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April 4, 2014 by Phillip Cantrell Think back to when you first started out in real estate. Now take a look at the potential of an agent under Benchmark Realty’s 100% commission model. About Latest Posts Phillip CantrellCEO at Benchmark Realty, LLCPhillip Cantrell is the CEO and Founder of Benchmark Realty, LLC. Reaching the Perfect…We all know that marketing isn’t what it used to be, but are you being extremely selective about the types of clients you’re directing your marketing efforts toward?Because marketing has evolved so much over the past few decades, it’s essential that you keep up with the changes. Benchmark’s Most…As Realtors, we’ve helped buyers and sellers throughout every stage of life. The buyer does not pay a commission to a real estate agent (Except at some other companies).
As a listing agent (working with the seller) it is our responsibility to market the home by any means necessary. If the home sells quickly, that is the direct result of correct pricing and diligent marketing. The second employee is our listing manager who monitors and maintains the vacant properties we list in addition to updating marketing materials and following up with agent showings.
Our buyers agents are dedicated to the single purpose of finding our clients the perfect home at the best possible price.
On the listing side, all of the marketing costs are paid for on our end, up front, in hopes of securing a quick sale and getting our 3%. Additionally, once a property is under contract (buyer and seller agree to a purchase price and day of closing) then the 10 day inspection period begins. As you can imagine, there is a lot of back and forth negotiating between the two agents during this time and it can often get emotional when a seller feels their home is in perfect livable condition. It is very common to bring willing buyers to a seller who is unwilling to make necessary repairs.
At Myriad Real Estate, we work very hard to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. If a deal goes smoothly and closes quickly, there are clients who feel we didn’t do enough to justify our 6% (but really 3%). Not all real estate agents are great, and not all of them work as hard or as effectively as my team does. Myriad is a full service residential real estate company specializing in educating buyers, sellers and investors and helping them to achieve their real estate goals.
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As the holiday season approaches, millions of Americans will be taking to the skies or to the roads for travel. We've all done one of those online personality tests that comes back with surprisingly accurate results. Real estate agents assist both sellers and buyers in the property sales of their homes, and are the primary resource for housing purchases. They are heavily relied upon to help customers prepare their homes for a sale, as well as assisting homebuyers to find the perfect home, that matches their criteria. They spend their time listening to clients needs for a home, financial expectations, and seeking homes that suit the buyer interests through the homes of sellers that are also seeking real estate services. Buying a home is stressful and complex, which is why so many homebuyers and sellers in the United States rely on the help of a real estate agent. The pay scale relies upon the economic climate of the geographical location where the real estate agent does business. It is expected that an agent may not make any sales for weeks at a time if there is poor economic stability. Those who are seeking a career in real estate and wonder how much does a real estate agent make, should consider that location and local economy is a huge component of this profession, and should seek work accordingly.
They are typically self-employed and may even work part time in addition to other careers and trades. Real estate sales agents work under the supervision of a real estate broker, or a real estate sales business manager. They are responsible for many different tasks as it pertains to the buying and selling of real estate. When soliciting real estate services with clients, agents will discuss prices, mortgages, and amenities of homes in terms of how they correlate with cost, and current economic conditions.
They are regularly listing properties for sale while compiling advertisements with marketable information, in an effort to make properties appealing to prospective buyers. They are also regularly scheduling appointments with buyers, and showing the features of homes, as well as coordinating open house events to grow a clientele of prospective buyers.

