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The sale of the 38-story One Tampa City Center, also known as the PNC Bank Building, is one of the largest transactions in state history. TAMPA a€” In one of the largest commercial office transactions in Florida history, the 38-story One Tampa City Center has sold for $128.13 million.
Among the tenants in One Tampa City Center, which has 750,000 square feet of leasable space at 201 N Franklin St., are the University Club, Verizon, Merrill Lynch and several banks. The seller was One Tampa City Center LLC, a joint venture between Carval Investors of Minneapolis and Mainstreet Capital Partners of Fort Lauderdale.
If you believe the sellers of a $14.3 million East Lake mega-mansion, it's very, very big, with 14 waterfalls, a lazy river and enough chlorinated glory for eight typical suburban pools. The gargantuan estate, listed this week as Tampa Bay's second-most expensive on the market, is already a masterpiece of excess, with its opulent 21,000-square-foot mansion and 13 full bathrooms. William Baumgart, 54, and his now ex-wife, Nancy, built the home in 2006, the same year he sold his Clearwater-based TransContinental Title Company to one of America's largest title insurers for an undisclosed amount. Six commercial pumps and thousands of feet of buried pipelines keep the water flowing; six separate heaters keep it warm. The 12-foot-deep pool alone holds 200,000 gallons a€” enough, say, to top off the Sulphur Springs Water Tower or SeaWorld Orlando's penguin pool. Perhaps unsurprisingly, no one keeps a ranking of the state's most mammoth residential pools.
Fred Kimball, secretary for Associated Swimming Pool Industries of Florida, knew the world's largest pool (the San Alfonso del Mar Resort's sailable mega-pool, in Chile), and the deepest (the scarily abyssal Nemo 33, a 113-foot-deep dive pool in Belgium). But there's at least one contender in the battle for king of backyard pools: the South Florida estate of singer Celine Dion. In 2007, a Palm Beach Post report found the diva's estate guzzled 18,000 gallons of water a day, enough to fill 10 Olympic-size pools every year.

New Property UpdatesTampa area investment properties are added to our list as soon as they're acquired.
Central Florida, which includes the Tampa area to Orlando,is one of the most modern areas in the state, and definitely one of the more exciting parts of the state when it comes to real estate, entertainment, and overall fun in the hot Florida Sun all year round. However, before you decide to take the plunge and become a long-term (or semi-long term) resident of this big city in the sunshine state – or any of the surrounding suburbs in the region – you’re going to want to know about one of the largest past problems that the Central Florida region has to deal with: Ants. There are more than 15 different types of ants living in the Tampa, area, and each and every one of them are going to need to be dealt with (professionally or on your own) if you are to enjoy your time spent in the area. One of the few types of ants in the Tampa region that (usually) will not go inside of your home, these Acrobat ants look surprisingly similar to most of the common black ants we see all throughout the US – and especially up north – though they are a little bit on the “supersized” side of things. Everyday household pest control products can be used on their nests to get rid of them rather quickly. The Florida carpenter ant, on the other hand, is one of the biggest nuisances in the Tampa Bay region. Doing almost as much damage as a pack of termites (and looking a lot like termites when they are all swarmed together), these ants range from ? inch to ? inch in length – and they bite!
They will chew through just about anything that they come in contact through, but absolutely love (LOVE) to get their mouths on pine and other wooden construction materials.
Called crazy ants because of their erratic movements and unpredictable patterns, these are pretty harmless ants unless you find them in your home.
It’s best to call in the experts to flush them out and destroy them without you ever having to run the risk of getting bitten. The ghost ants do not sting or bite, and are almost always completely white with just a bit of black in the middle of their bodies. Best Features With Home Automation India System – No Police, No Watchmen, Get Automated!

Surrounding the lolling lazy river, which takes five minutes to float, are stucco boulders handmade by the same fake-rock designers of the Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal's Islands of Adventure in Orlando. A gardener was hired full-time to maintain the water park's towering palms, birds of paradise and jungle flora. Now selling for $72 million, the island compound boasts water slides, a lazy river and three sprawling pools totaling 500,000 gallons.
Some of them are little more than a minor nuisance that you’ll want to snuff out just as quickly as you can, but others could potentially destroy your property if left alone for too long. Nocturnal by nature, you’ll want to flush them out right before the sun goes down to destroy them or call in professionals to get the job done for you. They always (ALWAYS) go after the sweets in the house, but can be led right back outside with a corn syrup trail – and then destroyed when that same trail leads to pesticides you’ve set  up. These red imported fire ants will bite for any reason whatsoever, and deposit a bit of a poison in your body that will itch, burn, sting, and bubble up into an almost boil like will that would last for days and days. Fast-moving, but essentially harmless, if you’re sick and tired of dealing with them in your home plate straps of corn syrup along the way to lead them out of your home and back outside where you’ll get the chance to kill them with everyday pesticides.
The Florida Swimming Pool Association and the national Association of Pool & Spa Professionals didn't know. Neither did the president of Aquatic Consultants, a Miami luxury pool maker, or the editor of Luxury Pools magazine.

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