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With its breeze-catching front porch, rockers, and kitchen garden, this 1939 cottage evokes old-time country living.
Re-born as the Emergency Response Studio, the trailer’s formaldehyde-ridden original materials are replaced by entirely “green” technology and building materials, including recycled denim insulation, bamboo cabinetry, compact fluorescent lighting, reclaimed wood, and natural linoleum floor tiles made from linseed oil. TRAILERS AND MOBILE HOMES SCATTER IN BAYTOWN “In addition to the 871 uninhabitable apartment units left behind by Ike, the city also listed 123 single-family homes as uninhabitable and 60, from the Lakewood, Southwest Addition and Roseland, as destroyed. We build, sell, finance, lease and insure manufactured and modular homes as well as relocatable commercial and educational buildings. There are lots out there, but most of them are so far away that the delivery cost defeats the purpose of low-cost housing and reduced carbon footprint. It is powered by eight mammoth batteries that store energy generated by an array of solar panels and a “micro” wind turbine atop a 40-foot high mast.
To assist these citizens while they try to rebuild, Baytown City Council wasted no time in passing an ordinance allowing mobile homes on uninhabitable property until the homeowners can make repairs and move back in.
Not only practical, Emergency Response Studio is a visually engaging structure with an expansive work area featuring a wall section that lowers to become a deck. Those utilizing this program can only do so for six months, with two opportunities for renewal – not to exceed 18 months. And it’s located across the street from a cluster of about 30 manufactured homes, some of which date back to the sixties. A ten-foot, elliptical geodesic skylight allows extra headroom and natural lighting in the work area.

The home’s woodsy lot, which is more than a acre in Shepherd Park Plaza, is just west of N. Though designed as an artist’s studio and residence, Emergency Response Studio is an ingenious prototype for self-sufficient, solar-powered mobile housing. The current average cost of building your own home is between $95 and $150 per square foot.
Not only are you paying for the cost per square foot, but you also need to purchase the land, customize the inside, and pay the developers. And the back story with that is basically that the plaintiffs in this class-action suit need a couple of FEMA trailers so they can really study the indoor air quality and FEMA and the manufacturers do not want them to have them.
By essentially making most of the home’s components in an industrial factory, the cost of labor, waste, and an on-site crew is dramatically reduced.
While it may seem that prefabricated homes are homes that are churned out of a factory and that each look the same, the opposite is actually true. These homes may be factory made, but they are also highly customizable, perhaps even more so than regular homes because you can put more funds towards customization due to the savings incurred.Size and Build Buying a prefabricated home does not mean that you need to compensate on quality, build and size. Every prefabricated home is built according to the Department of Housing an Urban Development’s housing codes, and the home must also receive the HUD sticker which means that it has met the necessary codes.
If you do not like the location that your home is situated on, you can easily relocate.Prefabricated Homes are DurableThere are many misconceptions regarding prefabricated homes, one of which is that they are flimsy because they can be transported from one location to another. The truth is that prefabricated homes are built to extremely high standards, which explains why they hold up so well during transportation or storms.Customization Prefabricated homes are not produced like cookie-cutter homes.

They are actually extremely customizable and can be built to suit your style of home and your own level of comfort.
One thing to take into consideration though is that the prefab home is built slightly different than traditional homes, so it is best to hire someone that is experienced in remodeling prefab homes and is aware of their layout and structure.The Green OptionAnother fantastic benefit of prefab homes is that they are a green alternative to building traditional homes. You can customize the home to have green features, it can be built out of efficient and green materials, and you also will save money that can go to incorporated green features. In addition to the build itself, producing a prefab home is also a green endeavor because it cuts down a great deal on waste. Because it is not produced on site, there is far less trash and other waste products that results from the home building process.SummaryPrefab homes are not only cost-effective, great for the environment, versatile, and mobile structures, but they are also faster way to own your own home.
Rather than wait years for your traditional home to be built, prefabs take little time and manpower.
Plus, when you invite friends and family over, it will feel no different than any other home. She is a contributing writer to this and other blogs and also writes email newsletter articles, press releases and web content. Prior to her writing career, Natalie worked in various fields including real estate, equipment leasing and banking.

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