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The eleven properties that make up the Berry Lane Park Project in Jersey City, set to open in late 2015, are being transformed from a graffiti covered eyesore into something magnificent. The American Planning Association recently designated Washington Street in Hoboken as a “Great Street”. The town of Jersey City is getting ready to join Hoboken and New York in a project that they hope will prevent another catastrophe like Hurricane Sandy.
The eleven properties that make up the Berry Lane Park Project in Jersey City, set to open in late 2015, are being transformed from a graffiti covered eyesore into something magnificent.
This project has been on the drawing board for about 15 years.The area was the site of petroleum and heavy metal contamination. It’s always better to retain features that can be channeled into uses other than their original intention.
When the park is finished, it will be the largest park in Jersey City that is municipally owned and operated.
The list of funders for the Berry Lane Park Project reads like a Who’s Who of federal, state and local agencies. About Eddie: Eddie Perez is a resident of Hoboken and works as a New Jersey licensed Broker - REALTOR . An age old question at this time of year is whether to put the stuffing inside or outside of the bird. Actually, I guess it’s usually the chef who decides in the greatest preponderance of cases.
Of course, many people think turkey is just a companion for the stuffing, so they want way more stuffing than can fit inside the bird.
All kidding aside, it would be a good thing to read up on the safe handling of poultry, especially turkeys. New traffic signals will be engineered with an eye toward increasing average speed from 6-8 mph to 8-12 mph. Another part of the project that is in the early stages of planning is an upgrade to the city’s sewer and water systems. On the days preceding the tour, there are marvelous events you can attend, including, but not limited to: a reception on Friday, November 7 for artist Lou Carbone, also on Friday, a beginners Tango demonstration at Bienvenue Dance Center, and a party on Saturday, November 8 at Paul Vincent Gallery. There is such a plethora of horror films presently being churned out that it would be difficult to choose just a couple. One of the advantages of living in Hoboken is that it doesn’t cover much geographical territory, so many places are withing walking distance for residents.
The present situation is a little more complicated than in many cities across the fruited plain.
The main step will be to install automated meters throughout the city, residential areas included. The fair is a big deal this particular year, because the main theme is “Where New Jersey History Began”, to mark New Jersey’s 350th anniversary. A cursory examination of the list of exhibitors will make you want to clear your calendar, so that you can spend the whole day soaking up the history of our town.
If you are working on your family’s genealogy, you can stop by the booth of the Hudson County Genealogical and Historical Society.
When people first began building condominiums, they were more or less considered a retirement option.
A lot of people who used to live in Manhattan and other New York areas are now choosing to cross the Hudson into New Jersey where they are finding accommodations that not only fit their lifestyles, but have more interesting surroundings as well.
Part of the lure, of course, is that prices for condominiums in Jersey are still lower than in Manhattan.
Prices of condominiums are actually on the rise right now, because of a low inventory situation.
Another part of the draw is the determination of the administrations in Jersey City and Hoboken to make their cities attractive for living, recreating, shopping, and other aspects of a busy life. The shortage of units is being addressed by new development of larger and more “user friendly” complexes. Besides the advantages of the extra trade, the bikes make more sense for people who have errands to run, and don’t want to drive a car from one spot to another. The program in Hoboken will probably not require subsidies in order to encourage locals to adopt it.
A poll was taken in which this question was asked: Do you think it makes sense for Jersey City to pursue bike-sharing program with NYC instead of JC neighbors? If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Today I will be continuing my series on impressive Hoboken area condominiums for sale by telling you about Hudson Cove in Edgewater, New Jersey. This Edgewater condo community features 36 luxury townhomes, ranging in size from 3,275 to 3,758 square feet.
Cobblestone streets and decorative street lights highlight this community’s balance between luxury and comfort. If you’re in the market for buying a condomium, I suggest you continue reading to learn more about this charming Edgewater, New Jersey community. Here, residents enjoy units that feature 9-foot ceilings as well as wood burning fire places. Even down to the wood trimming and french doors – this community exudes elegance and refined tastes.

