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This acreage that was created in 2011 near the end of a dead end road, is one of a kind and a rare find. If you live in Madison County, you are more likely to live in a large apartment complex than residents in surrounding counties or across most of the rest of the state, but far less likely to live in a mobile home. View full size About 8.3 percent of Madison County residents live in an apartment complex with more than 10 apartments, such as Waterford Square shown here in a March 8, 2012 photo, according to the 2010 Census.
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - If you live in Madison County, you are more likely to live in a large apartment complex than residents in surrounding counties or across most of the rest of the state, but far less likely to live in a mobile home. More than eight out of 100 people who live in Madison County live in an apartment complex with 10 or more apartments, according to the 2010 Census. The type of work force in Madison County and the amenities offered are major factors for why so many people choose to live in large complexes, apartment managers and a city demographer said.
More expensive land and less space are two reasons why the mobile home residency rate is so low in Madison County, said officials from business that sells mobile homes.
There's some variation in the number of single-family homes, town homes, duplexes and more. Many residents are government-contract workers who don't want to do yard work and who want amenities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center and more common areas, Pam Hamilton and Charlie Sealy said. Sealy is vice president of Sealy Management Co., which manages 2,329 apartments in nine apartment complexes.
Abby Glenn, which has 119 units, offers corporate apartments in which the rent is all inclusive - meaning it includes utilities, cable and other monthly bills - that helps draw residents, Hamilton said. Larger apartment complexes also offer services such as accepting packages or walking pets for residents, she said.
About 600 apartments were under development in the city from January 2009 to September, Graham said. Meanwhile, higher incomes, higher land prices and less available land are three reasons so few people in Madison County live in a mobile home, according to Don Allison and David Templeton of Mundy Homes. A half-acre lot might cost $25,000 in Madison County compared with $10,000 to $12,000 in Jackson County, said Allison, vice president of Mundy Homes. Residents who might buy a mobile home for $30,000 to $100,000 can be lured away from the mobile home market by $85,000 tract homes in the county, Allison and Templeton said.
Another barrier to mobile home residency are zoning restrictions in Huntsville and Madison, they said. Removing Huntsville, Madison and Redstone Arsenal from potential mobile home sites greatly reduces how much land is available, they said. The surrounding counties have more rural area available for mobile home sites, Templeton said. In any case, when I first saw the homes I knew it wasn’t anything I wanted to pursue. But, I did suggest to them that I knew a fellow investor who may be interested in taking a look.
I told the family it’s best to try to sell these homes first to get some immediate cash. Bremerton & Silverdale manufactured home sales Heritage Homes of Sequim sells manufactured homes with delivery and set-up to the Silverdale and Bremerton areas in Washington State.  The delivery and set-up is INCLUDED in the purchase price of your new home!
With our quality and affordable MARLETTE HOMES, we offer 50 basic floor plans, with hundreds of options, and as many changes as you might imagine.
Come on over to Sequim and check out our furnished Marlette display models!  We are open 7 days a week, conveniently located on Hwy 101 in Sequim. MARLETTE ~ Simply the best manufactured home you can buy – from Seattle WA to the Olympic Peninsula including Sequim, Port Angeles, Port Townsend, Bremerton and Silverdale. Heritage Homes of Sequim is the first To offer a ductless heating & cooling system in a Marlette Home. Heritage Homes of Sequim also features an excellent variety of Park Model Homes and Cabins, including Palm Harbor Homes and Cavco Series Park Models.  If you live in Silverdale, Bremerton, Port Angeles, Port Townsend or Sequim, WA, it’s an easy trip to come and see what what can offer! We’re working to assist home buyers to purchase the best quality manufactured home in Washington State at an affordable price. When it comes to constructing a dream home, rarely do they look like cookie cutter designs.
The modular home system is light years ahead of the old fashioned site building, stick by stick.
At Carolina Diversified Builders, we’ve built a variety of custom modular home styles, from ranch and colonial, to contemporary and rustic. Carolina Diversified Builders offers homes made from full logs, as well as half log siding.
