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Have any of you noticed that suburban strip malls and office buildings in America have a soulless, empty, gloomy feel and look to them?
When I look at a strip mall or office building, I get a feeling of depression, sadness and hopelessness, as though life has no meaning.
It's not just the environment, but the square cookie cutter design of the strip malls and office buildings have an isolated lonely look and feel too. There is a feeling of conformity to the design of those structures as well, as though it were telling your subconscious mind to conform like a robot or something. You see, the world as defined in 'The Matrix' and 'Surrogates' will become the *content* which satisfies the post modern man's cravings for stimulation and companionship.
Winston wrote:Have any of you noticed that suburban strip malls in America have an isolated feel and look to them?
I just find it interesting that an unemployed dropout who is being supported by his mommy and daddy would belittle a job. I just find it pitiful that a sellout old man has to prove he still has any testosterone left by insulting young people. No matter how good it might look, it's still a facade, and your HOA will never be like the real Florence.
When I was growing up in the States, it was common for teenagers to gather and hang out at arcades and the mall. They are designed to be simple to build quickly and to get you inside, to spend your cash, and out easily -- not so you can stand around outside and admire the architecture. When Chicago designer Patrizio Fradiani bought this abandoned stone farmhouse from the 1700s, he tore it down.
Now a thoroughly modern, mountain-top villa with Donald Judd-like art installations, an infinity pool and patchwork views of the Tuscan countryside, Podere Palazzo is a design and foodie dreamscape. I’ve just published a post that captures some photographic highlights around Florence and I hope you and your readers will enjoy them and that it brings our corner of the world into their home. Home of the Year: Tuscan DreamThe 2013 Home of the Year winner in the New Construction category is a dream home in a dream location. Originally, this construction was going to be a spec house for builder Jeff Martin of Primrose Homes.
Martin and Morgan note that the doorway design is just one of the home’s many rare characteristics. Actually, interior designer Andrea Sulia says the kitchen is a perfect example of the wife’s design sensibility. Maximizing views of the lake was a primary consideration for the home, according to Morgan, so he designed all the main family living spaces to face the rear.
Plus - we poll dentists included in our 2016 list of topDentists for their opinions and tips gleaned from years of experience in their profession. The Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson becomes the first store in the state to offer direct-to-consumer wine sales.
Kennywood Park opens soon and new this season is the return of the famed whale at the entrance of Noah’s Ark.

Some of the city's top chefs and bartenders are organizing events to raise awareness about food waste and hate crimes in our community. Six picks for your pre-game, post-concert or anytime relaxation on the North Shore, ranked from good to awesome.
The National Football League Players Association's ongoing war with the NFL in general, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in particular, continues to escalate –– and this time Harrison is among those being asked to lead the charge.
The movies that are playing in Pittsburgh –– and, more importantly, whether or not they're worth your time. Screen print artist garbella and ceramics studio Stak Ceramics will be among the artists meeting —and pitching — some of the nation’s top retailers.
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America has no appreciation for quality or tradition of building great works of architecture. All of this designed for the singular, mechanical, amoral purpose of pandering already obsolescent shit to an ever lower common denominator.
Sure, right now, there's a sense of isolation which pervades the American landscape, however, what happens when robotic companions & virtual reality simulations become mainstream and ubiquitous?
It's not just that the environment is isolating, but the square cookie cutter design of the strip mall itself has an isolated feel to it too. I remember reading awhile back in Why We Buy that places like Brazil are more keen on integrating functionality into a selling area, such as a bench for men when women went shopping, or more security in malls.
Slavery was one answer, which had its own set of problems and benefits, welfare is but another. But instilled with an architect’s appreciation for historical significance, he studied and photographed the way it was built, using traditional construction techniques (down to the joinery in the exposed wood beams) to reconstruct it. Eschewing all the greenwashing hype that accompanies most environmentally conscious projects, Fradiani is so humble about his efforts. Berries, grapes, flowers, herbs, local variety of olive trees selected for producing a strong and fruity oil—and now, an orchard of 40 rare fruit trees all unique and different (an homage to the lost biodiversity of trees in the world)—grow among the spindly cypress trees and are free for the picking and cooking. Do not miss indulging in a three-hour dinner at nearby La Parolina, a restaurant by two young hotshot expat chefs from Rome, who chose the countryside over the big city.
Morgan, and both were excited about the prospect of building a home in a style rarely seen in Pittsburgh.
But, Martin says, “I like designing to fit topography, to embrace it rather than fight it. In addition to the warm exterior cream-color palette, there’s a Spanish tile roof, generous use of stucco and stone, exposed wood beams, iron railings, 5-inch-wide solid maple plank flooring, chimney caps, and brackets on the eaves. Guests arrive on the main floor, pulling up to a portico that grabs attention when spotted from a distance. Here, the owners asked Martin and Morgan to make the home larger, growing it from a four bedrooms to six (approximately 8,000 square feet total).
The Golden Triangle has grown in ways that previous generations may never have envisioned, and the perception of the neighborhood at the heart of Pittsburgh is changing rapidly –– for the better.
In the name of science, PittGirl paid an early visit to test the squishiness quotient of the whale's all-important tongue.
We'll be bringing them to you throughout the fall, beginning with this lovely and lucky couple.

