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According to Michigan foreclosure laws, the state uses two forms of foreclosures, namely the judicial and the non-judicial procedures.
In Michigan the lender can foreclose the mortgage by filing the law suit in the Michigan circuit court.
The foreclosed property can be sold under the commercial basis otherwise known as non-judicial foreclosure or through advertising. The notice of the sale of the foreclosure properties should be published in the local newspaper for four weeks, in the prescribed manner which is generally once a week for a few weeks and then fifteen before the sale. The proceedings for the sale of this foreclosure property are carried out by the officer or person conducting the sale. The borrower can get back his three to four units of the abandoned foreclosed property, for a period of one year from the date of the foreclosure sale. And if the property is deserted, in case the balance is over two-thirds of the original mortgage then the recovery period is reduced to one month. If the foreclosed property is four units or less and is less than three acres in size, then two different redemptions time period is concerned.
If the unpaid balance on a mortgage is less than two-thirds of the original debt, the borrower is given only three months to redeem the property if it has been abandoned. If the borrower fails to respond to the notices, then the sale of the foreclosure properties can be rejected after the personal assessment resulting in negative responses.
President Obama is announcing changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP), which are designed to make it easier for underwater homeowners to refinance their old, high-interest mortgages, CNN Money is reporting. Foreclosure defense attorneys in Asheville and elsewhere in North Carolina continue to monitor government and private efforts to address the mortgage crisis.

Often a family can remain in the home rent free for a year or more – critical time to save money and get your financial affairs in order. Any help with refinancing is a welcome piece of the economic puzzle, as homeowners and the middle class continue to battle the impact of the recession.
Many were critical of the original HARP plan because it did not permit deeply underwater homeowners to refinance.
The court orders to sell the property six months after the primary filing of the proceedings.
This situation occurs when the mortgage is not held by the Michigan state housing development authority. Apart from this the notice should be posted in the area where the sale of the foreclosure properties is going to be held. If the amount that remains unpaid on the loan is more than two-thirds of the original debit, then the borrower is given six months to redeem.
The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) was terminated recently after a year of being derided for doing little to help struggling families. Whether you are looking to save your home, reach agreement on a short sale, obtain a loan modification or avoid a deficiency judgment, having legal representation means you will not be at the mercy of the bank.
And since banks were seldom willing to provide meaningful relief, few were able to take advantage of the program. But for too many, the program would simply refinance negative equity and put off today’s problems until tomorrow.
The circuit court commissioner is solely responsible for the sale of the foreclosure homes.

The last date for the sale should be specified so as the borrower can redeem the foreclosure home if possible. Since the massive bailout by taxpayers, banks have thrown every conceivable roadblock at the effort to address the housing crisis.
Refinancing a mortgage that is deeply underwater may be akin to buying the proverbial seat on the Titanic.  Obtaining meaningful modification or other mortgage relief may be the minimum requirement for considering a refinance as a viable long-term solution.
The new version will permit homeowners who owe more than 125 percent of a home’s current value to refinance at a lower rate.  We are hopeful that this program will be administered as planned. Most major financial institutions have simply switched gears and are now making billions foreclosing on homeowners.
Speaking with an experienced real estate attorney in Asheville or elsewhere in the Carolinas is a good first step toward protecting your rights and the financial well-being of you and your family. The only condition is the auction should be adjourned that within 10 days from the date of the sale. Criminal investigations have been launched in all 50 states as banks have been caught using forged documents and other unethical or illegal practices to seize property from homeowners.

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