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In particular, the challenger highlighted that many of the 24,000 rank-and-file cops the PBA represents have had thousands of vacation days docked due to minor infractions.
He refused to comment on whether he agreed with the path the liberal administration is forging in regard to police policy, but criticized Mr. Bowl Mor Christmas Doubles and Auburn Sport Challenge results plus weekly league and award scores. Cunningham earned $1,200 for first after he defeated Don Cosper, of Reno, 257-225, in the final round. Bowl Mor Christmas Mixed Doubles Tournament: Autumn Groth and Joe DeSantis won the 12th annual Christmas Mixed Doubles Tournament held Dec.
Autumn Groth and Joe DeSantis won the Christmas Mixed Doubles Tournament at Bowl Mor Lanes on Dec. Auburn Sport Challenge: Dan Guzalak defeated Mike Ryan to win the ninth annual Auburn Sport Challenge Tournament on Dec.

Fusco’s resentment of the incumbent is the five years members have gone without a contract from the city, and the failure to stop former Gov.
Fusco said that members want new cruisers, new flak jackets and the hiring of 6,000 new officers. Lynch for insisting that the mayor apologize to the department for his allegations of widespread racism. Lynch has not done enough to shield his members or obtain new benefits and equipment during his 15-year tenure. Lynch did not do enough to protect 10 union officials indicted and more than 600 disciplined in the 2011 Bronx ticket-fixing scandal.
He yells and screams and gets red in the face and it all sounds great, but he steps away from that podium and just goes off into the sunset and nothing ever happens,” he said. David Paterson from vetoing the Tier 2 pension law—which allowed new recruits to enter the force under older, more generous pension programs.

Phil Perkins 244-674, Jamison Mills 237-670, Andy Dennison 257-657, Joe Traver 234-635, Carl Harvey 218-625, Chet Hoisington 226-617, Tom Hitchcock, Sr.
Michael Sheehan 300-777, Brandon Mettler 246-693, Carl Mettler 289-687, Dave Ashby 266-687, Ron Wilson 247-666, Tim Rathbun 247-655, John Ingram 246-648, T.
Jeff Chapman 300-799 Kevin Nichols 276-767 Mike Powers 267-752 Matt Leskoske 257-729 JJ West 248-724 Joe Falciatano 247-718 Joe Pitre 257-717 Brandon Southwick 254-712 Matt St. He said he and his running mates decided to jump in last year, but put off declaring due to the shooting deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in Brooklyn. Lance Hinman 213-610, Ron Grant 222-570, Tim Shore 213-564, John Yandon 238-560, Ron Grant 201-546, Mike Vrabel 203-539, Frank Nentwick 212-533, Lance Hinman 197-528, Frank Nentwick 201-527, Bill Cooper 180-482.

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