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Things I think homeowners should know about loan modifications & HAMP-2 viewed 93,645 timesThe secret NPV formula used to qualify for HAMP loan modifications that no one is allowed to know. Most people understand that foreclosure is detrimental to their credit score for several years and results in a loss of their home, which is why many people try to avoid foreclosure.
If you are considering a strategic foreclosure, it is highly recommended that you consider your options carefully and that you thoroughly understand what a foreclosure means for you and your partner. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you really want to foreclosure upon your property before you make that decision.
More often than not it is cheaper to pay your loans and keep your current house (or sell your home legally) instead of undergoing the foreclosure process and attempting to purchase a new home. Sometimes a couple faces a situation where one spouse has undergone foreclosure and the other spouse's name was not on the foreclosed property's deed.
Overall, it depends on everything from state laws to the lender you are considering using for purchasing your new home. At the end of the day, you will have to ask the lender and learn more about your state's laws before you make any decisions. If, however, the second property is in any way connected to the first, such as using the home as collateral (something virtually no bank these days will do, but it is possible), the second property may be at risk. For the vast majority of buyers, though, a bank cannot seize one home to pay off the other.
Although most people know about the incredible discounts that you can obtain by purchasing foreclosed properties, most do not understand the actual foreclosure process - how homes become bank foreclosures. Before delving into the basics of the foreclosure process, it is essential to understand that foreclosure laws differ depending upon the state, with some states operating based on a non-judicial foreclosure process and others utilizing a judicial foreclosure process.
When a homeowner misses several mortgage payments in a row (typically 3), the lender will file a Notice of Default, which essentially starts the foreclosure process. It is essential to note that lenders have their own procedures; therefore, BOA foreclosures may not be handled the exact same was as Citigroup foreclosures.
At the end of the day, the general foreclosure process is pretty much the same and starts with missed mortgage payments and ends in bank-owned foreclosure properties if the home is not sold at the bank auctions. When trying to find a New York Foreclosure Attorney, there are a few things to keep in mind. In New York, once foreclosure has been served, the court is required to schedule a settlement conference within 60 days. In New York, you must respond to the foreclosure complaint or the court is able to rule against you and schedule a foreclosure sale. The best time to hire an attorney in the state of New York is before the foreclosure process begins. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services is a leading loan modification and foreclosure defense law firm with attorneys licensed in 5 states. Our goal is to provide valuable information to help homeowners who are trying to obtain a loan modification or to stop foreclosure.
In the course of defending a New York homeowner attorney Linda Tirelli says she found a 150-page manual instructing Wells Fargo lawyers how to process foreclosures when the endorsement to the note is missing.  Lenders need endorsements to prove that they own the mortgage, before they can foreclose or sue on the note. The bank denies wrongdoing, but the allegations are a reminder of the history of lenders, including Wells Fargo, using a practice known as “robo-signing.”  Those charges, of course, led to a $25 billion national mortgage settlement that was supposed to put an end to such abusive practices, but many lawyers say that nothing has really changed. The manual, reviewed by The Washington Post, outlines steps for obtaining the missing document after the bank has initiated foreclosure proceedings. Adams explained that the company updated the manual in the midst of the investigation that led to the national mortgage settlement to help its lawyers keep pace with changing laws, regulations and foreclosure procedures. Banking lawyer Jeffrey Naimon at Buckley Sandler said the law does allow lenders to endorse notes after filing for foreclosure. Tirelli said she was also contacted by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the monitor for the national mortgage settlement, both of which declined to comment for this article. The Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund awarded it's prestigiousPresident's Circle Awardto Anderson & Brodersen. Finding a New Jersey Foreclosure Attorney means first understanding the foreclosure process for the state of New Jersey. Like in most states, it takes about 3 months of missed payments for the bank to begin the default process.
In the notice of intent to foreclose, the bank must notify the homeowner of the exact amount owed, indicate the final payment date to avoid foreclosure, provide phone numbers and bank contact information as well as provide advice to seek legal counsel. The official complaint is filed in the Trenton Foreclosure Office usually 33 days after the homeowner receives the notice of intent. If the homeowner answers "non-contesting" the house can be sold at auction soon after the complaint is answered. Foreclosure can be scary, but hiring the right New Jersey foreclosure attorney who knows the laws can help save your home even if you've already been served foreclosure.
If you’re new to the mortgage business, or you’re a first time home buyer who has just entered the market, your head may be swimming with questions and confusion over the abundance of terminology being thrown around. A principal write-down or principal reduction is essentially a decrease in the principal portion of a loan, which is often a home mortgage. In the event of a principal write-down, a homeowner has to meet certain requirements to first qualify, such as proving the ability to make timely payments.