Carolina Diversified Builders only works with the most reputable log home manufacturers, to ensure the highest quality logs and timbers. Special care and attention is spent on streamlining the building process and perfecting the materials in order to deliver your completed home to you more accurately and in a shorter period of time. At Carolina Diversified Builders, we’ve built a variety of log home construction styles. We use timber frames handcrafted by Cabin Creek Timber Frames, an award winning company with a long history of creating structures of enduring beauty and strength.

The frame is quite strong by itself, and when combined with the very strong structural insulated panels or sips on the walls and roof, it becomes even stronger. SIPS or structural insulated panel are growing in popularity because of their superior energy performance and structural strength. The panels consist of an outer and inner skin of a structural board, OSB (oriented strand board) which are glued to the expanded styrene foam core. Bill Seymour, owner of Carolina Diversified Builders, is a certified green building professional.
The Build Green Greater Columbia program is administered by the Green Building Council of Greater Columbia, which is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders’ green building program. Now You Have a Friend in the Home Building Business!Carolina Diversified Builders is your one stop shop for custom log, modular, and timber frame homes in the Carolinas. When we build a new home, the electrician performing the wiring makes application to the authority of jurisdiction, in most areas of BC that is the BC Safety Authority, for inspection and approval of wiring to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Canadian Electrical Code and safe wiring practices. In the event that either or both of these requirements are not met, then upon the sale of  the mobile home, the current owner is required to have the mobile re-certified. We have experienced mobile home certifications costing thousands of dollars and in many cases, these costs could have been avoided, simply by ensuring that electrical work was performed by certified electricians. In the past, many mobile homes in the Nanaimo, and central Vancouver Island region were bought and sold without being checked for electrical safety. However, if the mobile home has had electrical work performed and the original certification sticker still exists, many mobiles are still being sold, without the new wiring being certified. If you are considering purchasing a Mobile Home and it looks like there may have been wiring done that wasn’t part of the original mobile wiring, then ask your agent to verify that permits were pulled for the work, prior to finalizing your purchase.
The certification or recertification process requires testing of all circuits in the mobile to ensure that the insulation of the wires is still up to par.
In addition, all receptacles and circuits must be properly bonded to ground for safety and if not, must be otherwise protected to meet requirements for the safety of occupants. Any new wiring must be inspected and found to be satisfactory to meet current safety standards and if not, then they must be brought up to current standards.
Since the new code requires GFCI protection of receptacles within 5 feet of sinks and tubs, they must be added where required. This work must be performed by a certified electrical contractor following a set of guidelines supplied by the governing authority. Once completed and the appropriate paperwork is submitted to the governing authority, a safety officer will visit the mobile and apply a new certification label.
Failure to meet any of the above requirements means that the mobile is not certified and will not be certified and therefore won’t be able to be sold for occupancy.
If you are unsure whether your Nanaimo mobile home requires certification or re-certification, contact us for more information. When we had our new stove delivered, the delivery company removed the old stove and discovered that the receptacle that was supposed to be attached to the wall was floating (not attached to anything but the wire). I asked around to see if anyone new a good local electrician who could take care of such a small project…  The park manager and an acquaintance of mine both recommended Glen from ER Electric. It took him only about a half hour to do what he said he would do with the stove receptacle and the result was much better. With regard to the receptacle, I asked him to take it out and just put a blank cover on the box, which he did. It is too bad that the previous contractor did not attend to these issues properly, but, I understand why Glen is so highly recommended and appreciate his attention to the details.
I recently left a phone message with his office about our mobile home trailer re- certification as I was having some trouble both finding the certificate and understanding what I needed to do. Glen sent me a return email the next day explaining the process and giving me some needed information so that I could better understand whether I needed re- certification or not for my mobile home.
