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Advance file photoAfter a Health Department citation, administrators of Lakeside Manor Home for Adults will have to submit a "plan of correction" within 30 days. Lakeside Manor Home for Adults in Staten Island's Brighton Heights community was issued a violation from the state Department of Health after staff members waited two days to report a missing resident. Police are still searching for Richard Constable, 66, who walked off the grounds last Friday. No photo was available of Constable, who recently moved into Lakeside Manor, a police spokesman said.
Beth Goldberg, a Health Department spokeswoman, said the residence will be cited for waiting longer than 24 hours to report someone missing. It's the latest flap for Lakeside Manor, a 200-bed facility with a long history of neighborhood complaints first made public by the Advance in November.
The story sparked a Health Department probe of homeowner complaints and promises from state Sen. In the front-page story, neighbors described disturbing public behavior by some of the 200 residents, including intoxication, urinating, vomiting, panhandling, noise at all hours and possible drug sales from cars that stop briefly on surrounding residential streets. At the time, neighbors said Sander Lustig, Lakeside Manor's chief executive officer, ignored their complaints. Following the Advance story, Lustig hired a Park Avenue law firm to address their complaints and come up with recommendations to become a good neighbor by maintaining communication. Lustig has defended the decision to wait to report Constable missing as purely regulatory because residents are free to come and go at will and are not considered a danger to themselves. Neither Lustig or the Health Department would release Constable's medical or mental history, and the police have said it doesn't appear he is in imminent danger without supervision. Staten Island Elder Lawyer - The Law Office of Michael CamporealeNorth Shore Office: 1688 Victory Blvd.
The exact closing date for the Arrochar facility has yet to be determined, management said. This is a reason for concern because "influenza can be severe and cause death in persons with underlying medical conditions," the state Department of Health says. The third leading cause of death in New York City in 2012 was pneumonia and influenza, according to New York State Department of Health vital statistics data as of March of this year.
For the 2013-2014 flu season, the two private hospital systems on Staten Island reported a wide range of results regarding immunizations of health-care personnel in contact with patients. Last year, the state Department of Health mandated that health-care workers not vaccinated must wear surgical masks during flu season in areas where patients are present. Read the full text of the statement that health-care workers must sign if they decline to receive an annual flu shot. Richmond University Medical Center in West Brighton, with a total of 3,683 health-care personnel, had a flu vaccination rate of 63 percent.
In addition to hospitals, the state Department of Health also regulates home health-care services agencies that typically provide home health aides, and housekeeping, nursing, personal care and physical therapy to clients.

Vaccination rates for 2013-2014 flu season reported to the state for home health-care personnel at agencies serving Staten Island vary widely.
For example, 35 percent of the 450 health-care personnel at Richmond Home Need Services on Amboy Road in Oakwood had flu shots, compared to 93 percent of the 1,203 personnel at Stella Orton Home Care Agency, at the same location. The Advance repeatedly asked the state Health Department to explain why the agency does not require regulated health-care workers to get annual flu shots.
View full size"The flu is dangerous to seniors and children and we need to do everything possible to reduce opportunistic infection," said State Sen. Seniors age 65 and older, particularly if frail and of advanced age, are most at risk of contracting and dying from the flu, especially in the close community settings of a nursing home. At Sea View Health Hospital, Rehabilitation Center and Home, with 283 residential health-care beds, 91 percent of the facility's health-care personnel was immunized with flu shots. Staten Island's largest nursing home, the 576-bed Clove Lakes Health Care and Rehabilitation Center (HCRC) in Castleton Corners, 78 percent of health-care personnel were reported as having had flu shots, according to 2013-2014 statistics published by the state Health Department. A therapist first alerted authorities on Sunday when he noticed Constable missed a morning session. The violation, however, only means administrators will have to submit a "plan of correction" within 30 days.
We specialize in medicaid planning, asset protection from nursing homes wills, living trusts, estates, personal injury, medical malpractice, elder abuse, bed sores cases, nursing home accidents, real estate and employment discrimination.
Elizabeth Ann's Health Care & Rehabilitation Center began operating as the Richmond Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare. David Paterson, the Health Department established a policy making flu shots mandatory for all health-care workers. The administration said it was more important to vaccinate the elderly and infirm," the Albany daily added. Diane Savino, a member of that body's health committee and chair of its labor committee, commented about both sides of the issue. One of Michael Camporeale's primary areas of practice is that of a Staten Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan Elder Law Attorney.
Elizabeth Ann's Health Care & Rehabilitation Center has been re-christened the Richmond Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare. This is due to the level of personal attention every client receives, regardless of the nature of the proceedings.
The 300-bed skilled nursing and extended care facility on Tompkins Avenue is being operated by Centers for Specialty Care Group. Rozenberg, praising her staff for their dedication and patience.The 2011 beating of a 40-year-old schizophrenic resident, which resulted in two former employees being stripped of their licenses by the Attorney General's Office in November, had nothing to do with the decision to close, Ms. Last summer, a federal judge approved the sale of the Stapleton nursing home by bankrupt St. Clients are pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to reach their counsel.We are a law firm that has vast experience in elder law.

Rozenberg is the chief executive officer of Centers for Specialty Care Group, which took over the facility on Sunday and renamed it.
Understanding the law allows seniors to make the right choices when it comes to finances, estate planning, and health care issues. Still, it earned only one star out of five for staffing - meaning it had fewer staffing hours than optimal.Experts in the industry say nursing homes are required to meet a certain standard of care, and if they become financially unable to do so, they often decide to close.
According to its website, the organization runs 21 nursing homes in New York and New Jersey.
We take the time to get to know our clients and encourage a free consultation with seniors and their children. Centers for Specialty Care Group bills itself as a consortium of multi-specialty health facilities that treat "virtually every type of health problem" in both in-patient and out-patient settings. Whether you refer to us as Staten Island Lawyers or Elder Care attorneys, the Law Office of Michael Camporeale is the right choice.Find us under Estate Lawyers NY, Elder Lawyer, Staten Island Elder Care and Staten Island Elder Care Attorney.
In 2010, Rozenberg and Hagler lost opening bids on Saint Vincent's sale of its two Brooklyn-based nursing homes to other nursing home operators. Another Rozenberg-Hagler company, SV Land I, LLC, is leasing the former Bayley Seton Hospital, in Clifton. The nursing home rents 72 beds at Bayley Seton, which is down the street on Vanderbilt Avenue, for neuro-behavioral patients.
The state Health Department approved the sale and lease in December, a department spokesman said. Under the sale conditions, Rozenberg and Hagler weren't obligated to hire existing workers at the former St. However, a lawyer for Saint Vincent's told the Advance after the purchase that it was anticipated workers would be considered for continued employment.
In a statement released earlier today, Nate Goldman, the home's administrator, said: "The residents and staff at St. Elizabeth Ann are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Centers team, and are completely prepared for the changes that are anticipated to come with Centers for Specialty Care Group." Several workers disagreed. Speaking on condition of anonymity, they told the Advance that a number of employees have been released, some with more than two decades of service. Goldman referred all questions to Jason Newman, director of marketing and business development for Centers for Specialty Care Group.

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