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At one time or another, everyone will experience the death of a family member, friend or loved one. Whether planning a traditional funeral or memorial service, we offer the expertise to ensure your ceremony meets your individual needs, religious beliefs, family traditions, and financial considerations. We are a family owned business committed to providing optimum service and assistance with the many options and decisions to be made with a personalized touch. The emergency suspension of Arkansas Funeral Care & Crematory's license in January was just the beginning of its problems.

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We are committed to doing everything we can to provide the most meaningful memorial experience possible. The Jacksonville funeral home is now the target of six lawsuits in Arkansas state courts from angry family members.
Carter's caring staff will assist your family with those most important cares of your loved ones.

Carter, families find a sympathetic hand and a compassionate ear, along with knowledgeable and insightful guidance when planning a funeral for a loved one. About five days later he was taken to the funeral home.The lawsuit alleges Smith's body was severely neglected and abused, not refrigerated and left to decompose for three days.

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