Hudson Cove is also located near several public transporation stations, including the Hudson Bergen Light Rail, the New York Waterway and NJ Transit. If you’re a young family, you can’t ask for a better piece of Edgewater, NJ real estate than Hudson Cove condominiums. That’s because Hudson Cove is zoned for several high-performing public schools, including Grant School, Lincoln School and Dumon High School. If Hudson Cove sounds like the kind of condominium community that would complement you and your family’s lifestyle well, contact me, Walter Burns, your Edgewater real estate expert, today.
Walter Burns is a licensed New Jersey Realtor since 2002 and he specializes in luxury living in the hottest New York Metro area communities including the prestigious New Jersey Hudson River waterfront areas of Hoboken, Jersey City, Bayonne, Union City, Weehawken, West New York, Guttenberg, North Bergen, Cliffside Park, Edgewater, and Fort Lee. Having been mentored by several of the top 100 Realtors and Developers in the United States and Canada, he graduated from Rowan University and currently resides in Hoboken. New Jersey REO homes, foreclosures in New Jersey, search for REO properties and bank owned homes in your state - page 4. Homepage Advertise Sign in or Join Buy Hoboken homes for sale Homes for sale Foreclosures For sale by owner Open houses New construction Coming soon Recent home sales All homes Resources Buyers Guide Foreclosure center Real estate app Find a buyer's agent Change your address Hoboken schools Rent Hoboken rentals Apartments for rent Houses for rent Pet friendly rentals All Rental listings All rental buildings Create a renter profile A renter profile will boost your chances of landing the perfect rental.
Where once were decaying buildings, you will see a baseball field, a soccer field, tennis courts, rain gardens and such.
They plan to construct a two-mile-long seawall that would be eight feet higher than the present ten-foot wall. As it was also, the site of chromium processing, other pollutants had to be cleared away before work on any of the recreational areas could begin.
Covering 17.5 acres in the Communipaw-Lafayette Section of Jersey City, it is located between Garfield Avenue and Woodward Street. The New Jersey Economic Development Authority is represented, also, as are several county and municipal groups, some of which are funded by the U.
His goal is to educate both buyers and sellers so that they can make the most of their bottom line while saving time and having fun during the process of buying or selling condominiums and brownstones in Hoboken and the surrounding metro communities including Jersey City and Weehawken, New Jersey. If your chef has had good experiences with stuffing the turkey, and the stuffing doesn’t have to feed too many people, then I guess your turkey will be stuffed. Damaged or missing trees will be replaced, and the tree pits will be improved for the purpose of promoting healthier trees, as well as a more pleasant appearance. Some people believe that the bike path is too wide, sacrificing space that would be better used for auto and bus traffic.
Some think that there will be fewer parking spaces available after the changes are made, which will aggravate an already serious problem. Guesses at how long it would take to complete the wall and upgrades run from 5 to 15 years. Of course, many residents work outside of Hoboken, or rely on a personal vehicle for their job, so there are still a lot of cars to park in the city. Residents have access, for a fee, to permits for parking in certain areas, and there are temporary permits available for visitors and such. A planning firm, Arup, has devised a Parking Master Plan for the expansion and modernizing of the city’s parking situation that will provide sweeping improvements.
Some people think that this is not a good move, because it is penalizing the very people on which the local businesses depend for their sustenance. On October 18th make your way to The Hudson County History Fair at New Jersey City University.
The Hudson County History Advocates have been working all year at putting together a roster of activities that will fascinate you. There will be activities for the kids, as well as a place you can bring your antique heirlooms for appraisal by Mackey Blue Antiques. Attorney Neil Brunson, director of the Afro-American Historical Society Museum of Jersey City, will explore those roots in his presentation. The list of sponsors reads like a “Who’s Who” of state and local historically focused organizations.
With interest rates still being relatively low, the options in places like Jersey City and Hoboken are attracting more and more of these young professional people.
For instance, just about anywhere one wants to shop in Hoboken is within walking or biking distance.
Built with modern residents in mind, the newer units are usually more spacious, with a well-planned “green” infrastructure, and are meant to avoid some of the more common problems with older complexes such as water runoff, flooding, and such.
