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Secondly, as long as you can maintain your speed, the heavier you are the greater force and momentum you have - a must in contact sports like football and rugby.
Unfortunately, most football players never see past hypertrophy training (similar to bodybuilding). Here's the legal bit - please read this disclaimer before starting any football strength training program. The volume of work in a hypertrophy phase tends to be higher than in any other phase of football strength training. Quite simply it is a precursor to developing explosive power THE most important physical trait in football.

If you need to increase your size and lean weight, you should first follow a hypertrophy program. And make sure to read the 12-month football strength training article which plugs everything into a complete plan. Remember to keep shoulders stabilized - do not shrug shoulders forward on downward (eccentric) phase of movement. Position hands on bar wider than shoulder width or lower the unloaded bar to chest and position grip to where forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Start position: Position barbell to ear level with an overhand grip (palms facing forward).

Lift elbows up, pull shoulder blades together, and lift chest up to create a shelf for the bar.

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