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Here's the legal bit - please read this disclaimer before starting any football strength training program. If you’ve been riding bikes for a while and looking to take your cycling to the next level by participating in a bike race, cycling event or even just trying to improve your own stamina on your ride, review our 6 week cycling training program. You ride a lot and you are already fit, so, the first week of the program we focus on building a fitness base so that you can start to endure longer rides. In this first week, you’ll be riding 6 days in total, alternating between long and short rides.

As we move into week two of the cycling training program, we’d expect that you are starting to feel comfortable in this new routine. The 5th week we give your legs some well needed rest from the intensity of the interval workouts. This week starts with two days of rest, followed by a “Short” ride Wednesday, a “Long” ride the next day and then another break. In the final week before your race or cycling event, we’ll give you some fine tuning suggestions.

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