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Lael Hepworth was appointed as the new administrator by Brown on July 31, according to a statement by the California Department of Veterans Affairs, known as CalVet. Hepworth, who lives in Orting, Washington, served in the Army National Guard for nine years, had been a health care administrator since 2006 and served as superintendent at the Washington Soldiers Home since last year, CalVet Chula Vista’s Rob Winkler said.
The Chula Vista Veterans Home of California is a long-term care facility near Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center that offers independent living, licensed residential and skilled nursing care, Winkler said. FRESNO (CBS 5) — Almost 2 million veterans live in California, more than in any other state. For the last ten years, Waters worked with city planners and architects to design the perfect place.

Thanks to state bond money and a federal grant, his vision is now a reality: A brand new home for veterans in Fresno. For Rudy Giannoni, a decorated World War II veteran who survived the German Black Death March, it’s a dream come true.
Tremblay said the cuts are the reason why the Fresno home, and another brand new facility in Redding, will have to stay empty for another year. Tremblay estimates the tab for keeping the homes clean, lit and air conditioned is about $280,000 a month. Making matters worse, once the Fresno home opens next fall, the state said it will only be accepting about 8 veterans a month.

Jerry Brown appointed a new administrator to Chula Vista’s Veterans Home of California, the California Department of Veterans Affairs announced Thursday.
It’s a virtual village of 240,000 square feet, with 300 single rooms, private bathrooms, and landscaped outdoor space, just like Waters dreamed it.
We don’t want to have our families have to travel all the way to Southern California to see us,” said Giannoni.

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