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Houston’s growth over the past century can be attributed to a combination of its oil industry, and the shift of trade and shipping away from the coast. Sugarland is one of the most popular residential destinations in all of the Houston area and the houses that come onto the market reflect that fact. This combination of factors has lead to higher prices in Sugarland despite a high number of homes in inventory. Sugarland is one of the most affluent areas of the city and competes with Woodlands as one of the highest demand areas in the Houston region. Sugarland tends to draw more homeowners than renters, and the percentage of those renting in Sugarland is lower than the rest of Houston and the state. These Houston suburbs are the best places if you’re looking for the best experience of Houston city. Though Houston bucks a lot of southern trends, even in the Space City some stereotypes are undeniably true. Universal City provides connection to the rest of San Antonio while providing affordable living in a rural setting. From award-winning steak and seafood to Tex Mex staples and inventive thai, there's a restaurant for every taste and budget in Houston. Houston is full of affordable neighborhoods whose popularity is set to explode in the next few years. From major league sports to theater, from the rodeo to outdoor parks, there's something for everyone who relocates to Houston. Alief Houston, Texas has nice weather all year round and many ammenities to choose from for family fun. Binz district, also known as the Museum District, is known for the arts, its close proximity to Rice University and some of the best real estate in Houston. If you're thinking about moving to Houston, Texas, make sure you have a definitive plan before you take advantage of everything this popular city has to offer. Rich culture and entertainment in Midtown, Houston, draw young professionals to the neighborhood.
Current Houston real estate market trends put buyers in a strong position, with stability in all kinds of homes, including houses and condos. Elegant, upscale Montrose, Houston homes have risen in value in the last few years as professionals, singles and retirees flock to this haven for art and fun.
Lively Chinatown offers a selection of Houston homes for sale in various styles and prices. Find out more about condominiums available in downtown Houston, which will put you close to major attractions and excellent entertainment options.
Ride the wave of the good life and get a feel for the vibe in our guide to League City TX: Relaxed Coastal Living.
With proximity to Houston, and great schools, Friendswood, Texas, is an affordable option to consider if you are planning a move to the Houston metroplex. The city of Friendswood sits south of Houston and is home to some of its most beautiful parks. Looking for a great suburb around one of the nation's largest cities where jobs are plentiful? When it comes to real estate in Houston, TX, Greenspoint is a newer community with excellent professional opportunities and a low cost of living. Houston's Rice Military neighborhood is an attractive, close-in community with a mix of higher-price housing and rental units available in a stable market.
World class medical complexes like Texas Medical Center surrounded by world class neighborhoods let you take care of yourself and family.
Enjoy an exciting life close to eclectic culture, shops and academics in Houston, Texas, when you browse Montrose real estate for your next home.
Traditional townhouses, Texas rowhouses and compact condos are characteristic of Midtown Houston real estate, which will put you in the heart of the city. Garden Oaks has the Houston, TX, real estate you want without sacrificing beautiful landscaping or unique style. Explore homes for sale in Houston's Midtown area, where sustained development focused on accessibility has enhanced home values and attracted young buyers.
Houston has some amazing suburban neighborhoods and master-plannedcommunities and the ones selected here were chosen for their great homes, commute time, neighborhood amenities and last but not least, good public schools. If you're looking for the large home with swimming pool, you can find it in just about any Houston neighborhood and like any big city, you will get more for your money in the suburbs. Please take a look at Houston's fine suburbs listed here and know that they were selected to be the "cream of the crop" for many reasons.
League City does not boast nearly the same size of population as Houston does, but is still large enough that it offers amenities of a larger town that make it attractive to buyers.
However, League City has experienced some relatively significant fluctuations in its local housing market over the last six months. League City has a reputation as possessing some of the regions most beautiful real estate, and this has attracted a number of well paid individuals into the area in search of a home. Like almost all of Houston, League City is an ethnically diverse area that appeals to both singles and married couples.
Homes for Sale in Friendswood TX: The town of Friendswood, Texas is a 21-square-mile suburb conveniently located between downtown Houston and Galveston. The area has continued to grow considerably, and the future looks bright for continued residential, commercial, and industrial growth because about 25-30% of the town remains undeveloped. The town is a superb recreational area, enjoyed year-round due to the towns mild winters and hot, humid summers. Friendswood residents are very educated, so education is a top priority within the community.
HOUSTON — (March 18, 2014) — Despite the lowest supply of homes for sale that the Houston housing market has ever seen, enough consumers purchased real estate in February to keep sales in positive territory for the 33rd straight month.
