available in the west – now even the NHS prescribes it for the treatment of some conditions. As you can imagine, a reduced appetite leads to less hunger, less food consumer and therefore weight loss. Nogier found that by stimulating the ear by scarring or using acupuncture needles, he could affect the entire body including organs.
Acupuncture helps to treat the stress, frustration and anxiety that result out of the severe dieting. Therefore overeating can be reduced as this acupuncture controls the stress and anxiety and keep you relaxed all the time by pushing out the stress through needles.
The termination program of this acupuncture is decided by mutual concern of both the patient and the acupuncturist. Mouth, endocrine point, small intestine, thyroid gland, spleen and hunger points are some of the points that also help to lose weight. This acupuncture is similar as ear acupuncture (regular ear piercing) which has no serious risks associated in it. Here the acupuncturist aims at a beam of light from the laser tube at an acupuncture point, by stimulating the light in a similar way as that of acupuncture needles.
Some practitioners have a set of prices as a package price per treatment like a separate prices for smoking, addictions, weight loss, arthritis, etc.
He found a new auricular acupuncture treatment that gives relief from smoking and overweight problems. I’ve been doing this and I like the way weight loss,, Not so fast, but safty and health. With all these reasons, acupuncture has gained a lot of popularity as an effective tool used to lose over weight. Acupuncture manipulates certain hormones and physiological processes to achieve the desired internal balance that optimizes the weight loss process and finally enhances your existing weight loss efforts. As many people gets fear for needles and discomfort caused by it while sleeping or using telephone and the doctor also found some appetite pressure point on ears. Mainly pregnant women should avoid this acupuncture on certain points why because there is a risk of premature labor.

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