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This letter of intent is not a legally binding document, but a very important and useful way to outline key elements of a lease agreement prior to completing the actual lease.
Although it is not legally binding, this document is important and should be signed only if both parties have read and agreed upon its contents. If you rent a commercial space, you need a contract that states the terms of the lease to ensure that both landlord and tenant are aware of their rights and responsibilities.
Landlord makes no representations or warranties with respect to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system(s) or utility installations existing as of the date hereof or in the future.
The lease will renew automatically unless one of the parties chooses not to renew, as described in the lease.

By using this letter, both parties will be able to state their expectations for their rights and responsibilities in the final lease. The rules and regulations, if any, attached hereto (“Rules and Regulations”) are made a part of this Lease. Tenant agrees to comply with any Rules and Regulations of Landlord in connection with the Premises which are in effect at the time of the execution of the Lease or which may be from time to time promulgated by Landlord in its reasonable discretion, provided such Rules and Regulations are in writing and are not in conflict with the terms and conditions of the Lease. Tenant shall be solely responsible for insuring Tenant’s personal and business property and for paying any taxes or governmental assessments levied thereon. Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for taxes and insurance during the term of this Lease, and any extension or renewal thereof.

Upon receipt of bills, statements or other evidence of taxes due, Landlord shall pay or cause to be paid the taxes.

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