A mortgage modification is just about exactly what it sounds like: the process of modifying the original terms of the mortgage contract that were agreed upon by both the borrower and the lender. A home mortgage can go through the modification process in many different ways, all of which tend to benefit the borrower. The short sale appears differently to various parties involved – from the perspective of the buyer, a short sale looks like cheap real estate; but for a homeowner who has fallen on tough financial times, a short sale might represent a way around foreclosure. Typically, short sales occur when negative equity is involved with a home – the property is worth less than what is owed on the mortgage, often referred to as an upside-down loan, which can be a result of a few different scenarios including payments that have been missed, or a reduction in property value. A deed in lieu of foreclosure is an option that a borrower has access to, in order to avoid foreclosing on a home.
A potential option taken by a mortgagor (a borrower) to avoid foreclosure under which the mortgagor deeds the collateral property (the home) back to the mortgagee (the lender) in exchange for the release of all obligations under the mortgage. An out of court workout refers to a type of debt restructuring process whereby a homeowner who is facing financial distress can renegotiate current debt, including a home mortgage. Fill out this form to receive an informative industry specific newsletter from RGR Marketing.
Can a Long Island Foreclosure Attorney Defend By Asserting that the Lender Lacks the Original Loan Documents?
Long Island Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Modification Attorneys and Lawyers, Serving Suffolk County and Nassau County, N.Y. With presidential candidates calling for an end to the crushing burden of student debt, some higher education experts have again questioned the federal policy that makes it nearly impossible to discharge student loans in bankruptcy.
The Institute for College Access[1] and Success provides that 7 in 10 seniors (69%) who graduated from public and nonprofit colleges in 2014 had student loan debt, with an average of $28,950 per borrower. In the past two decades, the nation has gone from a system of financing higher education primarily through public investment, grant aid, and modest family savings, to one in which the majority of graduates take on debt. Prior to 1976, both private and federal student loans could be discharged [7] in bankruptcy under the same standard as other consumer debt. In 1976, Congress amended the bankruptcy code and introduced the heightened “undue hardship” standard for federal student loans.

In 1984, another round of reforms to the Bankruptcy Code made it so that private student loans would be treated the same as federal loans: dischargeable only under the “undue hardship” standard during the first five years of repayment and like other consumer debt after five years. In 1990, Congress extended the time period during which student debt could only be discharged under a showing of an “undue hardship” from five years to seven years. In 1993, amendments to the Higher Education Act permitted the federal government to garnish a portion of borrowers’ disposable income to repay defaulted federal loans. In 1996, the law was changed so that borrowers’ Social Security benefits could be offset to repay defaulted federal student loans. In 2005, Congress enacted the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) which eliminated the provision that allowed private education loans to be discharged like other forms of consumer debt after 7 years of repayment. The most straightforward way to end the student loan exception would be to simply strike the student loan exception from Section 523(a)(8) of the Bankruptcy Code.
In January of 2016, the United States Supreme Court[9] declined to hear an appeal by a would-be lawyer who had been seeking to discharge more than $260,000 in business and law school debt in bankruptcy. Some argue that allowing the dischargeability of student loans in bankruptcy makes sense both as economic policy and education policy.
For example, what if your spouse has previously foreclosed upon a home and now you are married and you wish to buy a house under your credit score - is that possible? However, there are some situations where people actually consider a foreclosure when wondering how to buy a new house and seeking to escape their current mortgage payments without simply buying a second home (because that results in two mortgage payments instead of one).
When your home is foreclosed upon, you not only face a lower credit score, but home buying becomes a lot more difficult - as you will more than likely not be approved for a new home loan for approximately three years. Instead of choosing foreclosure, you may wish to go down the home selling route and simply try to sell your home in order to fund your new real estate investing plan. If your home is underwater, lenders may be willing to perform a loan modification that will help reduce your monthly mortgage payments. In these situations, you may be wondering if your husband can purchase a home in his name only.
Some states will allow your husband to purchase a new home if you went through foreclosure before you were married, but not if the foreclosure occurred after you two were married.
The answer to this situation greatly depends upon the specific situation and circumstances as well as the state in which you live as well as the lender you choose.
This problem is compounded when married couples engage in real estate transactions as individuals with separate credit scores and histories, particularly if foreclosure is involved or has been involved at some point during the process. Below is some basic information about the foreclosure process, including how foreclosed homes become the property of the lender.
Therefore, the information below is just a basic guideline to understanding foreclosures and does not include state-specific details.
Typically the homeowner will have three months to pay the missed payments and associated fees. During this auction, the lender's attorney will make the opening bid (typically for the outstanding amount on the loan) and if a bid does not exceed the opening bid, the home is officially a bank-owned home (also known as an US bank REO property). Most lenders contract with a realtor, who assumes the responsibility of selling the property for the lender. Similarly, Wells Fargo foreclosures may have different internal processes than HSBS foreclosures. The bank must give extra notice to a homeowner if the property is the homeowner's primary residence and not an investment property.
