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UPDATE: The headline and text of this post were revised to include email response from FivePoints Communities saying that money problems with the public Great Park development won't affect the pace of private homebuilding nearby.
Who doesn't love a Target store near one's home?But a new housing development in Mission Viejo will test that thesis to the extreme."The Ridge" by Lennar officially opens for sale Saturday.
Meet your INHCLet's talkEnter your phone number and we'll immediately call you to talk about all things Lennar. Tuesday on a housing project at the north end of the former base between Irvine Boulevard and Portola Parkway.FivePoint is acting as land developer, selling lots to multiple homebuilders.

We did not see the email on Friday when it was sent.Will the Great Park's money problems come to haunt the housing development surrounding it?No, said Emile Haddad, CEO of FivePoint Communities, which is managing the development on behalf of Lennar Corp. They are repeat customers for over 30 years who value our performance, prices, and ability to meet schedules. Haddad said he's sticking to his original timetable of seeing the first homes going on sale at the Great Park in 2013. And, the company says, its orders for new homes are up 20 percent.The homebuilding company's fourth quarter, which ended Nov.

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