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Residential contractors in Charleston, SC have to be aware of many important construction elements not found in most parts of the United States and South Carolina.
Our services for residential contracting include: pulling permits, scope of work assessment, house plans consulting, designing, planning, site assessment, budgeting, and construction management. If you'd like to set up a meeting to discuss your thoughts, home plans, lots for sale on Charleston, SC MLS,investment properties to renovate, or just send us your plans for a quote to build we'd love to meet you.
Building of a 574ft (175m) building, dubbed Brighton's Eiffel tower, will begin within weeks - after a lengthy battle to secure funding for the project.
The London-based architects behind the tower, Marks Barfield, also designed the London Eye.
Green Councillor and Council Leader Jason Kitcat has argued that the loan will be financially beneficial for the city.
THEN AND NOW: FROM WEST PIER TO i360The West Pier was built in 1866 by naval architect Eugenius Birch. This morning I awoke only to see the digital thermometer taunting me from its place on the kitchen shelf – 23° outside and 69° inside.
A trip to the Interwebs or (and I shutter to say this as gas prices continue to creep up) to the local big box home-improvement store is, well, overwhelming. Natural Gas – This unit uses a gas burner at the bottom of the tank, with a venting chimney that runs through the center and out the top. Propane – This unit works in the same way as a natural gas unit except that it uses propane as the fuel source.
Oil – I have bad dreams of these units due to childhood, hitting my head on a big, ugly tank when going out long for a, um, backyard touchdown pass, and awaking to the smell of a gas station above my head.
Heat Pump – Quite simply, this unit takes heat from the air and delivers it to the water via electricity. Because I am neither a plumber nor an electrician nor even a hot water heater salesman, I have no real advice as to how to choose the right unit.
A simple solar water heater can be a large black drum, covered, on a mount over the (outdoor) shower, with reflectors directing sunlight onto it. I am not sure if you have ever seen but when we lived in Georgia we had an outdoor solar heated shower we used quite often.
As for our everyday living, I don’t think it is truly practical at this point although it is a feasible solution and is used all over the world as the ONLY hot shower method. I’m a fan of the RV tankless heaters, because they run on DC power and are designed for a mobile home. Installation is fairly complex, and although this particular unit costs something like $430, expect to spend quite a bit more on pipe fittings, gas vent pipe, roof flashing (if needed,) and the like. Electric on-demand water heaters SOUND great, until you figure out just how much electricity they draw when on. Never, EVER, plug into a NEMA 14-50R pole without first confirming what it’s wired for. In my research of tankless heating units, this particular problem seems to be at the heart of the issue for some dissatisfied tankless water heater owners.
Hoping you guys can help us out with this: we’re building our tiny house now and have a utility shed that we’re hoping to use for a propane tankless water heater. Since 2009 we have been working hard to promote the tiny house lifestyle across a number of platforms.

The factors such as historic preservation conservation and the ever present danger of hurricanes, and coastal flooding all  play  an important role in choosing the right Charleston, SC general contractor. The tower will be erected on the beach in front of King's Road in Brighton, previously home to the historic West Pier, Instead of standing near water level, visitors to the i360 tower will now need to look 574ft down to see the ocean. It will very clearly signal that our city is open for business - both to visitors and investors. But over 100 years after it was first built, the pier has been left to fall apart and is now derelict. Before I even left the warmth of my double down cocoon I could feel my toes pressing against the icy floor. The carbon dioxide and water vapor byproducts are vented through the chimney and then run outdoors through a chimney or side wall vent. Propane is generally used as a fuel source when a home doesn’t have access to natural gas. Similar to gas and propane models this unit mixes the oil with air using a power burner to create a vapor mist, which is then ignited by an electric spark. Rated at 2 to 3  times more efficient than electric water heaters, consumer demand is low and there are few manufacturers.
On the actual service pole, the plug is wired with two 120V, a white wire (constantly alternating the two 120V so the plug is never being fed both at the same instant) and then the green ground. This is the heater’s capability to raise the temperature of the water above its starting temperature.
It’s enclosed in the shed so doesn’t have open-air ventilation but also isn’t as well insulated as inside of our house (we live in Olympia, WA so it doesn’t get TOO cold here).
If you are looking for a Charleston, SC area residential general contractor please contact us for an appointment.
Since then the pier has been ravaged by two fires and several storms - little of the original pier still stands. This morning would begin with a shower (I say this only because not everyday begins or even includes such an act) and because of the cold, I was happily anticipating up to 5 minutes of thawing. Generally, electric water heaters aren’t as efficient as those powered by other fuel sources, and electricity is more expensive than natural gas or propane. Like propane, oil heat is typically used when natural gas isn’t available and is also delivered to the location and stored in a large tank. They cost more up front than conventional units and can only be used in areas where the temperature stays between 40 and 90 degrees year-round. If you park in outlying areas where it isn’t available, then your tiny home is probably going to use oil or propane. For more traditional homes they currently come with a federal tax rebate and overall are more efficient than storage tank models. We have been looking at Rinnai’s V53i interior-mount tankless water heater but have been somewhat discouraged by its $870 price tag. It’s considered very small for a family but we just are aware of whose in the shower and try to only do dishes if no one is in the shower. The wire for this is large and expensive, and I don’t recommend working with circuits like this unless you really know what you are doing. For example, if the heater you’re looking at has a 60 degree temperature rise, and your water source averages 50 degrees before heating, then you can expect the max output of the heater to be water of 110 degrees.

Should we go with an indoor (that might need more insulation) or outdoor (that might need more ventilation) unit then??? Our mission to make sure the building process is an enjoyable one while at the same time making sure you are nothing less then thoroughly pleased with the end product. When construction work is finished in the summer of 2016, a futuristic tower will take its place. Tubes inside the panel either directly heat the water flowing through them or a transfer fluid that warms a heat exchanger. Solar heaters are best used in areas where there’s abundant sunshine and while heat pumps can shave a great deal of money from your bill, they are uncommon. Additionally, you would likely have to install whole new electric panel to achieve this, not an option in a towable tiny house.
Although we are home builder in Mount Pleasant we can and will gladly build a new home for you throughout the entire Charleston area, islands, and surrounding coastal towns. So while you’ll have an unlimited supply of hot water, there are limits on volume because the output is split between all of your fixtures. Large RV hookups are rated 50A at 240v… that is half of what many on-demand electrics need. Our staff will gladly help you find, buy a lot ready for new construction, find a house plan, hire an architect, and work through the entire home building process in detail with you. It’s not that overwhelming though if you know your needs, are familiar with your options, understand your fuel possibilities, and have thought about how long you and your families showers actually are. Solar systems can be used in conjunction with a conventional system to cut up to 80 percent of your water heating bill. Some houses require a larger natural gas line to supply the unit with enough fuel, adding to the price. And as always, if you like what you read, share it on Twitter or Facebook with the social media buttons below! I am not sure about the panel sitting on the roof or even how large the tank is as solar heating is very new to me. Electric tankless units don’t produce a shred of greenhouse gas and there is no possibility of flooding due to a ruptured tank.
If you go with an electric unit (which we haven’t ruled out), it may require an additional power circuit.
And because we are currently tied into the grid we have not regretted our choice for an electric unit. And lastly, depending on the size of your home, the time that it takes to get the hot water from the heater to your faucet can increase water waste. But when considering our options for a hot water heater in our Tiny House we have thought much differently. This is a huge discouragement for us which has prompted us to relocate the hot water heater to inside the bathroom where it will have the least amount of space to travel.

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