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Finally, what I consider the best way to search for Plano Texas Homes is to have an agent set up a search that will send you a link that comes directly from the MLS. Homes & Land of The Texas Hill Country gives you access to Kerrville homes for sale and real estate listings. Homes & Land of The Texas Hill Country Including Kerrville real estate and homes for sale in Fredericksburg, Hunt, Harper, and more. A small donation or a purchase from the online store, (See above.) will help towards the upkeep of my blog and registry. There are over forty species of snakes in South Carolina where I now live, and I look out for them as I ride on a local bike path. It was a Black Racer Snake; very common in my area, I see a lot of these, often swimming in the water next to the bike path. The path was clear ahead, I took my eyes off the road for a second and when I looked back again there it was moving swiftly across in front of me. There are three types of rattlesnake; the Carolina Pigmy Snake, the Timber Rattlesnake and the Eastern Diamondback.
Most of these snakes are rarely seen, and even the venomous ones will avoid humans if they can. Question: Does anyone else have any stories of snake or other wild life encounters while riding their bike?
Thank you for being well-informed about snake species and relative lack of danger in encounters with them.
The main line of our local multi-use path covers about 40 miles, and I like to walk and ride it to see local wildlife. Here's a helpful tip if you are ever bitten by a non-poisonous snake who doesn't let go - push their jaw a bit forward before you try to detach the snake from you.
Just this weekend, I had an unfortunate encounter with a snake in which I ended up running over it. Hi Dave,I was riding my bike in Saguaro Nat'l Park--a beautiful 9 mile loop and a favorite for cyclists and runners in Tucson, and I was almost to top of the one difficult climb up the scenic park road.
Like J Ake, I welcome your admiration and consideration about snakes, an all too often maligned animal.
It is amazing how an episode that takes place in the blink of an eye can so etch itself in one's memory. Dave,Not too long ago, I witnessed a friend who got a nasty flat tire after running over a piece of tooth from a dead Possom. I suspect your victim wasn't hurt too bad compared to the long fellow I chanced upon one day riding a back road in the central valley of California. In England we do not have many snakes, i have never seen one when out mountain biking.It sounds like the trails in America are awesome.Im glad you was not biten! I found your blog searching to know what to do if you see a snake in your path when bicycling.
The best country living in Texas comes with land, and having your own land means having ample space for fun outdoor family games. When looking for fun backyard activities, there’s virtually no limit to the things that you can do. This entry was posted in Outdoor Family Games, Texas Ranch Home and tagged Outdoor Family Games. These searches are the most accurate and will notify you automatically when a new listing comes on the market that matches your Plano Texas Homes search.

Most are harmless, only six are venomous and not much danger while riding a bike, but I try to avoid running over them.
Known as a racer snake because it moves extremely fast on land, and that is how I came to run over this one.
I had taken my mtb down a 6 mile dirt road From Rollinsville to the East Portal of the train tunnel through the Rocky Mountains.
Never a snake, but I hit a bird once- caught it square with my chest while doing about 20 mph. My grey matter etching occured many years ago while descending Independence Pass towards Aspen, Colorado. This guy was slithering along quite happily (I assume), he was using the lane and making good time but going against traffic.
We'd had a lot of rain that year and many trails were closed and a lot of the grassland was swampy. If an in-ground pool isn’t available, above-ground pools or kiddie pools (plastic or inflatable) might just hit the spot.  If all else fails, a sprinkler hose or a “slip-n-slide” could be “cool” enough. With ranch sites ranging from 5 to 75 acres, this community features gorgeous Hill Country property with majestic hilltop views for your family and friends. Search our complete database of Kerrville, TX real estate listings for houses, condos, land, and building lots. However, I hate to harm them, so I will have to be a little more careful in future as I ride my bike.
The road was slightly uphill, and I kept pace with the large bird as it struggled into the air. This is a beautiful area with rail tracks parallelling Boulder Creek; high, steep ridges on both the North and South sides of the road. A red squirrel ran between my two wheels, right under my bottom bracket, and then churred at me from a pine alongside the road.
On a short stretch of relatively straight road amidst the twists and turns at timberline, a marmot decided to get a better vantage point. No way to avoid it, but I'm feeling guilty -- was Googling to see if snakes can survive such things and came across your blog. Well it seemed one fellow just stretched himself out across a mountain bike trail to get dry and take in some sun. Visit the website to learn more, or connect with our online community on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest! I couldn't help but laugh when the buzzard flapped into a bough overhanging the road, tangling itself in the foliage. The second time I hit wildlife, it was a river otter darting across the local MUP and down to the river.
It was most unfortunate that the vantage point was smack in the middle of my downhill lane.
Generally you will have one agent that will contact you and then you can decide how often you want to communicate.
Use Homes and Land to find the realty listing information you need to buy or sell a home in Kerrville.
Right when I got to the curve there was a large snake sunning himself right in the middle of the trail. Racers, black rat snakes, kingsnakes, milk snakes, corn snakes are terrific mousers, and one big black rat snake can patrol the average house pretty effectively.

The bird had the last laugh, however, when it dislodged a large dead branch, which I barely avoided.
I had read the plaque describing the tunnel and its acknowledgement by the National engineering Hall of Fame and turned the bike for the big ring hammerfest back down the road to Rollisnville. A chipmunk darted out in front of me one morning, too, and did an immediate about-face before disappearing at Mach speed. It caught the poor guy head on just as I was passing him and squeezed that whole snake right down to it's tail like a thoroughly used toothpaste tube. I saw him hit out of the corner of my eye, looked almost like I'd run over a stick and the tire threw it back and into me.
The risk in adding more criteria is that you might miss your dream home just because it does not have a pool. I was concentrating on the road in front of me as I came up to the RR crossing at perhaps 15-18mph. And whitetail deer are always jumping out into the road to stare at me as I ding my bell at them. The problem was this: Would this whistlepig continue his sauntering across the road, return from whence he came, or stop, stand up, and whistle? The advantage is that the time spent sorting through all the Plano Texas Homes will burn you out.
What I didn't do was get unclipped and immediately fell over onto my left shoulder about 3 feet from the head of the snake. My husband had a black bear do so with him.I actually look for animals in the road when riding, especially those in need of a helping hand, and have been trying to educate cyclists about how to help turtles get out of the road. I thought of three options, steer left, steer right, and bunny hop- not a good choice at the speed I was travelling. I looked up and a large mule deer was racing along the tracks at full speed heading to the west ridge on my left.
Snappers, in particular, are fearsome, but anyone with normal strength can safely carry them to where they need to go. We were on what seemed to be a sure collission course!I came up to the tracks just as this huge animal crossed 3-4 feet in front of me.
I don't know what the marmot chose as I was now long past him and wouldn't dare turn my head to see where I had been if I wanted any shot of going where I intended. I went down pretty hard, dislocated a thumb and cracked my helmet.But by far the best encounter I've ever had was on a chartity ride in Texas last year. I braked hard and watched in amazement as he hit the ridge and' without hardly breaking stride, galloped up the very steep ridge in front of him. Riding with the lead bunch of maybe 30 guys, doing a pretty good tempo down a lonely country road, probably 25 mph. A herd of 8 or 10 horses came running across the field, over a small ridge, directly at us. They wheeled beautifully, at a full gallop, and paced us parallel to the fenceline for probably a quarter mile. In 35 years of riding, that was, I think, the single most exhilirating quarter mile I have ever experienced.

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