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Foreclosure filings in Palm Beach County fell 26 percent from July 2014 to July 2015, research firm RealtyTrac said in a report released today. Florida, meanwhile, remains the nationwide king of foreclosures, with 22,000 filings in July — twice as many as California. Foreclosure filings have continued to head downward in Florida's Palm Beach County as lenders look to comply with a new law. September was the third full month for the law, which was dubbed the fast-track foreclosure law because it allows any lienholder to request a quickie court proceeding. But the legislation, which took effect July 1, also requires to lenders to have the notes when they file the foreclosure, or provide proof of how and when the note was lost. Articles written by HousingWire Staff are non-bylined, and typically involve press release coverage and aggregation of coverage appearing elsewhere. Some of our 2016 award winners have worked their way up in traditional mortgage companies, while others started their own businesses. According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, the supply gap in 2015 was 400,000 units. The current distribution of foreclosures based on the number of active foreclosure homes in Palm Beach County FL.
Cinthia Ane has distinguished herself as a leader in the South Florida luxury real estate market. You can reach Cinthia Ane by filling out her online contact form or giving her a call, 954-218-3231. The Neustein Law Group can help your family or business get back on track by defending your residential or commercial foreclosure case. If you’ve been served with a lawsuit, or think you may be soon, the attorneys at the Neustein Law Group, P.A.
The Neustein Law Group, P.A has two convenient offices to serve our Palm Beach County client base. Our downtown West Palm Beach satellite office location serves Palm Beach County’s largest city and the coastal towns of Jupiter, Manalapan, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach and the equestrian community of Wellington. Regardless of your intentions with your property, you need to consult an experienced foreclosure litigation attorney. In addition to Palm Beach County, we maintain offices in Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and throughout the State of Florida. In the month of September, it looks like the pace of new residential foreclosures filings dropped month over month in two out of three South Florida Counties. From the chart it is obvious that new foreclosure filings in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach appear to be headed in the right direction, but the Broward numbers seem to be bucking the trend. Finally, there is still a massive inventory of distressed property in South Florida that will eventually need to be sold.

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Foreclosure paperwork piles up in Palm Beach County courthouseVolunteers from Illustrated Properties, a South Florida real estate agency, will be recognized for their service in helping clear Palm Beach County’s foreclosure backlog on Monday by Clerk and Comptroller Sharon Bock. According to a press release, the volunteers perform basic functions, including photocopying and filing, which helps to free up clerks for other essential tasks and customer service. Since September more than 20 volunteers from Illustrated Properties have volunteered in the foreclosure area. Palm Beach County’s foreclosure backlog currently stands at about 29,466 cases, down from 46,438 cases in July. Improperly served foreclosure notices may be the mortgage industry’s next roadblock to repossessing homes.
This month, appeals courts in Miami and Palm Beach County sided with homeowners in foreclosures where judges agreed their summonses were not appropriately served. In the Miami case, the homeowner said she was recovering at her mother’s home after surgery when the person serving her the summons swore he personally handed it to her at her residence. But the server’s own notes on the file showed he left the documents at the door after seeing curtains move and assuming someone was home.
Again From the Hamlet… “Another area that should be investigated in the foreclosure mill process is the “process serving” Mills such as ProVest LLC. From Weidners Blog… A void judgment is a nullity, a brutum fulmen… and is subject to collateral attack and may be stricken at any time.  The passage of time cannot make valid that which has always been void.
Just continuing on with the comments… The latest in response to this post… Another Insider Comes Forward From Provest – Other Monsters in the Sea – Sewer Service Comment: Hello everyone I was recently let go from Provest and the illegal actions that I saw within the company are unbelievable. Homes in Florida Seized Without Notice of Foreclosure: Suspicously Large Number of “The Dog Ate My Summons” Filings More revelations from one of the epicenters of the housing implosion. First let’s start out with some excerpts from the Florida Times Union that just happened to come out this morning while I was putting this post together… Fraud in foreclosure summons a disturbing trend in Duval County Summonses are being misplaced or forged by servers; critics say sloppiness and fraud leading to sudden spike. The entire system both Government and Judicial is completely broken down and corrupt at its very core. The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. While the year-over-year number was down, Palm Beach County foreclosures were up 32 percent from June, RealtyTrac says.
They have made their mark in marketing, technology, economics, compliance, asset management, operations and business development. Of course, that leads to price inflation on rental rates for existing units as well as driving developers to build.

Cinthia assists buyers looking for South Florida real estate for sale and aggressively markets South Florida homes for sale. Our law firm can assist you in obtaining a loan modification, negotiate a deed in lieu of foreclosure, or short sale of your property or negotiate an In Rem Judgment of foreclosure with no deficiency judgment and absolutely no personal liability to you.
Our convenient Boca Raton office location is at 2255 Glades Road, less than one block west of I-95.
This holds true whether you want to fight to save your home or give the property back to the bank. Statewide, the backlog of foreclosures in the court system is 322,724, down from 462,339 in July. The homeowner later said she had no knowledge of the foreclosure until a final judgment was entered against her. Florida Attorney General Opens Investigation into Gissen & Zawyer Process Service, Inc.
Florida Attorney General Opens Investigation into Gissen & Zawyer Process Service, Inc. We protect individuals’ and businesses’ rights against unpleasant debt collectors both pre-suit and during litigation. This centrally located office is less than 20 minutes from most of southern Palm Beach County, including the municipalities of Belle Glade, Greenacres, and Lake Worth. The people need a clean slate and a fresh start and should not be made debtor slaves to all of the UNSECURED DEBT that these people CREATED to make us all peasant slaves to them forever.
If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, you may think there is no way to save your home. If you are currently in any stage of the Foreclosure process, contact one of our experienced attorneys immediately for a FREE consultation.
Our country is now a lawless, dictatorship Oligarchy, Plutocracy, and a Kleptocracy soon to have the word facist attached to it. These people make up their own rules that only apply to them as they go along to suit their own fraudulent needs.
They fooled us once but we can’t let them fool us again or our democracy will be completely destroyed and a facist dictatorship regime will soon follow. National Sovereignty will prevail.We must be indivisible in order for this to have and impact.

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