It's as if they signify a life of robotic mechanized conformity where you have to put on a fake mask everyday in order to cope. Could it be that since I grew up in the suburbs, that the strip malls are associated with painful negative memories from childhood in my psyche? Uniform designs is similar to having people wear the same outfit, have the same hairstyle, and do the same things. The author went on to say that malls were originally meant to be a gathering place, not just a commerce center.
You've traveled to and chased women in multiple countries and are long past the insecure 20s; you should be made of tougher stuff, by now. He made use of local craftsman and resources whenever possible, and nearly every building material he used came from within a 10-mile radius: wood from the chestnut trees across the valley, rocks from the river below, matching bricks from the surrounding grounds.
He went to lengths most people would never dream of—all for the integrity of the old and crumbling stone farmhouse, its first floor a former stable for pigs and cows. The region’s challenging landscape first inspired the pair to choose a Tuscan design.
Today, with the burgeoning field of expert systems vis-a-vis ultra cheap supercomputing in military, commercial, mining, & practically all other industries, what was little more than advanced gaming stuff only a decade ago, is about to change the face of the world we know. I think it'll result in a type of widespread welfare state as hundreds of millions of workers will be displaced, including formerly white collar professionals. He recycled 100 percent of the stonework (using leftovers for the area around the pool), but when he needed additional terra cotta tiles, he went to a 400-year-old mill down the street where they were crafted by hand and dried by the wind. Each is arched, and there are even arcs in certain wall spaces, which the homeowners plan to eventually highlight with complementary art.
Churches, expensive homes, custom homes, old buildings (usually built by immigrants or Americans in ages past when there was pride taken in their work and they valued quality). Wild boars scurry about while we relax outside on the patio every night with a bottle of wine.
In addition, there is a feeling of conformity to the design as well, as though the structure of the strip mall was telling your subconscious mind to conform like a robot or something.
Many people never saw real architecture or they forget about it once they return from a trip.
Open-air, oversized farmhouse windows in the natural stone shower provide endless views of the wildly different landscapes—undulating golden fields, verdant hillside pastures, and deep, dense forests—that all come together in this one magical place. Many old cultures in Eurasia have architecture that inspires creativity and historical buildings. In America that's the reason why it's reserved for Churches, government buildings, museums, custom homes, luxury homes, resorts, some casinos and some hotels. Also, I don't know why, but when I look at a strip mall, I get a feeling of depression, sadness and hopelessness. Many cultures, especially healthy cultures, value architecture as a form of art and take more pride in their designs.
It's almost like how no one really takes time to observe the trees, the sky, or the clouds.

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