According to the latest monthly report prepared by the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR), home sales climbed 8.3 percent year-over-year, with February single-family home sales totaling 4,765. The average price of a single-family home increased 12.5 percent year-over-year to $247,534. Foreclosure property sales reported in the HAR Multiple Listing Service (MLS) continued to decline, dropping 44.0 percent compared to February 2013. February sales of all property types totaled 5,810, an 8.9-percent increase over the same month last year. The Houston housing market experienced advances in total property sales, total dollar volume and average and median pricing when compared to February 2013. Month-end pending sales totaled 3,777, a 2.6 percent decline versus last year, which is seen to portend a slightly lower volume of sales when the March numbers are analyzed. HAR also breaks out the sales performance of existing single-family homes throughout the Houston market. Houston has been the beneficiary of a large chunk of both the states oil industry as well as the shift of shipping storage away from the coast and into the coastal interior. Richmond is a smaller city than its neighbor, Sugarland, and certainly much smaller than Houston, but it still retains a population of 11,081 people. Despite the increased supply of homes on the market, prices in Richmond have remained higher than in some surrounding areas. Richmond and the surrounding areas get busy on an annual basis for the Fort Bend County Fair.
Houston experienced some volatile shakeups to its housing market due to fluctuations in the oil industry, upon which much of the city basis its economy. This places it on a premium tier of neighborhoods that residents seek when moving into the city. Compiled in a convenient list for your enjoyment, we showcase all Houston has to offer. A great nightlife, beautiful neighborhoods of all variety, funky architecture, lots of old oak trees, plenty of warm weather, and tons of swimming opportunities will leave you loving Houston.

The area is in the middle of a construction boom, and real estate trends show no signs of slowing. The high quality homes and families that call River Oaks home are of the most elite in all of Texas. Get a good quality of life by moving to Friendswood just outside of Houston's city limits. That's not to say that there aren't many other great ones here that based on your criteria, would be perfect for you. It originated as an oil city, but later became home to a large amount of shipping following hurricanes that damaged ports along the coastline. However, residents are primarily attracted to its location, which is adjacent to several lays and bays. List prices for homes dropped dramatically between January and August of 2015, when homes were listed for as low as $275,000, near to the average of the rest of Houston.
The median income for a household in League City is $84, 497, well above that of the state average of $51, 704 and nearly double that of the rest of Houston, whose average household income is $42, 877.
Around 60% of all households are composed of married couples and almost 40% of households have children under the age of 18 living in them. Unlike its super centers, the neighborhood markets are smaller and targeted at providing fresh produce. Friendswood is conveniently located 3 miles west of Interstate Highway 45, the main north-south highway that runs from Galveston through the Houston metroplex and up to The Woodlands in the north. In 2013, the average taxable home value was approximately $176K and the average new home permit was $385K. Friendswood prides itself on having 8 city parks, two of which are multipurpose sports complexes.
The town is served by two premier school districts, both with rigorous academic programs rated among the best in Texas: Friendswood ISD and Clear Creek ISD. 2015 marked the best year in Houston housing since 2007, and 2016 is projected to be even better. The town was originally developed by Houstons largest developer, Friendswood Development Company (FDC), well-known for creating and perfecting the concept of the master-planned community. It features oversized lots, many different floor plans, and no municipal utility district (MUD) taxes. That ever-shrinking housing inventory continues to push prices up in a basic display of supply and demand. That represents a larger one-month volume of home sales than the market experienced in January, but is down from the average one-month volume recorded in 2013. The median price—the figure at which half the homes sold for more and half for less—rose 11.7 percent to $181,500. Active listings, or the number of available properties, at the end of February fell 16.7 percent to 27,798. In February 2014, existing home sales totaled 4,071, a 10.4 percent increase from the same month last year. Richmond homes come onto the market at higher prices than cities such as nearby Stafford and Missouri City.
However, unlike many other surrounding areas, the median household income for those living in Richmond is actually below the state average. The population is almost evenly split between households with married couples and households without, and almost 20% of the city is composed of single individuals.
If you are looking for something to do in the region, the fair is one of the areas most highly anticipated events and just finished celebrating its 79th year.
Prices in Richmond averaged $310,000 in July 2014 before spiking to close to $340,000 for the rest of the year. This reflected a slight decline of 1% from the previous month’s high of $455,000 and a 3% decline from the year before, when the average list price of a home in the area was $465, 000.
