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To browse for additional New Jersey legal and law-related links, please return to our resources page. Ocean County boasts 45-miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, including 2 barrier Islands seperating the ocean from the bay. The Township is known for being the home of the Lakewood Blueclaws professional baseball team, the Georgian Court University, historic Strand Theater, and Lake Carasaljo. This Township also boasts, a 2,200 acre modern Industrial Districts housing over 350 businesses that employ over 9,000 people. Around 1900 Lakewood was a thriving winter resort area that attracted some of the wealthiest families of the time. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Does anyone know of a website that I can go to to find out what the property tax rate is in a particular municipality?

Editor's note: Camden County is a poster child case for why the tax rates in NJ are so high.
In New Jersey, the County Clerk performs many important functions including filing vital records such as birth, death and marriage certificates, recording and maintaining property ownership records, mortgage liens, tax liens, construction liens, filing and processing of resident passport applications, issuing County identification, filing licenses for local doctors and business owners, voting and elections, providing notary services, and performing marriage and civil union ceremonies. When combined with the coastal mainland, unparalleled opportunities exist to own property near the water.
There are 2 primary commercial boardwalks, 3 Strolling Boardwalks, and 4 Riverfront Boardwalks.
Howell and a small portion of Jackson are to the North, Toms River Township is to the east, and Jackson is to the West. The Ocean County Park was once owned by the Rockefeller Family and the Gerogian Court College was once the Gould Estate. Find more about the General Tax Rate, Effective Tax Rate, and current Lakewood Property Tax rates Here.

If anyone wants me to continue this effort on to Monmouth County and points north, and think it is useful, let me know. Can you please further explain what you mean by general and effective and how reassessments play part in this?
The General Tax Rate is a multiplier for use in determining the amount of tax levied upon each property.
If the house is assessed at 200k, then you'd multiply 200,000 x 3% to arrive at a property tax bill of 6,000.

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