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The Tour of Remodeled Homes, sponsored by Parr Lumber, will take place the weekend of March 12 - 13. There are seven modernist homes on display from various architects such as Path Architecture, Emily Refi, William Kaven, and Orange Walls Studios, etc.
The Portland Tour of Remodeled Homes will take place the weekend of March 15-16 from 10am to 5pm. The 15th annual Tour of Remodeled Homes brings professional designers together to help homeowners remodel and reinvent their existing homes. Create an AccountSave your searches and receive email updates on listings that match your search criteria.

This year’s Tour of Remodeled Homes features nine homes scattered throughout the Portland area.
The top areas of focus this year are efficient, modern kitchen designs with luxurious, high-end bathrooms taking second place.
Visitors to this year’s Tour will notice several unique features geared for entire families and individuals of all ages. If you are interested in going, fill out the form here and we’ll send you two tickets (until we run out). In order to mail the tickets out in time, the deadline to request tickets is Sunday, March 6th.

In order to mail the tickets out in time, the deadline to request tickets is this Monday, March 9th.

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