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Our inflatable waterslide bounce house rentals are available to Greensboro, Summerfield, Colfax, Kernersville, Elon, and the North Carolina Piedmont Triad. Please enter your information and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a phone call or meeting. Since Superstorm Sandy, the awareness and popularity of New Jersey modular homes has sky-rocketed. Traditionally, many homeowners think of New Jersey modular homes as trailers or ‘cookie-cutter’ structures that do not resemble traditionally-built houses. The five primary advantages of New Jersey modular homes are speed of construction, quality control, cost control, design flexibility, and energy efficiency.
Before we outline the benefits of New Jersey modular homes, there are some key facts about New Jersey modular homes that homeowners should familiarize themselves with before going too far down the road with a modular home company. Most municipalities these days treat New Jersey modular homes and stick built homes the same. As with traditionally-built homes, cost is a function of many variables – location, finishes, level of customization, and more. On top of this cost will be costs such as demolition, engineering, site surveys, piles, and foundation work, where necessary.
Now that we have outlined three questions that you may have prior to further exploring the options of New Jersey modular homes, let’s outline the primary benefits that modular homes offer, in comparison to traditional stick-built homes.
Because New Jersey modular homes are built in controlled environments (factories), and due to efficiencies of factories themselves, a modular home can be built in about half the time of a traditional home.
The benefit of cost control is largely a factor of the controlled environment in which New Jersey modular homes are built. All modular home companies in New Jersey have templates or home plans with which you start. This advantage is highly dependent on the New Jersey modular homes builder that you decide to hire for your new home. As you can see, there are more than a few advantages to building a modular home versus building a traditional stick-built home. Once you have decided on a modular home, there are several other decisions you will need to make. Here are some additional factors you will need to consider when building a home, whether modular or traditional. Most New Jersey modular homes companies have formed information partnerships with local general contractors to finish their modular homes, and they might even offer these services as part of a package. Now you should have a solid understanding of the benefits and possible downsides of New Jersey modular homes. CONTRACTORSContractors - Showcase your business online and get found where homeowners and business owners are looking for your services. HOMEOWNERSHomeowners - Connect with reliable, local, and licensed contractors to help you build and rebuild your home or business. Streams, rivers, and creeks: Sandy Creek (A), Turner Swamp (B), Ivy Swamp (C), Hominy Swamp (D).
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This may have been the case twenty or even ten years ago, but today, even seasoned professionals have difficulty discerning a modular home from a stick built home, from the outside.
Look on any good modular home website in NJ and you will likely find an article outlining these benefits. There typically are not restrictions on zoning and permitting for modular homes that would serve as barriers to building.
So if you have sticker shock at how low a modular home seems to cost, remember that you need to look at the big picture, not just the cost from the modular company.
However, some banks and lending institutions who have not done their homework may make special request for information or hold the process up a bit because they do not fully understand modular. Some New Jersey modular homes companies are advertising that your modular home can be set on your foundation six weeks after you sign the contract to build. New Jersey modular homes are built in giant factories, which means that weather and climate are not an issue, the factories have built-in quality control, and there are routine inspection processes, often by third-party inspectors.
Since there are no weather or permitting delays, the modular home project stays on time and on budget. However, in the past decade, the addition of computer aided design (CAD) means that you can customize nearly any aspect of your home before you build it. The general rule of thumb is that New Jersey modular homes are built with 20% more lumber than an equivalent stick-built home. However, there are advantages to a stick-built home, such as 100% customization, that modular home builders may not always tout.
Some of these decisions and variables are dependent on the municipality in which you live, so the best bet is to always call your town for some guidance. Whether you are building a new foundation or set of piles or whether you already have one, you will still need a site survey and inspection to ensure that your foundation is strong enough to accept your new home.
As with any purchase you make, explore all of your options, talk with different people, different contractors, and of course with your town. We deliver inflatable water-slide bouncehouse rentals to Greensboro, Thomasville, Elon, NC, as well as the Piedmont Triad. Specifically designed to rest at the edge of any swimming pool, preferably at the deep end, our Poolside Waterslide is a 17ft monster that features easy rider access.
