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One of the biggest predicaments we hear from buyers looking for homes in Salt Lake City is weighing the pros and cons of living Downtown versus living in the ‘burbs.
But for those looking to be able to move quickly from home to the city and back, The Avenues has that in spades too. Whether your concern is home design, local schools, environmentally-friendly features or a close commute to Downtown, The Avenues Salt Lake city will have you taken care of. Also referred to as “Foothill”, the East Bench is a primarily residential neighborhood that includes many distinct neighborhoods, including the Country Club area, Harvard-Yale, Oak Hills, Donner Park, St. The east bench is bordered to the north by Federal Heights and to the south by Interstate 80.
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She is the kind of person that is incredible at negotiating, knowing when to push or pull, understands the market, and is very professional. There are plenty of upsides to choosing one over the other, but what if you want to have your cake and eat it too?The Avenues has the best of both worlds, allowing you to have one foot in city life and the other in the great outdoors. The houses in The Avenues Salt Lake City lean on the more classical side of the spectrum, with a ton of Victorians and bungalows practically bursting with charm to choose from. The commute to SLC is a quick one, with public transit available – though you could always just bike down there too, which the neighborhood is very accommodating of.
Points of interest for this neighborhood are the Hogle Zoo, Red Butte Gardens, Foothill Shopping Center, and This is the Place Heritage Park.
The community sits up in the hills, with a bunch of narrow, winding roads leading up to it.

The community is also very close to some of the best schools around – special shout out to West High, which Newsweek ranked as the top school in the entire state! Home prices along the east bench vary widely, but will start in the low $200’s and move on into the millions. It also adds a nice touch of privacy for families looking to stay out of the manic Downtown lifestyle.

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