Agents present offers to sellers, and often barter and compromise with sellers and buyers to find an acceptable price.
In addition to sales, real estate agents are also responsible for the paperwork that involves the buying and selling of homes, such as deeds and purchase offers. They do not only sell homes, they may also sell agricultural property, plots of land, commercial property, and industrial property.
They are expected to remain knowledgeable of all selling trends and conditions as these types of properties are considered.
If a real estate agent would like to further their career and earnings potential, they can obtain a license to become a real estate broker, and manage their own real estate sales business, and may even employ real estate sales agents.
They may work as little as part time, as much as sixty, to even eighty hours per week in order to have the highest sales potential. The work of a real estate agent may be very demanding, requiring long hours to make sales and manage properties.
They are expected to have evening and weekend availability to work with clients around their work schedules.
Many work outside of their homes, although most work in a brokerage, or a franchise of a national real estate company, in which the office pays fees for a popular and well-known name. The growth expectation of real estate agents is expected to grow at least 10% over the course of the next ten years.
Customers will frequently obtain the sales services of a realtor when selling or buying homes, and services increase as the economy grows.
Owning real estate is seen as a goal of nearly all citizens of the United States, and real estate agents help in the purchase of obtaining that goal.
This career is flexible, allowing real estate sales agents to even have other careers, with a wide range of earnings potential. Considering the expected growth of this career, becoming a real estate agent in the United States is considered a stable career choice. Welcome To CareersWiki My name is Noel Griffith, and I come from a similar background as most of you reading this. So before becoming a real estate agent, you will want to know what your earning potential might be. A listing agreement is the document signed by the seller and listing agent, which stipulates what commission will be paid. First off, the important thing to know is that there is no set commission rate for real estate agents. The commission rate is usually determined by the listing agent and the seller of the property, and can be found with the property listing.
Both the listing agent and seller’s agents pay a percentage of their earnings to the relevant real estate agencies. According to the national Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average real estate agent earns $40 990 a year. HELPFUL HINT: Some agents report that they spend an average of 60 hours with a client before making a sale. To be considered a top real estate agent, you will need to sell about one house each month of the year. Remember that you have a certain amount of control over your earnings – the harder you work, the more money you have the potential to make. I am sure that earning potential was at the top of your list of reasons for choosing this field of employment. We have over 20 awesome ebooks for you including the Home Buyer Handbook, Home Seller Guide, All in one Mortgage Calculator, Easy Budget Maker, Family Budget Maker, HUD's Mortgage Shopping Guide, Senior Retirement Planner, Boost your Credit Score, FSBO Guide, How to sell your Home Faster & much more! At Myriad Real Estate, we charge the seller 6% of the purchase price on the sale of a home.
My business partner and I then pay our broker’s fee and our staff for their contributions. ADOM, or Average Days on Market, in Phoenix is about 100 days, and a closing can take 30-45 days once under contract.
However, if at any time our sellers are unhappy with us, we terminate the agreement at no cost to the seller, despite what ever time and money we have spent up to this point. Unfortunately, this has happened before. Often times, sellers consider a quick sale as a sign that the real estate agent didn’t do enough to earn their commission.
One employee manages all the contact paperwork and scheduling that are required throughout the transaction.
There are signs, marketing materials, lockboxes that need to be delivered as well as hiring our professional photographer and preparing the home for photos as well as showings. This includes neighborhood drives, researching, calling agents and showing homes to potential buyers. The longer it takes, the more unhappy a seller might get and the more money and time we are investing into finding a buyer.

The buyer can then request any repairs they desire and it is up to the seller to agree to these, negotiate these, or reject these repair requests completely.
It is a tough position for both parties to be in because the new buyers are spending a lot of money and a problem on an inspection report can often look scarier than how it might be in real life. Often these are hidden and not uncovered until well into the transaction, at which time the real estate agent has invested a lot of time and money. However, if you had the choice between a smooth transaction, or a long, drawn out and difficult one, which would you choose? Within 4-6 years you will have built up a client base and satisfied clients may come back and send their friends to you. This is always negotiable; however, the brokerage or firm will set the guidelines for this commission. Depending on where the property is situated, the commission may vary to be a little more or less than 6%. The listing agent lists the property and gives half of their commission to any agent who finds a buyer for the property. This helps the agency to cover many of its costs, such as property rental and advertising fees.
It is important to realize that there is no set salary as a real estate agent – how much you earn will depend on how hard you work, how many sales you make, and what commission split you negotiate with your firm. This results in lower commissions and more properties need to be sold to make the same commission as other real estate agents.
Many people enter into the career of real estate with dreams of financial freedom and early retirement. Sometimes the home needs major repairs that are discovered during the inspection period and sellers refuse to make them, so the deal falls apart. This includes printing materials, mailers, open houses, social media, websites as well as a lot of time invested. Additionally, monitoring market trends (neighborhood, city, state and national) as well as regulation and legal changes on both a local and national level. This includes inspections, walk throughs, repairs as well as monitoring all the necessary paperwork required (more and more every year since the Great Recession and new regulations). Many times these buyers are coming from out of state and need to spend a few weeks getting to know the areas. What the seller is paying for is marketing, managing, negotiating, (sometimes marriage counseling and arbitration) and also years and years of expert level experience in difficult situations. We will make less per deal than the average agent would, but we are able to provide a much higher level of service to anyone at any time. I graduated college, then I went to University, it was while I was at university that I realised I was unsure about my career path ahead. Just remember that the amount of money you earn depends on many things, such as the area you work in, the economic climate, the type of agent you are, and how much work you put into finding clients and making sales.
Let’s take a look at the average earnings of a real estate agent at this stage of their career. If the commission is too low, it is possible to chat to the buyer about this and try to negotiate a better deal. The seller’s agent takes half of the commission and gives a percentage to the brokerage they work for. However, because properties are sold at a reduced price, things balance out ad more properties are usually sold. When you make a sale, put some money away to carry you in any lean months that might follow. Sometimes buyers never buy, but when they do, we make 3% of the purchase price at closing, paid for by the seller. Today’s typical real estate agent scenario is set up so that the broker reaps 20-30-40% of the efforts put forth by the agent.
That might have been a good deal back when your broker was providing all your leads… before the internet.
Today, almost every new client is brought in by the agent’s own efforts – through networking, referrals or marketing. Before the internet agents worked from a printed copy of the MLS, (it was like a big old phone book) searching block by block for just the right property. What you used to do by snail mail with your customers has transitioned to e-mail, texting, electronic signatures, and Facebook chats.

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