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The NJ foreclosure process is guided by the fact that New Jersey is a “judicial foreclosure” state. Click here to download this guide to learn more.
This means that all foreclosure actions must be prosecuted by attorneys before judges in the court system. This structure is intended to impose a level of due diligence on lenders and assure an accurate disposition on the merits of a lender’s claim.  The result however, is a bloated legal field that incentivizes cutting corners and rushed, even if not prompt, resolutions. If you are in New Jersey and are looking for help with foreclosure, call Denbeaux & Denbeaux at (201) 664-8855 or fill out their online form for a FREE Case Evaluation. The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.
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Households in the New York-northern New Jersey region were spared the worst of the housing bust and have generally experienced less financial stress than average over the past several years. While the foreclosure rate has been edging down in the nation recently, the opposite is true in New York and northern New Jersey. The relatively large stock of foreclosures in our region may come as a surprise given that the housing bust was far less severe here, and household finances have been generally under less stress than nationally in recent years. The reason foreclosures take so long to complete in New York and New Jersey is because both states use a judicial foreclosure process, which generally requires that a foreclosure be processed through a state court, as opposed to a non-judicial process where a foreclosure can be handled without court intervention.
The growing use of ad blocking software is creating a shortfall in covering our fixed expenses. Over the last few years many housing markets have started making significant progress toward recovery with foreclosure prevention and assistance programs proving to be beneficial for helping the real estate market move forward. Many states have to be creative when determining the best way to help their local real estate markers make progress. The great thing about this plan is that it would not only would it help improve the local real estate market by utilizing the foreclosures in the area, but it would also providing an affordable option for those looking for a place to call home. Although getting bi-partisan agreement on the bill has proved to be rather difficult, the bill has passed the state Assembly and the Senate so far.

The question is, should other states with a real estate market that continues to struggle look to New Jersey and provide similar programs?
We will only know the answer to that question if the bill passes and then we can pay attention to the real estate market in New Jersey to see if the bill is assisting with the desired progress toward recovery. However, as the housing market has begun to recover both regionally and nationally, the region is faring far worse than the nation in one important respect—a growing backlog of foreclosures is resulting in a foreclosure rate that is now well above the national average. The chart below shows the foreclosure rate as measured by the share of all active mortgages in foreclosure in a given month. As the chart below shows, the share of mortgages entering foreclosure each month in the region during the 2010 to 2012 period was at or below the national average, with the rate especially low in upstate New York.
While the judicial process affords protection to homeowners, it also extends the amount of time that homes typically stay in foreclosure. Please consider a donation to Econintersect to allow continuing output of quality and balanced financial and economic news and analysis. In fact, Florida comes in at the top on the list of states with the highest number of foreclosed homes with New Jersey coming in a close second.
Some states have created their own foreclosure assistance programs and have fueled money from the bank settlement agreement to help keep struggling homeowners in the homes. If so, states like Florida may need to consider mimicking the program to help advance their local real estate markets. With the courts blind eyes towards TILA these 3 low life companies stole Nelsons #30040K equity! In this blog post, we describe this outsized increase in the region’s foreclosure rate and explain why it has occurred. Yet while fewer mortgages are entering foreclosure on a monthly basis than nationally, more of them have been getting stuck there.
States with a non-judicial foreclosure process have generally been able to work through the backlog of foreclosures faster than those with a judicial process. Specifically, many judicial foreclosure states are still struggling to catch up with non-judicial foreclosures states – which have led the way in real estate market recovery. Although nationally the number of homes in the foreclosure process fell 17% from October 2011 to October 2012, New Jersey is still experiencing a rise in the number of homes in the foreclosure process.

Now, New Jersey is adding to the proposed solutions aimed to address the local real estate market dilemmas with a bill that would turn foreclosures into affordable housing by utilizing state money. We then discuss why the large build-up in foreclosures could cause a headwind for home-price gains in the region.
Indeed, the chart shows that it takes far longer for homes to complete the foreclosure process in New York and New Jersey compared with the national average. This difference is the main reason that our region now has a larger share of properties currently in foreclosure than is typical in other parts of the country. Unlike the national rate, the foreclosure rate in our region has steadily climbed over the past several years.
The rate in northern New Jersey and downstate New York now hovers at around 8 percent, double the national average. Even in upstate New York, where housing conditions have remained relatively stable, the foreclosure rate has recently edged above the national rate. Indeed, according to a recent report, New Jersey and New York now have the second- and third-highest foreclosure rates in the United States, behind only Florida.
Given the strong connection between housing and local economic performance, this firming is good news.
Still, the growing backlog of foreclosures in our region may be exerting a drag on home prices and may well continue to do so in the future as more distressed homes come onto the market. And the longer these homes stay in foreclosure, the worse the effect on prices as they deteriorate and create negative externalities for their neighbors. DisclaimerThe views expressed in this post are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or the Federal Reserve System.

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