At the settlement conference, you will be required to prove income and provide other information to the court that can be crucial to your case. A good New York Foreclosure Attorney will be able to prolong the sale of your home while simultaneously trying to work with the banks to get a loan modification and keep you in your home. The longer a homeowner takes to take action, the fewer options your foreclosure attorney will have in presenting your case. A number of her past cases involving the bank featured mortgage notes that were not endorsed by anyone, but when she brought it to Wells Fargo’s attention the bank would “magically” produced the document, Tirelli said. It also lays out what lawyers must do in the event of a lost affidavit or if there is no documentation showing the history of who owned the loan, paperwork the bank should already have. He said lenders can transfer ownership of a mortgage by filling out the endorsement or leaving a blank endorsement. A foreclosure defense attorney must be licensed to practice in the same state as your property. In the state of New Jersey, the lender must file a notice of intent to foreclose 33 days prior to serving the homeowner with actual foreclosure papers. The best time for a New Jersey homeowner to hire a foreclosure attorney is before foreclosure is served. If the homeowner answers "contesting" there are many legal routes your foreclosure attorney can choose.
The best things a homeowner can do to protect their home and their assets is to hire a foreclosure attorney as early as possible in the foreclosure process. Below, you’ll find several of the most common foreclosure-related terms, and working definitions for each. The principal is written down to reduce the outstanding balance, typically on qualifying properties with negative equity. When a short sale occurs, the lender agrees to accept a reduced amount for the home, with the total paid amounting to less than the mortgage balance.
In the event of a deed in lieu of a foreclosure, a borrower deeds the home or collateral property back to the lender. By going through this process, a homeowner has the ability to restore liquidity to their financial picture, essentially replacing old debt that is unsustainable, with new debt that fits with their financial picture.
In order to understand how student debt became a 2016 presidential campaign issue, it is important to analyze New York student loan statistics as well as the connection between those loans and federal and state bankruptcy laws. Over the last decade, from 2004 to 2014, the share of graduates with debt rose modestly (from 65% to 69%) while average debt at graduation rose at more than twice the rate of inflation. During the first five years of repayment, student loans could only be discharged if the individual could demonstrate an “undue hardship” before a bankruptcy.
After seven years, student loans could be discharged under the same standard as consumer debt.
All student loans became dischargeable only if an individual can demonstrate an “undue hardship” before a bankruptcy judge. Mark Tetzlaff, 57, graduated from Florida Coastal School of Law, but has repeatedly failed the bar exam. As a nation, we want an educated populace and earning power and employment opportunities increase dramatically with a college degree. 10% or more over a 5-year plan with monthly payments).  Because a Chapter 13 plan can be repeated as long as an individual cannot pay the debt in full, this option can serve as a partial solution with regard to student loans. If you have a student loan and cannot pay your debts, you need a greater Long Island and New York area bankruptcy attorney who can interpret and apply federal and New York laws to best protect your interests.  Call the office of Ronald P.
Or, what if you got married and then you faced foreclosure on a property with only your name on it - can your spouse apply for a home loan? Furthermore, the IRS considers the amount that was "forgiven" as taxable income; therefore, you and your spouse will more than likely have to pay taxes as a result of foreclosure. If you are considering foreclosure, then remember that there are good reasons why those who are facing foreclosure (due to an inability to pay their mortgage payments as opposed to trying to obtain a new home) often chose to pursue a short sale instead of go through the foreclosure process - to avoid the negative effects of foreclosure.

When you choose foreclosure, you not only suffer from bad credit (which often prevents you from buying a new home), but you also are often required to pay taxes on your debt forgiveness. Similarly, some lenders require that both individuals be represented on the application (or at least their credit score is noted), while others may only request information from the borrower.
One home may be foreclosed on, but the other home may be current - in which case, the bank will not take action against the current mortgage.
Before proceeding with any transaction, always seek professional advice from your loan officer and a real estate attorney to make an informed decision.
If the homeowner has not fulfilled his or her obligations within those three months, the lender will send a Notice of Sale.
Because of this, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your attorney is licensed to do business in the same state as your property. At this time, many people decide to hire a New York Foreclosure Attorney to attend this conference with them.
The longer you wait to hire a New York foreclosure attorney, the lower your chances of getting a positive outcome will become. The best time to hire a foreclosure defense attorney is before you are served foreclosure papers. The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements.
It happened so often to her and other consumer lawyers that they started to call paperwork “ta-da” documents, she said.
As foreclosure laws differ from state to state, be sure you understand the process and hire an attorney who is well versed in handling cases in New Jersey.
This way your New Jersey Foreclosure Attorney can be fully prepared to defend your home before you are served foreclosure. Soon after, the borrower will be served with official notice that their home is in foreclosure.
