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So you've had some problems that made it difficult or impossible for you to pay your mortgage.
As the second largest bank in the United States based on total assets, Bank of America has become a staple in nearly every home. If your loan modification has been denied, be assured: you're not the first person to experience denial, and you certainly won't be the last. Our client Dale, like thousands of other Americans, took advantage of one of these programs, and received cash out of his mortgage (and a 9.75% interest rate!) when he refinanced with Countrywide. Many of the worst stories that have come from the mortgage crisis involve the casual ineptitude of large banks when it comes to loan modification. A New York woman approached us about her similar mortgage issues; she had been attempting to get a loan modification from Bank of America, but couldn't get any headway after trying for nearly two years. Many of our clients come to us after struggling with paying their mortgage for several years. Mortgage lenders and other debt collectors are well-known for harassing people with consistent, annoying phone calls and threatening messages. So imagine you are behind in your FHA- backed mortgage, the property is way upside-down and you wish to exercise all of your loss mitigation options. Since 2009, there has been a lot of bad press about Bank of America's loan modification problems, featuring a near-continuous stream of frustrated homeowners who are mired in delays and lost paperwork.
Amerihope Alliance Legal Services is a leading loan modification and foreclosure defense law firm with attorneys licensed in 5 states.
Our goal is to provide valuable information to help homeowners who are trying to obtain a loan modification or to stop foreclosure. He represented the plaintiff before the Supreme Court of New Jersey in the matter of Solar vs. There Are No Debtors’ Prisons in America But Disobeying a Court’s Order Can Get You Locked Up!
David Gialanella reports for the New Jersey Law Journal that Stark & Stark—a top 20 New Jersey firm in terms of revenue and attorney head count that includes debt collection among its varied practices—has been named in a putative class action alleging notices sent on behalf of a New Jersey utility company ran afoul of federal law.

Now you want to get a loan modification so the monthly payment is reduced to an affordable level and the threat of foreclosure goes away. More so, Bank of America has been an integral factor in the financing of millions of mortgages across the U.S.
Loan modifications may be one of the hardest things to get approved without an experienced attorney's assistance. Thousands and thousands of foreclosures have resulted from this indiligence, and hundreds of thousands of people have had their lives negatively impacted as a result.
This homeowner was a single mother who had emerged from bankruptcy just a few years earlier; the last thing she needed was the dark cloud of foreclosure hanging over her head. We understood the couples' commitment to saving their home, and began to work with them to get a loan modification. Now that we past the halfway mark of 2013, let's look at a few Bank of America loan modification problems that have come to light this year. Most people don't know that there are laws in place to protect them from these phone calls. As the homeowner, you have submitted all of the documents required by the servicer on your loan.
Many homeowners jumped through hoops and waited years for loan modification decisions, only to find out that they were not eligible for modification. Gillman’s practice is now limited to the representation of individuals and small businesses experiencing serious debt problems. After denial, your next step depends on the reason why you were denied and where your home is in the foreclosure process.
Remember the commercials on TV, and radio and everywhere telling you about the a€?cash rewardsa€? and a€?cash outa€? refinances? In early December 2012, Bank of America denied our initial request for a loan modification, saying that they didn't believe that the couple suffered through enough hardship. Some still await their outcome while trapped in the cycle of lost paperwork, misapplied or misplaced payments, and a shuffle of Bank of America loan modification staff.

Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit that specifically barred allowing account numbers to be visible on or through envelopes, according to Gialanella’s article. During this half-decade, they had somehow avoided foreclosure, but they knew it wouldn't be too long until their lender, Bank of America, served them foreclosure papers.
By the time January arrived, we were already working to resubmit the couples' loan modification package with more updated information.
It's disappointing that more people don't take advantage of these consumer protection laws. You have had the property listed for sale for over nine (9) months and have yet to receive an offer at anywhere close to the market value, much less the balance on the loan. Prior to entering the full time practice of law in 1981, he held college and university academic positions teaching in the areas of American Government and Business Law.
This couple had already been offered a loan modification once, but could not complete the terms of the offer. BOA has sent numerous letters indicating there may be other alternatives, including a deed in lieu of foreclosure and monetary help in relocating. He is well versed in pre foreclosure requirements and compliance with the Fair Foreclosure Act. After thinking long and hard, you have decided to give up your homestead and surrender the property to the lender by way of a deed in lieu. Gillman has appeared before the Trial and Appellate Courts of New Jersey, the Federal District Court of New Jersey and the Federal Second Circuit and Third Circuit Courts of Appeal. Vardilli handles a variety of matters for the firm including but not limited to contested foreclosures, foreclosure mediations, title litigation and loss mitigation.

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