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It's about time that I do an article on how to get a lean ripped body for men because I know that many guys want to get a physique that is extremely cut with a very high level of muscle definition, but don't know what to do to actually get it. Your diet for getting lean must meet your nutritional requirements for losing fat without losing muscle. The right calorie deficit for getting lean must be created from your TDEE, but it should also take your body fat level into consideration. When it comes to your fat loss workout to get lean and ripped, you'll want to have a program that combines resistance training with cardio. As for the cardio aspect of the workout, I recommend High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the primary method. The challenge to becoming ripped lies mainly in a change in approach to eating the right foods. If you are relatively lean and just want to get leaner you should not make drastic cuts to your calorie intake as it may lead to muscle loss. But as I covered before in this post, lifting light weights for high reps is not the ideal way to get ripped. Getting lean and ripped is accomplished by successfully losing body fat while allowing your muscles to remain in place properly.
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Even if you decide not to do squats at least do deadlifts, as heavy as you can get them – those trigger the most muscles of any exercise and release a shit ton of testosterone and GH. This is fine, just lift the most weight you can or you can wait to do them at the end of your workout when you’re a little bit more fresh.

Get through your entire circuit in 20-30 minutes by taking 30 second breaks between sets and jumping from one exercise to the next if you can, maybe start with slightly long breaks but try to minimize them as much as possible.
While I spend most of my time educating people about sustainable approaches to getting a lean, strong, healthy physique, I do have an interest in the extreme of body transformation, or how to get ripped. Get a treadmill and warmup on the treadmill by adjusting the speed levels so that you are able to walk at a medium pace for 5 minutes. But it requires proper planning, discipline and persistence to reduce body fat to reach ripped levels.
I recommend 250-400 calories reduction from your maintenance level if you are lean and trying to get ripped. You want to burn fat, hold on to your muscles and reach single digits body fat percentage to chisel out a ripped body. Using a diet plan like Feast Your Fat Away will allow you to be on the right track when it comes to the nutritional aspect of losing fat to get ripped. The term ripped is used to describe a very low body fat level relative to one’s bodyweight, which creates an appearance of clearly visible striations of muscle and separation between muscles. Remember that getting ripped is primarily a nutritional challenge, so strength training is secondary, but still essential. Many of the Brad Pitt workout routines on the internet have you doing endless amounts of cardio on the treadmill.
Even after more than a decade after it’s release, thousands of guys are still searching for the Brad Pitt Fight Club workout and how they can get that coveted lean and ripped Hollywood body. This is the top nutrition rule that you have to get right and then ┬áthe other variables will fit into place to make your overall nutrition plan well-structured.

When I present the information you are about to learn to a client interested in getting ripped, that initial interest usually subsides.
What I’ve found is that carbohydrates is a variable in the getting ripped equation, which depends on your genetics.
Brad Pitt had a body that was extremely lean and not overly muscular which is something that modern day bodybuilders scoff at. So not only does getting ripped take a ridiculous amount of effort and discipline, but the extreme is that it may not be healthy either. Despite that I can see my abs and everything, still I didn’t get the full ripped physique yet. One of the most frequent questions I get from guys is, “I want to get ripped, but I want to stay the same weight. The build most guys want (it’s like the standard of ripped) is looking like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
Losing fat without losing muscle (the key to getting ripped of course) is primarily a nutritional challenge.

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