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From the story of Abraham at ancient Haran, Syria, to Damascus, where the Apostle Paul was converted to Christianity, Syria is mentioned countless times in the Bible. Bible, and is the prophesied site of a monstrous WORLD WAR that is described in the Book of Revelation. Several articles mentioned below reveal exactly how Syria will fulfill many ancient prophecies in the near future.
As the continuing home port for the Cunard Line and favoured port of choice for many other cruise ships, Southampton’s banner inter-war years saw it handling half of the passenger traffic in the United Kingdom. Sadly, Southampton will also forever be inextricably linked to the RMS Titanic from which it sailed on April 10, 1912.  Four in five of the crew were Sotonians as those from Southampton are known.
Southampton, a city of 855,00, is located 75 miles south-west of London and 19 miles north-west of Portsmouth, another important port on England’s south coast. Although I joined the ship at Rotterdam, Southampton, one day later, is also serving as a major embarkation point for this lengthy voyage.

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This distinction has been held for decades because of its sheltered harbour and “double tides”. Titanic’s fateful voyage began at Berth 44, now renamed the Ocean Dock and used for cargo ships. Because Southampton was heavily bombed during the war, much of the city was levelled with only pockets of early architecture remaining.
Eerily, the same bollards to which Titanic was moored remain in place, painted in orange to identify their history. In recent times it has focussed on its development as a shopping hub, particularly the West Quay complex in the city centre near the docks.
The seemingly indefatigable crew members are very busy on these days manhandling luggage and dealing with a myriad of questions from confused and tired new arrivals just as I was yesterday.

Remnants of train tracks that brought passengers directly to the White Star Line berth from which Titanic sailed also remain visible. My overall impression is that Southampton may not be all that interesting or attractive a city. This will no doubt be a low key day for me with little exploration given my no doubt ongoing recovery from jet lag.
The next two sea days will give us the time to size each other up, settle down, and be prepared to tackle our next port. A quick peek around the port area and even perhaps spotting famed Berth 44 and its orange bollards may be the limit of my efforts without venturing into Southampton proper.

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