There are many benefits of New Jersey modular homes that make them very attractive alternatives to traditionally built, or stick built, homes. In this article, we will outline the primary benefits of modular homes, while highlighting some of the lesser-known benefits and also some pitfalls of which to be aware. However, in rare occurrences, a modular home may not be able to be built on a lot where there is restricted access to trucks, cranes, and other equipment due to such factors as hills, small roads, limited access areas, and wires that can’t be removed. Since, in most cases, when building a modular home, you are not reinventing the wheel, you have the entire set of home plans, add-ons, and customizations in front of you before you begin, so there are fewer surprises, change-orders, and other difficulties when building modular. This is the reason why you can no longer look at a home from the street and determine whether it is modular or stick-built, as you could easily do ten years ago. This means they are stronger and better able to withstand storms and other natural disasters. So, as with anything you purchase, be sure to do your research on the benefits and drawbacks of both stick-built homes and New Jersey modular homes. Immediately following Sandy, towns were not equipped with the proper information to help many homeowners. With a traditional-built home, your builder or general contractor will likely guide you through this and even hire the appropriate subcontractor and professional firms.
There may be advantages to following their recommendations because the contractors with which they work are familiar with the modular home design and construction and are usually more efficient at finishing modular homes. Your modular home company should be willing to come to your home to offer a site inspection to determine whether you will be able to transport and set your modular home without difficulty.
The key here is realize that when you purchase a modular home, it is about 80% complete in a physical sense and about 60% complete in cost.

It’s probably prudent to work with a lending institution who is familiar and experienced with lending for modular construction.
Rain, snow, wind, and even extreme heat are occurrences that can cause delays in traditional home-building. Of course, customization increases the price of any product, so make sure that all custom aspects of your modular home, along with corresponding prices, are outlined in your contract prior to signing. However, now that several months have passed, towns are beginning to figure out how to aid homeowners and are usually very helpful with answering questions and guiding you through the process as much as they can.
With a modular home, you are a little more on your own and will need to navigate this process yourself.
However, you can choose to hire your own general contractor or you can manage the project yourself and hire all of the subcontractors. When you purchase a modular home and have it set on your foundation or on stilts, you need to do the finishing work, which we will outline below. The time it takes to finish a modular home once it is set on the foundation can vary depending on the contractors and the back-and-forth nature between contractors and homeowners. When your home is built in a factory, none of these weather factors affects the timing of your construction. Also worth mentioning is the fact that traditional stick-building affords the ultimate luxury of customization. Further, several modular companies are building modular homes to be compliant with the 120-mph wind zones in New Jersey, including additional roof and foundation strapping, better roofing shingles, and other assurances. You can ask your modular home company for recommendations (they usually have people they work with), you can hire a general contractor, or you can manage the process yourself. If you go the latter route, you must be ready to devote a lot of time and energy to the finishing process to manage the different contractors and also to arrange for inspections and permitting, two tasks that a general contractor will usually handle for you. As long as you do your homework and spend the time to educate yourself about the options for your new home, you will make the correct decision. In addition to eliminating weather delays, most reputable modular home companies in New Jersey work with building plans that are pre-approved by the State of New Jersey and that meet or exceed New Jersey building codes. However, these customizations may not all be laid out from the beginning and they all add to the construction time due to increased chance of weather delays and other variables. As a rule of thumb, depending on your location and the size of your home, a good estimate for site survey, engineering, permitting, and pile driving is $30,000. Compare this to the 6-12 month process of traditionally built homes, all of which is weather-dependent, and you can see that speed of construction is a very attractive first advantage.
Consistency with local codes ensures that your home is built with quality craftsmanship and there will not be extreme delays that often occur when waiting for permits and the like, with traditional homes. Many builders will site superior engineering, new construction technologies, more insulation, and better materials add to the energy efficiency of a new modular home. Of course this can vary greatly, but it’s a good place from which to start conceptualizing your costs.
This all sounds great, but also be aware that there are several other moving parts to modular home construction, all of which are common with traditional construction. To be fair, however, these are also things that traditional stick builders can and do use when building homes today. These moving parts include: financing, planning, zoning, site surveys, engineering, house raising, house demolition, foundation-laying, pile-driving, and other general contractor services. So, yes today’s modular homes are more efficient than yesterday’s modular homes, but not necessarily more efficient than any other home built today.

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