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October 15, 2011 by cheryl There was not a name more suited to an all male convict transport vessel than Alexander.  Built at Hull in 1783 as a three-mast, two decks with a quarter deck but no galleries or figure-head it was the largest vessel in the fleet, except for Sirius, at 453 tons, 114 feet long and 31 feet wide.
William Bradley noted in his journal January 4th, orders were received at Woolwich for the convicts to be embarked on the Alexander but some of these being in a deplorable situation from disease could not be received.
With the discovery of Sydney Cove as the preferred site for the new settlement, the entire fleet departed Botany Bay for Port Jackson. The court after deducting five pounds (the value of the books received), gave a verdict in favour of the couple, in whose cause the world had seemed so much to interest themselves, and in consequence of the authority unto them granted by Act of Parliament, in such cases made and provided, they adjudged the master of the transport fully to compensate the loss of the convicts, amounting to fifteen pounds. Sinclair considered it as oppressive to be obliged to pay for that on account of which he had not received any freightage, but his objection had no weight with the court, as the ship was in the service of government and paid for the sole purpose of conveying these people, and the little property which they possessed, to this country. Five days later on the 13th, the Alexander, Friendship and Prince of Wales transports, with the Borrowdale prepared to sail for England.  Lieutenant Shortland on board Alexander received the despatches, cheered the Commodore and sailed down the harbour. The ship’s arrival in Cape of Good Hope in January 1789 coincided with the visit there of HMS Sirius.  Alexander arrived off the Isle of Wight, England, on 28 May 1789.

Please use our search function to find specific information, if not click on one of the categories below to find the articles you want. Much like his in-ring persona, Ambrose is open and tells it like it is in this exclusive interview. The interview opens up with the United States Champion discussing what the energy is like at a WWE event and what to expect when you see the WWE Live.
In this segment, we learn the journey Dean Ambrose took to the WWE and what advice he’d give anyone looking to break into the business. In the final segment,Dean Ambrose talks reveals which wrestler he’d pick for his dream match. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Sign up to have exclusive New Jersey Insiders contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE.

Ambrose discusses a multitude of topics including what difference is in the energy of a live WWE event, visiting New Jersey, what it takes to become a wrestler and what wrestler he’d love to face in a dream match. We caught up with one of the WWE’s biggest names to talk about the upcoming show, among other things.
Two ships appeared in the offing with French colours, who endeavoured to beat into the bay, but could not.

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