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Although the tree houses are custom made to order, the company builds each project with eco-friendly principles. Locally-sourced, sustainably harvested wood is used in most of the tree house projects, and if it’s not available, all other timber used is FSC-certified.
For structural support, low impact helical coil foundations are used in order to avoid the need for traditional concrete foundations.
To insulate each treehouse in any environment, each is built with insulative sheep’s wool or recycled cellulose in order to provide a comfortable interior temperature.
Bower House founder Simon Parfett explains the vision behind the company’s beautiful and environmentally-conscious designs, “For us a tree house is about adventure, play and discovery.
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Century 21 TriPower Realty is proud to be a 2012 Quality Award Winning Office thanks to our exceptional agents who continue to exceed standards of excellence and customer service. Condominium List shows development details such as pet friendly condos and boat dock availability!
Fernandina Beach vacation rentals will put you right on the northern part of Amelia Island in Florida, a place quickly becoming one of the hottest vacation destinations for those who visit the state.
Travelers can find a number of fantastic activities to do and sights to see while in the area. Of course, the area is also home to plenty of wonderful beaches, and they can make a great excursion no matter when you visit. Since the location is right on Amelia Island, travelers can also enjoy some of the other activities on the island in addition to those in Fernandina Beach.
How many times have you been on a vacation, or even a weekend getaway, that suffered because of the accommodations? Choosing Fernandina Beach vacation rentals is an ideal way to make sure that you are staying in a place that really is nice and that does offer the peace, quiet, and relaxation you want.

You want to make sure that the rental you choose is actually the best option for your vacation. How about spending some time in a luxurious eco-friendly tree house surrounded by lush forest canopy? Cutting edge computer technology is first used to detail every building aspect, and then the components of the tree house are “printed” off site. Corkscrew-like metal piles are screwed into ground with a hydraulic power pack in order to cause minimal impact around sensitive root zones and can be completely removed in the future if needed.
For energy use, the designs use various off grid low energy solutions, compost toilets and low water flow taps and showers. We want to provide people with an incredible experience being nestled in trees whilst ensuring the protection of the trees and habitat around the structure. Do a search and then my site will e-mail every morning when new listings hit the market that match the criteria of what you are looking for!
The area has a wide array of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy, and it is possible to find plenty of great accommodations from which they can choose. Consider heading to the water for some sun and sand, and then explore the surrounding area for some shops and eateries.
Visit Amelia Island Historic District, Amelia Island Museum of History, and take a walk along Egan’s Creek Greenway. Choosing a bad place to stay can ruin the mood for fun no matter where you are vacationing. To do that, make sure you know the number of days you plan to stay, the number of people who are traveling with you, and what types of features you really need, such as a washing machine and dryer in the rental.
Whether you're looking for the ultimate escape from the city or just want to add a unique addition to your home, these eco-friendly cabins, custom made by Bower House Eco Cabins, are perfect off-grid escapes for the treehugger inside us all. This strategy minimizes construction waste and reduces disruption to the surrounding natural ecosystem.

Recycled materials, and natural surfaces and finishes are used throughout the interior to enhance the feeling of living within the surrounding natural environment. While the vacation rentals are an ideal way to stay and experience the area, it’s helpful to know just what types of fun things you can enjoy in Fernandina Beach before you book your trip.
Some of the popular restaurants in the area include La Mancha, Espana Restaurant & Tapas, David’s Restaurant & Lounge, and Hola! It’s a great vacation destination for everyone, but you need to make sure that you have a great place to stay while you are there. You do not want to have to worry about having a safe and quiet place to stay when you come home in the evening after a long day of having fun. They also have kitchens so you can do much of your own cooking, which can help cut down on costs since you will not have to go out as much.
It is a beautiful 19th century fort, and was a part of the Spanish-American War, as well as the Civil War, even though no battles took place there.
In fact, you could cook at the rental unit and then choose to go out some very nice restaurants with the money you save. You want Fernandina Beach vacation rentals that put you close to all of the places you want to visit. This helps you know the space you need and when you need it, and it ensures you have a spectacular location for your adventures. All of the information on this Web site is believed to be true and accurate, but is not guaranteed or warranted in any way.

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