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When touring the sights in California, be sure to put Los Angeles on your itinerary, with its many family activities and attractions including a fabulous Los Angeles Yosemite tour.
Los Angeles, also known as the City of the Angels, is the second largest city in the US, and offers a multitude of attractions and activities that can’t be missed when coming to visit Yosemite National Park. Los Angeles is located in southern California, spread out along the coast at the Pacific Ocean. You have a wide selection of lodgings in Los Angeles, from the most fancy hotels, regular motel chains and inns to quaint Bed and Breakfasts.
You’ll find premiere dining in the city, with upscale restaurants serving only the finest food, ethnic dishes, health food eateries and, of course, all the traditional fast food establishments.
Swimming at Santa Monica Beach is always fun, and the pier is a place you can enjoy many family amusement park rides and grab a hot dog and fries. There are a variety of things to do at Griffith Park, like hiking, horseback riding, jogging, picnicking and even camping.

Take a tour to Yosemite National Park from Los Angeles, saving a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle. Visiting the Walk of Fame along Hollywood Boulevard is a treat, where you can see the stars being immortalized.
Opening in 1927, this theater has premiered leading movies for decades, as well as being the location where Hollywood’s most elite place handprints and footprints into the cement in the forecourt to the theater.
To get to Yosemite from Los Angeles, take US 101 to California Highway 170 north, merging with Interstate 5 north. Dining, entertainment, movie making and convenient Los Angeles Yosemite Tours are only a few reasons to visit this fabulous city. Venice Beach is famous not only for the swimming and other water sports, but is also the site of the famous Muscle Beach and has numerous street performers providing hours of entertainment. See the wonders of nature in the park like the towering rock formations, waterfalls and Giant Sequoias.

With so many attractions, rides, entertainment and dining inside the gates, it’s a place that you simply can’t miss when in Los Angeles. You can see real Hollywood movie sets and get photo opportunities with your favorite characters. This is a 15-block segment along Hollywood Boulevard on both sides of the street and for 3 blocks down Vine Street. After about 67 miles, take the left fork onto California Highway 99, traveling north towards Bakersfield.
Chris snapped up a six-bedroom, ten-bathroom mansion in Agoura Hills, California which has enough parking space for more than 75 cars and includes a tennis court, salt-water pool, billiard room and ice-cream bar.

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