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Donald Trump’s $95 million Palm Beach mansion sits at the middle of a divorce case, but the Donald is nowhere in sight.
He sold the 33,000-square foot oceanfront mansion to Dmitri Rybolovlev, a Russian billionaire who made his money in fertilizer.
Now his wife, Elena Rybolovlev, says her husband has been unfaithful and she wants 50 percent of the couple’s marital assets, a number she puts between $6 billion and $12 billion. Trump had bought the mansion for $41.35 million in 2004 and restored it, asking at one point, for $125 million for the home. However, the Palm Beach Post reports that in July 2008, through County Road Property, Rybolovlev paid $95 million cash for the home. LUXUO list all kind of luxury items, from estates, boats and watches, to the most expensive gadgets. Palm Beach Florida is an exclusive wealthy community where the scions of industry and entertainment can come to escape inclement weather during the winter months. Palm Beach mansions are a picture of luxury—a peek into the world of the rich and famous. The majority of the Palm Beach mansions line Worth Avenue, also know as the chic shopping and dining district.
The Nirvana estate was built for tranquility, but also includes a wealth of luxury.Matt VaccaA mansion built to be a Zen-like paradise, aptly named "Nirvana," just listed in Palm Beach county, Florida for $25A million. Zen and Buddhist influences permeate throughout the home a€”there's even a Buddhist prayer room.

Luxurious touches a€” like the family room's cross beamed ceiling a€” are featured throughout.
The kitchen features one-of-a-kind light fixtures above the island, as well other unique details.
A gorgeous crystal chandelier hangs in the living room, which matches the sconces mounted on the carved stone fireplace. When looking from the rear of the house, the Spanish tile that lines the roof is easily admired. Underneath those columns, an open-air sitting area lets you enjoy your time away from the overbearing Florida sun. The property is also bordered by Lake Worth Inlet, which includes a dock big enough for a 130-foot yacht. Even if your salary doesn’t put you in the "one percent," the mansions can be an essential part of a Palm Beach getaway.
The other main street for mansions is South Ocean Boulevard, five miles of one amazing home after the next.
If you’re interested in knowing more about the mansions, their history, and owners, consider booking one of the guided tours.
You would definitely spot a fantastic blend of vintage architecture and contemporary atmosphere inside this residence.
And with a spa room, a cinema, and a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean, that angle is appropriately covered.

The elegant homes that overlook the Palm Beach beaches are worth admiring, even if it’s from afar. The famed Mar-a-Lago occupies twenty prime acres along South Ocean, and the Spanish-Revival mansion is impossible to miss. Several Palm Beach tour guides can spin some pretty interesting yarns about these amazing houses and the people who called them home.
Once the home of socialite and business maven Marjorie Merriweather Post and financier E.F. With 7 bedrooms and adjoining full baths, the building offers a wonderful feeling of romance. Donald Trump purchased Mar-a-Lago in 1985 and transformed the historic site into a private club. Further, it’s been equipped with a wonderful pool with fountain, which you won’t see in most contemporary residences. If you can’t afford the membership, the mansion is still delightful to admire from the street.

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