Sugarland enjoys a well-paid population of higher earners that typically have a median household income of $98, 985.
Sugarland tends to be a very ethnically diversified area that appeals to mostly families, with almost three-quarters of all homes composed of married couples. Today, it continues to attract new residents from throughout the United States and the rest of the globe.
However, these fluctuations are most likely not part of a seasonal trend that can be anticipated on a yearly basis.
The market also hopes to make services such as immunizations easier for local residents and to provide on-site pharmacists for drug prescriptions. The Quakers and Friends who settled the area in 1895 came upon the vast acres of prairie, four creeks, and beautiful dense woods, purchased the land, and named it Friendswood. Also featured are 232 acres of hiking and biking nature trails and green spaces that wind in and around neighborhoods, and for boating enthusiasts, Clear Creek offers direct water access to the Gulf of Mexico through Clear Lake and Galveston Bay.
The trend is largely due to young adults making an entrance to the housing market, Generation X buyers in their prime earning years, and baby boomers entering retirement.
New home construction by FDC comprises the 766-acre West Ranch development, expected to have 1300 single-family, garden and estate homes ranging in price from $350K-$800K.
Friendswood is also home to the very unique Polly Ranch Estates subdivision, which features airstrips in the subdivision for pilot homeowners to fly their planes and land at home, literally. Both figures represent the highest prices for a February in Houston.The single-family home segments priced from $150,000 and above experienced sales growth in February, however both segments below the $150,000 price-point declined.
As of February 2016, Richmond had 799 homes on the market, which represented a sizeable increase in overall inventory from the same time at the previous year, when there were only 512 homes listed for sale. The median list price for a home in Richmond is $329,900, which was only a slight decline from the previous year, when prices were listed, on average, for $333,900.
Most households in Richmond earn a median household income of $46, 476, which is below the state average of $51, 704.
There is both a decent size retirement age population and a large number of student aged individuals living in the area.
The fair combines carnival rides with BBQ cook-offs, motorcycle acts, and lawn tractor racing. Prices then plummeted to close to $300,000 before again rising to the current $329,900 that houses are selling for. However, the list price of a home in Sugarland was still, on average, almost double that of both Texas and Houston.
A year later, the city had experienced a 72% growth in inventory, and 524 homes were listed for sale.
While the average household income is slightly lower than the Woodlands, it is also substantially higher than the median household income found throughout the rest of the state, which is $51, 704. A little over half of all households have children beneath the age of 18 living in them, while a little over half of all individuals living in the area are between the ages of 25 and 64. The average list price of a home in League City is $315,000, which is higher than the average list price of a home throughout the rest of Houston, which is $266, 927.
Prices in League City have seen continuous increase over the last five years and it was only for a short period in 2015 that they experienced any form of extended, dramatic drop.
The population is slightly more educated than the national average, with more bachelors degree holders and more individuals who go on to advanced degrees. People living in League City are typically well into their working years, but still younger, with a median age of 34.5 years.
The neighborhood markets appeal in League City is its smaller size, easier parking, greater number of employees, in addition to the products that will be on sale. The town remained small until 50 years later when young families in Houston started moving out to the suburbs during the 1950's, and started to give Friendswood its modern status in the area.
Its location makes it an ideal place to live and commute to many locations within the big city.

There are also five private schools, and several four-year universities, upper level graduate schools, and community colleges in close proximity. The latter two segments of the population are already homeowners, so they will boost the market as both buyers and sellers.
The beautiful development will have 68 acres of commercial development, and a 23-acre Village Center.
Friendswood was named as one of the Best Affordable Subdivisions in the United States by Business Week Magazine, and the town is an excellent choice for your move to the Houston area. However, this number is actually higher than the city average in the majority of Houston, where the average is $42, 877. Predicting the market for Houston in general is currently difficult given the global nature of the oil market and current fluctuations. As the city has grown, its population has shifted out from the interior and toward the surrounding suburbs and cities.
The median list price for a home in the state is $232, 455, and the average home entering the market in Houston itself is $266, 927. Despite the increase in the supply of homes available, the price of homes in Sugarland still remains high relative to the rest of Houston.
It is also more than double the median household income found in most of Houston, which is $42, 877. Although there will not be playgrounds and swimming pools, guests will be able to enjoy the natural wetlands and wildlife that populate the area.
The list price for a home in league city is also much higher than the list price of homes throughout the rest of the state, which typically enter the market at $232, 455. Because this does not seem seasonal, it is far more likely due to fluctuations in the oil market that occurred over the same time period. The city benefits from the oil industry and its position on the bay, which has lead to an increase in shipping and the associated warehouses that are required for the storage of goods.
