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In all sales fields there are the elite producers, the champion level producers, and the masses.
Many of those not on this list joined MediaOne Real Estate during the year, some late in the year. Whether you do it on January 1st or any other day of the year, sometimes it’s good to make a specific change in your life, to set a goal and work towards accomplishing it. Moving on to round out the MediaOne Real Estate champions of 2014: Cindy Wood click here for her website, and Ron Wood. The articles on this real estate blog are provided to give visitors current content on Utah, Salt Lake City, and Real Estate.

Recent PostsLPS Custom Homes Jan 21, 2015 It’s Cold, Lets Go Swimming in Salt Lake City! Please feel free to explore the website and if you have any questions, would like to see a home in person or to discuss your home's value, please give us a call today. There is a commonly referred to rule of thumb that 20% of the sales force produce 80% of the sales. In 2014 that wasn’t quite the case for MediaOne Real Estate, 20% produced two thirds of the sales.
The bad news is that a year from now half of you will already be out of the business”.

The recent reduction in gas still leaves many of our agents spending several hundred dollars a month in gas expenses.

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