He followed up with me for the following two days to ensure things were going well and was able to coach me through finding what we needed. Glen and ER did all of this even knowing I would not be using his services as he is based in Nanaimo and I am on the Upper Sunshine Coast. We represent like-minded companies and we are considered a quality agency by each of our companies. Included are all appliances, window coverings, carpet and lino, delivered and setup.You pick the colours and floor plan or send us your own plan for a quote and have it delivered to you within 4-5 weeks. But, for Madison County, it's the really large apartment complexes and the relative lack of mobile homes that sets it apart from neighboring counties and the rest of the state. Hamilton is president of the Apartment Association of North Alabama and property manager at Abby Glenn - A Quiet Cove Apartments. The retired residents often want to down-size from a home, get away from yard work and homeowners association fees, they said. About 193 square miles of the county's 800 square miles are governed by zoning laws, Graham said. He pointed out that Madison County also has so many more options for renters than the surrounding counties. One of the family members had been going to the hospital lately and they needed money to pay medical bills.

They placed 2 mobile homes on the lots about 5 years ago with just the electric hooked up to one of them. Since this family lived down the street, the daughter and her family would drive down the street to their home if they needed to use water facilities. If I pass on a deal, I typically call them up based on their criteria and what they are looking for.
At first, they were trying to sell the homes with the lots but kept getting folks interested in owner financing who they thought were a bit shady.
It is so important to network with other investors because there are so many deals out there and often something that doesn't work for you or for them is a perfect fit for the other party!! Our friendly,  knowledgeable and experienced staff is here to help you sort out the various options available to make this your home the way you want it! We have over 35 years of experience in the manufactured home industry across Washington State, and we’re dedicated to finding the right home for you and your style of living.
Come by and see our models and talk to us about delivery to your area – from Seattle, WA to just about anywhere in Washington State. Indeed, whether you are seeking to build a weekend getaway or a retirement home, everyone brings their own personal preferences to their new home’s design. One of the most compelling reasons to build a timber frame home is the longevity associated with this form of construction. Consequently, one may have as many windows or doors in a wall as one wishes, and interior walls may be changed or removed as the homeowner wishes, with no structural consequences. Timber frames have been resistant to storms and seismic events which have destroyed many other stick built homes nearby. So contact us today to find out how we can make your new home an energy efficient marvel-for less! The advantages for you, your family and the environment are compelling and easy to understand. We provide comprehensive coverage specially designed for single-family homes – owner, rental, and seasonal occupancy.
If you need a cement foundation or a screwpile foundation or a mobile home to be moved, we can do that too!
As for the water, it cost too much to get a water tap and septic – they did not have the funds to do this.
One of the questions I always ask when visiting vacant properties, is how long has it been vacant. He took my call, I handed my phone to the family and they made arrangements for him to come and see the homes. Then too, each building site is unique, with our goal to make your new home look like it organically belongs on that landscape–instead of being awkwardly imposed on it. Because they are built within a controlled environment, unaffected by weather, using the latest tools, modular homes are built stronger and greener than any on-site construction. The warmth of wood, the solid construction and that powerful connection to nature, all add up to a feeling of safety and sanctuary that many of us crave in today’s uncertain world. Building without nails using mortice and tenon joinery got its start in the 1300s in Great Britain, which have been continually inhabited comfortably since then. The resulting product is a laminated panel that is structurally strong and offers a high insulation value. For certification, the builder works with a certifying agent or third party certification company to ensure that each element of the home employs efficiencies and green practices.  The process begins with the design, is followed throughout construction and is completed with a final inspection and blower door test to ensure minimal air infiltration.
If they were to fix up the homes, maybe they’d get a higher type of clientele willing to pay cash. I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend all this time and effort on this one deal – was it worth it? With all these variables, you want a lot of design and construction options at your fingertips. Within the state-of-the-art factory, homes are constructed from the inside out; drywall seams, outlet joints and other openings are sealed airtight before enclosing them in the outer walls. And there are many which were built in the 1600s on in this country which are still lived in. Many of our clients building their retirement home, opt for solar energy as a way of keeping energy costs under control, now and in the future. We build all homes to meet energy star, this part of our commitment to you to build the very best energy efficient home for you. Homes can be set and weather-tight within a single day, eliminating the danger of exposure to the elements, as with site building.
The Fosters’ home became the first home to be certified green by the Build Green Greater Columbia program. Additionally, the home is ENERGY STAR Certified and is a certified Gold level green home in the National Green Building Certification Program administered by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center.

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