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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If within thirty days after having been served with notice of the homeowners rights, the homeowner has failed, refused, or voluntarily elected not to  participate in any foreclosure intervention process, the bank or lending institution, through its attorney, shall certify that fact to the Court, and the foreclosure action may proceed. If you are underwater on your home and want to learn more about short sales and how they may help you, call us at Coastal Living Real Estate.  We will be happy to discuss your situation and let you know how we can help.
Hilton Head Foreclosures and Short Sales If I stay in my foreclosed home can I gain title under adverse possession? In a stunning ruling from the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Common Pleas of Charleston, South Carolina, a Judge has issued a detailed, 4-page written opinion dismissing a foreclosure action filed by Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as the claimed trustee of an IndyMac securitization, holding that DB failed to show that it was the owner and holder of the original Note and Mortgage at the time the Complaint was filed. Counsel for DB made the familiar argument that it had possession of the original Note endorsed in blank, that the Note was a negotiable instrument under the UCC, that the Mortgage follows the Note, and that thus DB had established its right to foreclose.
The Court stated: “It is clear that to have standing in this foreclosure case, Plaintiff must not only be the holder and owner of the original Note, but also the Mortgage as well.

This ruling is based on foreclosure law from the United States Supreme Court, which trumps any contrary state law which does not require the foreclosing Plaintiff to own both the Note and the Mortgage at the time that the foreclosure Complaint is filed. Why should homeowners be forced to shop around for better rates because of the consent to rate letters and increases?
Condo owner's insurance should increase less than a home owner because a condo owner only insures the contents and inside the structure. Live in Wake county and just got a letter from my insurance company stating I needed to sign the waiver for the 7% increase or get dropped. Mine has already gone up 100% since McCory became governor!!==================================WOW!!
Supreme Court Trumps Everything: Foreclosing Party Must Own Both The Note and The Mortgage to Foreclose. The Court disagreed, citing precedent from the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Carpenter v.

This ruling demonstrates the essential fallacy in the “UCC, I have the Note, mortgage follows the Note” theory espoused by every attorney for the banks and servicers. All that has to happen is that the State Legislature needs to close the loophole that allowed these illegal consent to rate increases to come into being. What remains to be seen is whether the judiciary handling foreclosure cases will follow the law of the U.S. Meanwhile, homeowners along the coast, who usually see insurance rates spike will mostly see lower rates next year.

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