When the new NASA Johnson Space Center opened, Friendswoods growth skyrocketed in the 1960's as hundreds of NASA employees chose Friendswood as their home.
In fact, there are 7 nearby colleges and universities with enrollment of over 2000 students.
A home in Texas typically comes onto the market listed at $232, 455, while the city of Houston typically lists homes at an average of $266, 927. If you are looking for a home in an area with people from diverse background and a blue collar work ethic, Richmond makes an appealing destination on the rural edges of Houston. However, Homes in Richmond have seen a general increase in price steadily over the last five years. Despite providing a suburban retreat from Houston, Sugarland is exceptionally well connected to the city and good paying jobs, keeping the list price of homes in Sugarland above the metropolitan average. If you are looking for a diverse part of Houston with an emphasis on families and a strong economic base, the Sugarland is the perfect destination for you. Entering February 2016, the list price of a home in League City was not much higher than it was in February 2016, when homes were listed at $314, 990. Residents of League City are employed by the oil industry, as is much of the rest of Houston, and jobs, income, and demand for homes are all impacted when there is a drop in global oil prices.
However, two-thirds of the city is made up of working individuals between the ages of 25 to 64.
This is mainly due to Friendswoods close proximity (less than 10 miles) to NASA Johnson Space Center and its government contractors, as well as the Houston Medical Center. The housing market is usually very tight, with less than 150 homes on the market at any given time.
Many of Houstons premier builders, such as Village Builders, Partners in Building, David Weekley Homes, and Perry Homes, are all represented.
Located southwest of Houston, Richmond has seen its local population surge as Houston has drawn new residents globally from throughout the world and domestically from throughout the United States.
The average list price of homes in Richmond beats both of these, although the affluent city of Sugarland, which is adjacent to Richmond, typically lists homes at an average of $100,000. You should not count on homes being listed beneath $300,000 and fluctuations are not due to seasons, but rather market conditions for oil. It has been ranked one of the top 100 places to live in the country, enjoys a well paid population, and is annually in high demand. If you are looking for a bargain deal in Sugarland, it is hard to predict when that will occur. Intersected by Interstate 45, League City is bordered on its north by Nassau Bay and Clear Lake. If you are looking to invest in the area, you probably cannot anticipate such a drop occurring, but should be aware the region can experience significant shifts in valuation during times when the oil industry is in fluctuation.
Over the last five years, market inventory has dropped from over 400 to remain steady at less than 200 available homes for the last few months of 2015 and into 2016.
Its southern border is only minutes from Interstate 69 and the city itself is intersected by U.S. This makes Richmond more affordable than Sugarland, although more costly than the majority of Houston. If you are hoping to buy a home in the Richmond area, anticipate that houses will continue to be listed in the $320,000 to $330,000 for the immediate future. Although prices are down slightly from their yearly high in November, the lowest prices were available in roughly July to August. Houses tend to stay on the market for approximately 60 days and sell very close to list price. Long term, the average listing will likely increase if the population in the Houston area continues to increase. As with much of Houston, Sugarland is susceptible to fluctuations in the oil market, which have a disproportionate impact on the city’s economy. It has a moderate population of 83, 560 people that have enjoy easy access to the interior of Houston and the job it provides, while also enjoying a retreat from city living. It is surrounded to the north, east and west by the shores of the famously known Brazos River. Although Sugarland has benefited from the Houston population boom, it can trace its roots back to the original settlers of East Texas, and counts famed Texas statesman Stephen F.
The price of homes listed in Sugarland fluctuated with the oil market, and predicting a recurrence of this is impossible given the global nature of the oil industry. The coastline has drawn many people to this area for the better part of the last half century.
However, for the foreseeable future, you should expect prices to remain within the $440,000 to $450,000 range. If you are looking for homes for sale in League City TX, you will find an area that enjoys the amenities of metropolitan Houston while providing a shoreline retreat from urban life.
If you are looking for homes for sale in Sugar Land TX, you will find a region that is just far enough from the urban center to provide respite from city living, while remaining well connected to the best that Houston has to offer. Home prices have also remained fairly steady, with neither price increases nor price reductions since September 2015. Over the last few decades, Richmond has remained one of the areas most appealing places to live and within the range of many buyers. If you are looking at homes for sale in Richmond TX, you will find a middle class town that is within an hours drive of Houston.

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