The three cities of Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City have decided to initiate a bike share program.
It’s especially good in a place like Hoboken, where a lot of the businesses are clustered.
Hoboken seems committed to the NextBike program, and it looks like Weehawken is with them on that. Jersey City, on the other hand, may very well need to subsidize in order to attract enough sponsors for the program, since it costs so much more.
Walter's mission, desire, and goal is to assist all parties in accomplishing their real estate goals, as well as to empower his clients through exceptional service, creating extraordinary results. Walter is part of Weichert Realtors, the largest privately owned real estate firm in the world.
However, since Washington Street is the main street in the central business district for Hoboken, the city can’t just rest on its designated laurels.
This is the classic way, and is usually what you see when you see pictures of a roasted turkey dinner.

They were shown that if the stuffing doesn’t reach the same internal temperature as the meat of the turkey, and botulism spores (which were killed by the heat in the meat) are absorbed, it could spell disaster for the whole family. That’s a whole other subject – do you like wet, gooey stuffing or do you prefer it dryer and crispy on the edges? The designers believe the efficiency of movement will be enhanced by the use of designated loading zones with time restrictions, numbered parking spaces for quicker and easier parking and payment, and spaces designated for short-term parking. They think that since the use of bicycles in this area is seasonally affected, not so much space should be allotted them.
Commissioners are now in the process of choosing an engineering firm to handle this part of the plan. Who can better be linked with Count Dracula than Bela Lugosi, or with Frankenstein’s Monster than Boris Karloff?
They have some very suspenseful situations and some special effects that are pretty good for pre-computer times. There is a complicated system of permit parking with time limits and tows for violations and the like. Experts on many aspects of Jersey history have been scheduled to speak at the all-day affair. This group will present one of the intriguing features at the fair called “Ask Granny”, and promises to explore the history of the area through vintage postcards.
350 years of history is a lot to digest in just a day, but they look like they’ll do it. However, Jersey City’s Mayor, Steve Fulop has decided to take his business to Citi Bike, the company that has the bike-sharing concession in the Big Apple.
Compare that to the Next Bike system which can be locked into standard racks and costs $1,200 per bike.
Visit our Help CenterReport a ProblemIssue Type: The Zestimate is a starting point in figuring out the true value of a house. A splash park will give welcome relief from the heat in the summer, but since it is shallow water, the expense of lifeguards and other safety requirements is saved. In the Canal Crossing area, just south of the park, is the site where a residential development is planned.
One of the most space-affecting features is a two-lane bicycle path that will be separated from the flow of traffic, and custom bike racks. The fear is that if everyone isn’t on the same page, efforts in one town may make things worse in a neighboring town.
Lon Chaney comes to mind as the Werewolf, and any number of movies and stories conjure up a picture of the great Vincent Price. There have been several remakes of the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, though in my book none of them can compare with the original.
Mayor Zimmer wants to use the revenue engendered by the meters for improvements in parking garages, resurfacing streets, and the building of new garages.
You’ll learn a lot about the early days of the state, and the town from these speakers. The average list price for the some 420 units sold around the Jersey City and Hoboken waterfronts this year is $700,000. He believes it would be good relations and would attract business from New York City into Jersey. Those little red buttons that pop up are pretty reliable for telling when the turkey is done. Another fear is that storm surges will increase in number and size, and eventually get over the wall anyway. Many of the, photographers and sculptors will be available for you to meet and observe in the creation of their art. The other activities on Sunday include casting for models, stained glass window displays, and even a cookbook signing to fight breast cancer. For different reasons, I believe the original “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” with Kevin McCarthy and Dana Wynter also deserves mentioning. If it doesn’t involve people walking around with decaying faces and extremities, it’s for lightweights! The project will be funded by a grant of $879,000 from the state Economic Development Authority.
The alternative seems to have been to raise the practically nominal residential parking permit price to about $300. Here, and in other places like Hoboken, young professionals are filling up the condo market faster than they can build them. If people know that there are bikes readily available on the other side, it may increase trade in the area. Do you like the new movies with computer-enhanced special effects, or do you prefer the classics?

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