These terms represent processes or actions that are involved with foreclosure, and are often used by investors, real estate professionals, and mortgage lenders. In many cases, this is performed to avoid having to foreclose on a property, because reducing the principal may end up being less costly to a bank or mortgage broker than going through the foreclosure process.
For their part, the lender agrees to release any and all obligations agreed to as part of the mortgage. But despite the rise in student debt, student loans are treated differently than almost every other form of debt incurred by American households.
After five years of repayment, federal student loans could be discharged under the same standard as consumer debt.
Bankruptcy law embodies a societal recognition that holding people to unpayable debts can be individually devastating and creates enormous social and economic costs. As a result, student loans would be normally dischargeable alongside other unsecured consumer loans.  Any attempt to discharge a student loan would remain subject to all of the other provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, including the provisions designed to prevent abuse of the system. He said in papers filed in his Chapter 7 case that he could not repay the student loans due to alcoholism, depression and a criminal record that blocked him from getting employment.  The refusal of the Supreme Court to hear the case leaves in place an arguable circuit split between federal appeals courts concerning the proper standard to be applied to determine whether the requisite “undue hardship” exists when a debtor seeks to discharge student loans. In some cases, though, degrees come at a cost that exceeds their value, and in others, students are obligated to take on debt but do not end up graduating. Weiss today at (631) 296-0361 in order to discuss the specifics of your financial situation and possible bankruptcy solutions. There are many gray areas of the foreclosure process and this page aims to answer many of these complicated questions as simply as possible.
If you have an option to avoid foreclosure, then that is more than likely your best option.
At the end of the day, it is typically cheaper to keep your current home or sell it before purchasing a new home. This document provides information, including when the property will be auctioned off if the mortgage delinquency is not made right by the homeowner. Morgan Chase & Company owns the properties and the opening bid is not met, the homes become JP Morgan foreclosures. In order to proceed in a foreclosure case, your attorney must have a license to do business in that state. This gives the homeowner time to come to an agreement with their bank and also aids the homeowner by listing numbers of not-for-profit government agencies who can assist the homeowner in getting current on their loan payments. Going to foreclosure proceedings without the help of an attorney is considered very dangerous considering banks have entire teams of lawyers on their side. Make sure to find a New York foreclosure attorney who also provides loan modification help and is licensed to practice in your state. The homeowner will have 35 days to answer the complaint which must be filed in the Trenton Foreclosure Office. Both the borrower and the lender must agree of their own will (voluntarily) and in good faith.
They also estimated that student loans guaranteed or held by the federal government had crossed the $1 trillion mark[3].  In 2011, the Bureau released findings revealing that total outstanding student loans were approximately $1 trillion as of the end of 2011[4]. Individuals with student loans would still have to satisfy the same Chapter 7 “means test” as other borrowers, meaning that discharge would only be available to those individuals who, based on their monthly income and expenses, truly cannot pay their debts.  It should be noted that this proposal was initially made by the 1997 National Bankruptcy Review[8] Commission (“NBRC”), a nonpartisan commission established as part of the 1994 Bankruptcy Reform Act and whose members were appointed by the President, Congress, and the Chief Justice.
For federal courts overseeing Tetzlaff’s bankruptcy case[10], including the Chicago-based 7th U.S. These cases can result in years of financial distress and can suppress overall economic growth.  In those limited instances, bankruptcy law reform would provide individuals who worked hard, attended college and accepted federally-approved student loans, with the peace of mind that, in the worst of circumstances, those loans will not stay with them for the rest of their lives. If the 90 days passes and the homeowner is unable to reach an agreement with the bank, the homeowner can be served foreclosure.
A good foreclosure defense attorney will answer all of your legal questions and take everything into consideration before presenting your case to the courts. At this time the homeowner must reply to the complaint as "contesting" or "non-contesting".
The 20% growth in student loan debt from the end of 2011 to May 2013 was much faster than growth in revolving credit products.  Student loans now comprise the second largest form of consumer debt behind home mortgages with data from the New York Federal Reserve[5] showing that 65 percent of student loans are held by Americans younger than 39, while people age 40 to 59 hold another 30 percent.
Further, making federal student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy reflects that economic success often depends on factors that are outside of an individual student’s control. Court of Appeals, his failure to make loan payments over an extended period appears to have played a significant role in determining that he does not qualify to have these student loans erased.  However, if a more lenient test used by the St. This can be a difficult decision and no homeowner should attempt to answer the complaint on their own. Rather than imposing all of the risks of a bad job market on private individuals, the federal government has an incentive to minimize that risk through both front-end investments through grant aid, as well as back-end relief through debt relief. Having an educated population has broad and powerful societal benefits, and society should share some of the risk currently borne almost entirely by students. Circuit Court of Appeals had been applied to Tetzlaff’s case, the result may have been different.

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