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The pills contain both acai and green tea – specifically the antioxidant EGCG, which is actually proven to aid in fat loss and overall health. Any weight loss results would likely be attributed to the reduced calorie diet… coupled with the fact that most people buying these diet pills are probably 50+ pounds overweight and would drop quite a few pounds without adding the pills. Though I wasn’t concerned with losing weight here (I had already shed 10lb in the month leading up to this test with diet alone,) I tracked my weight out of curiosity.

Acai Berry Diet is an Amazing Formula to Help you Shed Weight in a very short period of time. Among other weight loss formulas, Acai berry diet has a distinction of being the fastest and permanent solution to obesity. This tiny berry from Brazilian rainforests is full of nutrition But you Must know the facts about the Acai Berry's Side Effects, etc.

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