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For a number of reasons, several people are turning to senior home care services for themselves or loved ones. With elderly care, you get to monitor your relative’s recovery, even when you are not home. In many cases, it might not make a lot of sense to continue paying a mortgage on a large home, when only one or both (grand)parents still lives there. Find answers. To learn more about long-term care, short-term rehab, rehab-to-home or hospice at San Antonio’s Blue Skies of Texas, complete the information request on this page or call 1-210-568-5257. While the care delivered is comparable, it’s the difference in settings that distinguishes one from the other.
Assisted living offers care customized to individuals’ needs to keep them as independent as possible. Through training and many years of experience we have developed an expertise to help each and every one of our residents to feel comfortable with their thoughts and feelings whilst gently stimulating their health process with dedicated activities and wonderful resources. Jacob Health Care Center strictly adheres to provincial privacy legislation and ensures that all personal and medical information remains confidential at all times. Our service is second to none when it comes to taking care of our patients in a Nursing Home or in an Assisted Living Center.
Home care for seniors is gaining popularity as a less costly alternative to assisted living and nursing home care.
When you have already received the primary medication or treatment, most hospitals would send you home. When you are faced with a hospitalization in San Antonio, TX due to an injury, illness or a surgery, all you can think about is getting better and returning home. We are different because you will be directly involved in the development of your individual Safe Transition Home Program as our team of experts provide the guidance, rehabilitation support, and all the physical therapy treatment options you will need to be successful. Your physician will provide all the initial instructions for your rehabilitation care and then we meet to set your specific Transitional physical therapy Care goals and establish your individual rehabilitation care plan. Residents benefit from skilled nursing care at Blanco Villa Nursing Rehabilitation in San Antonio, TX while transitioning from the hospital to home. Our skilled nursing facility in San Antonio, TX is directed by an experienced Administrator whose leadership reflects our steadfast focus on providing the best possible skilled nursing patient care. Skilled nursing care is health care given when you need skilled nursing or rehabilitation staff to treat, manage, observe, and evaluate your care. People do not usually stay in a Skilled Nursing Facility until they are completely recovered. While you are at work, senior in home care specialist or caregiver watches the elder patient, and takes care of household chores like cooking and cleaning. By allowing your loved one to move into a smaller apartment, or even with you, they are able to save money, especially if he or she lives on a fixed or restricted income.

At The Mission at Blue Skies East, and at The Vista at Blue Skies West, you’ll find long-term care, short-term rehab, rehab-to-home and hospice care provided in modern settings.
In a nursing home, the resident under care lives in community with others who are also in skilled nursing.
Comprehensive skilled nursing provides an even higher level of clinical care, whether the need is for more hands-on assistance with routine activities or rehabilitation services.
Many times, drug therapies become very complicated requiring constant scrutiny by specially trained and experienced pharmacists to insure the desired outcomes your physician intended.
Our professional caregivers, certified nursing assistants and home health aids handle all of your in home care needs. Programs are designed in such a way that clients won’t be limited to healthcare choices.
Here at Blanco Villa Nursing Rehabilitation in San Antonio, TX we offer all the advanced, post hospital rehabilitation services that you will need to make this possible.
We will meet with you and your family and answer all your questions and help you through this difficult time. We will help you organize the support services needed such as Home Care, Equipment, Outpatient or Home Therapy, Technical Safety Options, and Physician follow-up to assure a safe and successful transition back home.
An interdisciplinary care team made up of nurses, therapist, dieticians, recreational therapist, and social workers develop a plan of care that addresses skilled nursing care needs and rehabilitation therapy goals necessary for the resident to have a safe discharge home or to an alternative care setting.
Our Administrators are encouraged to base the operation of their skilled nursing care facilities on the unique needs of the residents within their communities.
Medicare covers certain skilled nursing care services that are needed daily on a short-term basis (up to 100 days).
Please give us a call at (210) 344-4553 or contact us to make reservations as respite care stays are subject to bed availability.
In other cases, it might not make a lot of sense to continue paying a mortgage on a large home, when a family member still lives there. Seniors become ailed by disease, immobility, and other health problems causing them to feel a bit cut off from the world. With the money saved each month, considering bringing in in-home assistants or some form of senior health care services, if necessary. Or call today at (858) 242-4033 to speak with a representative about scheduling a free in home assessment for you or your loved ones. Living areas are spacious and sunny, and genuinely caring professionals – including physicians and nurse practitioners, nurses, therapists, a dietitian and social worker – attentively serve each individual’s needs. In a CCRC like Blue Skies, the skilled nursing resident has the benefit of the broader community – including its range of amenities and programs, and the social milieu of the independent living and assisted living population – to enrich the experience of daily living. If you or a loved one needs a pharmacist to competently take care of your medication needs, we are the pharmacy to trust.

But there are some medical conditions that would necessitate a regular care from nurses, therapists or professional care providers.
We were established by a group of professionals whose main concern and goal is to provide quality care to patients.
You will have a far better chance to recover if you are fully informed of your rehabilitation care options and sign off on your own recovery plan. All skilled nursing care at Blanco Villa Nursing Rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility in San Antonio, TX are under the direct supervision of professional nurses with close physician contact.
Skilled nursing care requires the involvement of skilled nursing care or rehabilitative staff in order to be given safely and effectively.
When you return, you can feel assured your loved one has received the best possible in home care. By doing so, you can still work or attend school and have the peace of mind knowing that your relative is safe. The Mission is built on the neighborhood nursing model, with suites clustered around neighborhood common spaces to increase social interaction and add a residential feel.
So the patient is left with no choice but to continue their stay in the infirmary, nursing home or hospital.
Our quality services plus the knowledge of our reliable personnel will make sure that your loved ones will receive the medical care that they need. In line with this, we involve and educate their families with regard to the plan of care that is rendered for the client. Our skilled nursing facilities in San Antonio, TX offers 24-hour skilled nursing care for long-term residents and rehabilitation nursing services for those who need short-term rehabilitation following a hospital stay.
Sometimes, having them around is enough, while at other times they simply want to converse.
Tablet and capsule prescriptions can be bubble-packed to improve medication handling and insure accuracy.
We do this in the comfort and safety of their private residences – the place they call home.
These bubble-packed punch cards are color-coded to assist in administering the correct dose at the right time.
If they cannot get outside often, or stay indoors due to the weather, describe to them what you saw at the beach in Del Mar etc.
You would be surprised how the vivid descriptions can brighten their mood and lift their spirits.

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